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The sanatoriums of Transcarpathia are known all over the world. Optimal conditions for comfortable rest and treatment of various diseases have been created in the region. A developed infrastructure and a large number of attractions make it an ideal place for a vacation.

The edge is very large and offers a great treat for every taste. Hot tubs, thermal pools and healing springs can be found almost everywhere. Therefore, it is necessary to tell about various resorts that invite tourists to relax inexpensively.

Санаторій «Карпатія»

Map of sanatoriums in Transcarpathia

The best medical and preventive institutions

Shayan sanatoriums

Санаторій «Шаян»

Sanatorium “Shayan”

The territory of the medical and preventive institution is located in the Khust district near the lake. This area is characterized by an excellent climate, the presence of mineral water sources and an excellent ecological condition.

The health resort is located next to the thermal springs in the village of Velyatino. Therefore, treatment here is indicated for patients who have been diagnosed with gastritis, stomach ulcer, kidney disease and other diseases.

Санаторій «Карпатія»

Sanatorium “Karpatia”

The resort is located in the highlands, near the Tisza River. There is a beech forest and a reservoir nearby. And the presence of a bathhouse and a swimming pool with heated mineral water makes rest here truly fabulous.

In the treatment of patients, new methods of combating various pathologies are used. Local natural sources contain hydrocarbon compounds, sodium, silicon and carbon dioxide. Their therapeutic effect is used for pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, musculoskeletal system, lungs, etc.

Санаторій «Вісак»

Sanatorium “Visak”

The best sanatoriums in Transcarpathia include siliceous mineral waters in their treatment program.

The health resort offers excellent living conditions combined with swimming in the pools. Its building is surrounded by mountain forests, which create unique natural conditions for vacationers.

A stay here will be beneficial for patients who suffer from disorders of the digestive system, as well as kidney and endocrine disorders.

Polyana and Solochyna sanatoriums

The healing sanatoriums of Transcarpathia are known for the fact that there are springs of mineral waters “Luzhanska” and “Polyana Kvasova”.

Санаторій «Поляна»

Sanatorium “Polyana”

The territory of the resort is located in a mountainous area and is surrounded by a forest. Its advantage is the presence of its own pumping station of alkaline mineral water with a high content of boron and hydrocarbons.

Patients have access to a modern medical base using the latest methods of rehabilitation. Here they help fight digestive system dysfunctions, recover after difficult operations, and get rid of metabolic problems.

Готель "Сольва"

Sanatorium “Solva”

The resort, located next to a mountain river and a forest, offers services of the highest level.

Here, vacationers enjoy swimming in each of the 2 pools. In their treatment, effective methods related to the use of mineral waters of Polyana Kvasova are used. They are useful for allergies, joint inflammation, gynecological diseases, dermatological diseases, lung pathologies, kidney disorders, etc.

Excellent buildings with beautifully furnished rooms in combination with the beauty of nature create real miracles.

Санаторій «Сонячний»

Sanatorium “Sunny”

The treatment and prevention facility uses methods related to the use of healing mineral water.

A ticket here allows you to use a large medical base, which includes non-traditional types of healing, advanced preventive programs and physiotherapeutic technologies. With their help, the patient quickly recovers his strength in the fight against atherosclerosis, gastroenterological disorders, skin diseases and kidney diseases. And swimming in the pool helps to strengthen the nervous system.

Санаторій «Сонячна Поляна»

Sanatorium “Sunny Polyana”

“Polyana Kvasova” mineral water sources help with pathologies of the liver and joints, disorders of the functioning of the respiratory system, cardiac dysfunctions and kidney problems.

In the interval between procedures, vacationers pamper themselves with swimming in the pool or in the nearby reservoir, procedures in the SPA and other joys of life. Therefore, the prices for their services seem quite acceptable to vacationers who come to the Zakarpattia sanatorium.

Санаторій «Сонячна Долина»

Sanatorium “Sunny Valley”

The main method of treatment here is to take the waters of “Polyana Kvasova” and “Polyana Kupel” with a high content of boron, hydrocarbons, fluorine and other substances.

Health programs are aimed at eliminating diseases of the urinary system, lung diseases, digestive disorders, endocrine disorders, etc.
The treatment base of the resort uses balneological procedures, gymnastics, ozokerite and physiotherapy.

Vacationers also enjoy swimming in the pool, and there are pumps with mineral water on each floor.

If you wish, you can visit the spa, spa and gym.

Санаторій «Квітка Полонини»

Sanatorium “Polonyna Flower”

The treatment and prevention facility is located near the town of Svaljava near the Pini River in a large park with an indoor heated pool.

The best, latest and modern methods of combating inflammatory processes of the gastrointestinal tract, gynecological problems and kidney diseases are used here.

The health course is supported by the use of 3 types of mineral water (Luzhanska 4, Luzhanska 7 and Polyana Kvasova), available directly at the source on the territory of the complex.

Санаторій «Кришталеве Джерело»

Sanatorium “Crystal Spring”

The refinery is located in Solochyn. Patients are provided with convenient access to mineral water and indoor pool services.

A stay here is useful for people with autoimmune, skin and endocrine diseases, pathologies of the urinary and digestive systems, as well as pulmonary and otolaryngological disorders.

Готель «Срібний Водограй»

Hotel “Silver Vodogray”

The sanatorium is located near the mountain river Pinya. Here, patients with liver disorders, vascular dysfunctions and metabolic problems are restored to health. And swimming in the pool will forever help you forget about insomnia.

For their treatment, effective medical methods of improving nervous activity and the general condition of the body are also used. In many respects, their benefit is associated with the intake of medium mineralized water “Polyana Kvasova”, enriched with boron, hydrocarbonate compounds, sodium and fluorine.

Sanatorium Vynogradov

Санаторій «Теплиця»

Sanatorium “Greenhouse”

Sanatorium location If tourists are looking for Transcarpathian sanatoriums with a swimming pool, then they need to buy a ticket right here. Here they will bathe in mineral and thermal water, which are also used for therapeutic procedures. 4 types of them are available to vacationers. In addition, the spa center invites everyone.

Therefore, the well-being of patients with gastrointestinal diseases, kidney diseases, ENT pathologies and endocrine disorders quickly improves here.

Санаторій «Орлине Гніздо»

Sanatorium “Eagle’s Nest”

The resort uses a wide range of treatments with the help of mineral waters. The condition of vacationers improves when undergoing procedures that include aqua gymnastics, swimming in the pool, as well as taking baths and showers.

A stay here is indicated for patients with pulmonary dysfunctions or inflammatory processes of the digestive tract. And a visit to the “Warm Water” sanatorium, located nearby, helps to improve the functioning of the joints.

Kvasiv sanatoriums

The Zakarpattia sanatoriums located here are famous for the use of methods associated with the use of unique arsenic springs.

Санаторій «Гірська Тиса»

Sanatorium “Mountain Tysa”

The resort accepts patients with autoimmune and vascular diseases, skin diseases, joint pathologies, metabolic disorders, etc.

The treatment base is based on the implementation of author’s methods of recovery with the use of physiotherapeutic sessions and the use of Hirskotisyanska water.

Those looking for spa sanatoriums of Transcarpathia will find excellent procedures here.

Yaremche sanatoriums

Санаторій «Карпати» в Яремче

Sanatorium “Karpaty” in Yaremche

A special feature of the resort is that there is a water park with a children’s pool on its territory. Adults spend time in the covered room, which allows swimming even in winter.

There are many historical and cultural sites nearby, so the issue of leisure is solved in advance.

A strong medical base based on a well-equipped water hospital helps to improve the condition of patients with pulmonary dysfunctions, problems with the musculoskeletal system and reduced resistance.

Sanatoriums of Khustshchyna

Санаторій «Трембіта»

Sanatorium “Trembita”

Those who need sanatoriums in Transcarpathia with thermal springs should come to Velyatin. Treatment here is effective for lung diseases of the widest spectrum.

Bath procedures, use of mineral water, swimming in the pool and SPA sessions are the main way to improve the body.

Санаторій Боржава

Sanatorium “Borzhava”

Those who are looking for inexpensive sanatoriums in Transcarpathia are recommended to buy a ticket here. Cost-effectiveness does not mean a decrease in the quality of services. A specially developed complex of thermal factors using mineral waters with a special composition is used here.

Baths and showers are not the entire list of procedures in the field of hydrotherapy. Swimming in an indoor pool significantly helps to strengthen the body.

Staying here will be useful for joint diseases, nervous pathologies, digestive disorders, kidney dysfunctions, vascular problems, etc.

Mizhhirya sanatoriums

Санаторій «Верховина»

Sanatorium “Verkhovyna”

The resort is known for healing water springs, which in their composition resemble “Borjomi”. They include boron, fluorine and bicarbonate-sodium compounds.

Treatment here is indicated for patients with hematological diseases, dermatological diseases, intoxications, digestive pathologies, diabetes, etc.

Sanatoriums of Uzhhorod region

Санаторій «Термал Стар»

Sanatorium “Thermal Star”

Spa treatment is based on the use of balneological procedures, swimming in the thermal pool, use of the SPA center and recovery in your own Carpathian vat. The private pump provides the vacationers with heated carbonated water with calcium, silicon, sodium and chlorine. The effectiveness of the course is reinforced by walks in the park.

A convenient location near Uzhhorod provides them with leisure.

You need to buy a ticket to the “Thermal Star” sanatorium in case of arthrosis, dermatological problems and deterioration of the immune system.

Санаторій Карпати (Чинадієво)

Sanatorium “Karpaty”

The resort is located in Chinadiyov near the Latoritsa River on the territory of the ancient palace of Count Schönborn, built in the last century.

Patients are provided with a treatment program developed by the best scientists in the region. It is carried out with the use of water: key “Karpatska”, siliceous “Spring of beauty” and mineral “Polyana Kupil”.

The medical base also relies on the healing effect of the pools and visits to the thermal springs located in the Kosino district of Berehiv.

Treatment here is indicated for patients with diseases of the urinary tract, nervous diseases, joint pathologies and metabolic disorders.

Санаторій «Синяк»

Sanatorium “Synyak”

The well-known sanatorium “Synyak” (Transcarpathian region) has excellently proven itself as an effective medical and recreational resort. Patients here quickly recover their health and strength thanks to the unique mineral hydrogen sulfide springs and the purest mountain air, saturated with the wonderful smells of the forest and healing herbs.

The healing effect of the resort is based on the climatic and natural features of the region, which have the maximum health-improving effect on the human musculoskeletal and nervous system.

How to choose a sanatorium in Transcarpathia

Since the choice is very large, it is very important to decide how to choose the right type of health center for you. After all, each of them is good in its own way, and that is why you should choose both according to the type of treatment and the desired procedures.

The resorts of Transcarpathia are excellent, there is a lot of competition and a choice of services, so when buying a ticket, you should pay attention to:

  • comfortable living;
  • list of procedures;
  • acceptable cost;
  • location and ecology.
  • set of additional services;
  • availability of permission programs;
  • features of dietary nutrition;
  • feedback on the quality of treatment;
  • indications before staying at the resort;
  • contraindications to taking mineral waters;

Sanatoriums with SPA

If it is important for a vacationer to have access to spa procedures, then he should choose:

1. “Mountain Tysa”
2. “Sunny Valley”
3. “Sunny Polyana”
4. “Greenhouse”
5. “Thermal Star”

Sanatoriums with thermal springs

If the use of such procedures is necessary for treatment, it is better to stay at the resorts of Berehova and Kosyna, as well as Velyatin and Vynohradov.

Sanatoriums with mineral waters

Healing springs are everywhere here, but the waters of Polyana and Shayan have the most effective effect.

Sanatoriums with a swimming pool

For many people, it is important to be able to swim for refreshment, maintaining physical fitness and improving the work of the musculoskeletal system. Therefore, in this case, they need to be advised:

  • “Visak”;
  • “Polonina Flower”;
  • “Crystal Source”;
  • “Eagle’s Nest”;
  • “Sunny”;
  • “Solva”;
  • “Greenhouse”;
  • “Shayan” etc.

What is treated in the sanatoriums of Transcarpathia

Local resorts mainly accept patients with:

  1. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  2. Cardiac and vascular pathologies.
  3. Respiratory and endocrine disorders.
  4. Dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system and spine.
  5. Neurological problems.
  6. Hepatic disorders.

The treatment base of Zakarpattia health complexes is based on the use of baths and showers, taking mineral waters and conducting physiotherapeutic sessions. Taking a course of physical therapy, massage and paraffin is also of great importance.
No less important is the effect of aromatherapy, balneological procedures, oxygen cocktails and climate therapy.
The use of medical methods of recovery based on the action of the secretion of leeches’ saliva, homeopathic and traditional treatment with the prescription of drugs effective in each specific case, psycho- and phytotherapy, etc., are very popular.

Prices for treatment in sanatoriums 2024

The cost of staying at a resort depends on many factors. This includes accommodation, meals using treatment tables, a list of basic and additional procedures, and the development of infrastructure.

Therefore, those who are not ready to pay a substantial amount for a health course should purchase a voucher. It includes a list of procedures required for a given disease. It is better to stay and eat nearby, in the private sector, and come to the hospital every day for treatment.

It should also be noted that the price varies depending on the season.

🏘 Sanatorium 💳 Price per day, UAH
Sanatorium “Shayan” from 900
Sanatorium “Karpatiya” from 1080
Sanatorium “Visak” from 1700
Sanatorium “Polyana” from 882
Sanatorium “Solva” from 1510
Sanatorium ” Sonyachnyi “ from 600
Sanatorium ” Sonyachna Polyana “ from 940
Sanatorium ” Sonyachna Dolyna “ from 2240
Sanatorium “Kvitka Polonyny” from 988
Sanatorium “Kryshtaleve Dzherelo” from 1400
Hotel “Sribny Vodograi” from 1550
Sanatorium “Teplytsya” from 780
Sanatorium “Eagle’s Nest” from 720
Sanatorium “Mountain Tysa” from 874
Sanatorium “Karpaty” in Yaremche from 900
Sanatorium “Trembita” from 460
Sanatorium “Borzhava” from 460
Sanatorium “Verkhovyna” from 510
Sanatorium “Thermal Star” from 1400
Sanatorium “Karpaty” from 990
Sanatorium “Synyak” from 1120

Why Transcarpathia

It is worth buying a ticket here, because it is unlikely that you can find such charm of nature, such healthy climatic conditions and healing clean air anywhere else. Tourists will enjoy relaxing here at any time of the year. In the summer, vacationers swim, walk in forests and mountains. And in winter, they enjoy the descent from the crumbling peaks or ride on snowmobiles.

It is also necessary to choose this region because a vacation in the sanatoriums of Transcarpathia will bring pleasure to even the most experienced and demanding person. The unique charm of the local color, the abundance of recreational resources and the natural beauty of the region have a therapeutic effect on various diseases.

Tours and excursions

How much does a vacation in a sanatorium cost?
The price of a resort ticket depends on many factors. This includes accommodation, meals with the use of treatment tables, a list of basic and additional procedures, and infrastructure development. Therefore, it is better for those who are not ready to pay a substantial amount to buy a ticket. It includes the main list of procedures. It is better to live and eat near the private sector, visiting a sanatorium every day for treatment.
In which sanatoriums can you relax inexpensively?
Many people, especially retirees, try to choose a frugal option. Therefore, a ticket to "Verkhovyna" is suitable for them, where accommodation in an "Economy" class room will cost UAH 150. per day You can relax in "Karpaty" for 750 hryvnias per week. It is natural that thermal sanatoriums or resorts with special conditions require much more money for their services.
Which sanatoriums have a pool and spa?
For lovers of water pleasures, it is better to stay in the "Greenhouse", where both types of procedures are available at once. Spas are provided in "Girska Tysa", "Sonyachnaya Dolyna", "Sonyachnaya Polyana", "Termal Stari". There are swimming pools in "Visak", "Polonyna Flower", "Crystal Spring", "Eagle's Nest", "Sonyachny", "Solva", "Shayana", etc.
Which sanatoriums have their own pumping station?
Almost any resort has them. But the rating of sanatoriums in Transcarpathia puts "Polyana", "Sonyachna Dolyna" and "Thermal Star" in first place.
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