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Rest in Kosyno

🕒 Date of last update of the article: 06.01.2024 at 10:20 p.m   |  🖋 Author: Viktor Shatrov

Thermal springs of the village of Kosyno have exceptionally great healing power and effectively help people get rid of many diseases. The tourist infrastructure of the region is well developed, so travelers find here everything they need for a full-fledged vacation.

Відпочинок у Косино

Description of the place

Kosyno is a large complex located near the village of Koson. Not far from it is Berehove. People come here to undergo wellness procedures based on the best thermal waters of Ukraine.

Therefore, those who came to Koson and Zapson want to rent housing for a fairly long time. The resort has a huge success in our country and abroad. There are a large number of baths, pools, saunas and other water entertainment.

Here vacationers stay only in a local hotel. Not every vacationer can afford such expenses, so people often settle in neighboring villages. Every day they arrive at the thermal complex and pay only for bathing and other services there. Therefore, living near Kosyno is very popular.

Temperature in Kosyno now:

14.8o C   |   58.6o F

The best accommodation for travelers in Kosyno

Hotels in Kosyno and its surroundings

Вілла «Писанка» (Велика Бийгань)
village of Velyka Byihan
+380 ....
from 800₴/day
Апартаменти «Будинок» у селі Запсонь
the village of Zapson
+380 ....
from 200₴/day
Вілла «Край Неба» (Запсонь)
46 Lesya Ukrainka str., Zapson village
+380 ....
from 2200₴/day
Mini-hotel Villa Mitades, Kosyno
M24, 80, Yanoshi, Berehiv district
+380 ....
from 3085 ₴/night
Kosyno Thermal Waters Hotel
village Koson, Tract 1
+380 ....
from 6000 ₴/night

Housing for rent in Kosyno and its surroundings

Садиба «Смерекова хата»
вул. Дачна, 77, с. Дийда , Берегівський район
+380 ....
Садиба “Хатинка Галинка”, Косонь
вул. Кошута, с. Косонь, Берегівський район
+380 ....
Садиба «Хатинка Іштвана», Косонь
вул. Барабаш 32, с. Косонь, , Берегівський район
+380 ....

All accommodation options on the map

Rest in thermal waters


Most often, tourists stay in Koson, as there are many options for hotels and the private sector.

For those who arrive in Kosyno, housing is provided at the highest level. Hotel Ivansco Birtok offers travelers as many as six swimming pools. And they can have a snack at a bar or restaurant located on the territory.

“Halinka Halinka” is located 5 km from the thermal complex. A microwave oven, satellite TV, a refrigerator and an electric kettle await vacationers here. And children will have fun playing on a specially equipped playground.

All vacationers who come to Kosyno will not find housing prices exorbitant.


On July 19, 2014, a royal bath complex consisting of 7 unique saunas, which have no analogues in Ukraine, was opened in Kosyno Thermal Waters. Each of them has its own unique properties that will immerse its visitors in an unparalleled world of wellness. Paired traditions differ not only in the geography of origin, but also in the physics of the process. In addition, a huge number of traditions and rules, legends and recipes, aimed at one thing: to bring health to the body, and to calm the soul, have been established for each species. The main factor of influence in the sauna is heat, which has a comprehensive effect on almost all organs and systems of the body. Prolonged heating expands large blood vessels and capillaries, which leads to activation of blood circulation and intensive removal of toxins from the body. When regularly visiting the sauna, the body gets used to changes in atmospheric pressure and temperature, thereby saving people from headaches and colds.

Expansion of blood vessels in the steam room and sharp narrowing occurs first when heating in the sauna, alternating with swimming in a cold pool or diving in the snow. The sauna also has a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system, by means of deep warming and relaxation of muscles that are under constant tension in everyday life. Therefore, the sauna is especially popular among athletes, after or before difficult matches.

Where to eat deliciously in Kosyno

Restaurant “Kulach” in Kosyno
90223, Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, Berehiv district, village Koson, street Barrels, 96
+380 ....
Charda Restaurant in Kosyno
90223, Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, Berehiv district, village Koson, Tract 1
+380 ....
Cafe-confectionery Hermina in Kosyno
90223, Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, Berehiv district, village Koson ,st. Bochkay 1
+380 ....


In Kosyno, recreation is mostly closely related to the rapid improvement of the general state of health with the use of thermal waters. At the complex there is water park and saunas, and if desired, tourists go to Dyida lake or visit various attractions. From here, it is not far from the rock garden, St. Basil’s monastery or Uzhgorod Castle.

The interesting and useful service Go-To.Rest provides everyone who wants the most detailed information about any questions related to travel Transcarpathia.

It is here that any vacationer will find recommendations on how to rent housing closest to the springs near Kosyno at the best prices. Well-trained experts of the region will give advice on food and entertainment to resort guests.

Tours and excursions

What else to see near Kosyno

Leisure for adults and children

Other interesting places

Detailed weather

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