Bicycle rental “Velofan” in Uzhgorod

Uzhhorod, 9B General Svobody Street

+380 ….
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Bicycle rental in Uzhgorod, Retro Bike

Come and prove with your participation that you are not indifferent to the problem of total construction of green areas and ignoring the problems of city cyclists!
Registration of cycling participants, which is a mandatory condition for participation, will begin at 9.00. The start is scheduled for 9.20 on the central lawn of Peremoha Park (Kirpichka). Activists plan to finish at 10.00 in the session hall of the City Council.
Anyone wishing to join the bike ride can get help by calling 0993363803 (Ira).
Why October 16?
On October 16, the session of the city council may reconsider the plan of zoning and adjustment of 2013, which destroys our park and other green areas (part of Bozdoshki Park, Roshen, and others, as well as greenery surrounding our roads), giving them for construction and private property. Thus, at times complicating the implementation of the plan of cycling infrastructure of the city.
* Civic Initiative #Kirpichka is not a political party and is not a participant in the election campaign of any political party or candidate.
* Civic initiative #Brick is a manifestation of self-organization of local residents of the eponymous quarter and an informal association of public organizations of the city of Uzhgorod.

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Bicycle rental Uzhgorod, TATU GROUP

Uzhhorod, st. Transcarpathian, 45

+380 ….
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