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Evening walking excursion around Uzhhorod

Uzhgorod, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine
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3 hours

Tour Type

Daily Tour

Group Size

5 people


English, Ukrainian


Evening walking excursion around the Uzhhorod will reveal to you the secrets of the ancient city. The ancient houses, churches, parks and squares of one of the most beautiful and oldest cities in our country, having absorbed a variety of eras and cultures, will reveal the secrets of ancient Uzhhorod. And the Uzhhorod Castle will reveal great secrets and love stories by the light of lanterns, which are unknown even to the city residents.

Excursion programme

  1. The magical charm of the night streets and squares of old Uzhhorod: Sandor Petofi Square and Teatralna Square, the Hasidic synagogue, St George’s Catholic Church, the true architectural masterpiece – the Greek Catholic Cathedral of the Exaltation of the Cross and the residence of the bishops, the ancient Korzo Street, the rock garden, old museum buildings, cosy cafes, a pedestrian bridge, and a linden alley.
  2. The romance of the evening embankment, where most of the mini-sculptures known throughout Ukraine “sit”.
  3. Secrets and legends of the Uzhhorod Castle at night.

Day of the tour: Friday.

You can book a tour on any day on an individual basis. The cost of the tour is 750 UAH. The group size is up to 5 people.


  • It is in the evening, when the first twilight falls on the land, that the mysterious beauty and charm of the old city on the Uzh River is especially emphasised. In the shadows of the night, you will see the sights of old Uzhhorod in all their mysterious beauty.



An evening walking tour of Uzhhorod is a great opportunity to get to know this charming and mysterious city. At night, it is even more fascinating with the play of light and street lights.

For example, Sandor Petofi Square, where the buildings of the XIX century have been preserved, the Hasidic synagogue, where the Uzhhorod Philharmonic is now located, the beautiful Catholic Church of St George, the true masterpiece of architecture - the Holy Cross Greek Catholic Cathedral, the rock garden, old museums and residential buildings, cosy cafes and many other local highlights.

The pedestrian bridge will take you from Sandor Petofi Square to the main square of the city - Teatralna Square. Stop on the bridge, gaze at the magic of millennial Uzhhorod under the cover of night and make your most cherished wish. They say it will definitely come true. Take a stroll along the ancient Korzo Street, which ends where a great place for walking begins - Nezalezhnist Embankment.

Nezalezhnist embankment in Uzhhorod is especially beautiful in the evening. Here you will be greeted by a huge three-hundred-year-old ash tree, and it is here that most of the small sculptures known throughout Ukraine "sit". A walk along the longest linden alley in Europe will make your evening romantic. Uzhhorod is proud of its linden alley, which, in combination with the Uzh river embankment, creates a magical atmosphere of cosiness and romance.

One of the oldest fortresses in Transcarpathia, Uzhhorod Castle, is located on Castle Hill, in the ancient city above the Uzh. In the IX century, there was already a fortified settlement here, and the settlements around it became the beginning of the city. Like all castles, Uzhhorod Fortress has its own mysterious and even mystical legends. Who knows, maybe you will see the very White Maiden who has been wandering the walls of the legendary castle for centuries.


  • Excursion services
  • Guide and tour services
  • Entrance to the castle (25 UAH)
from ₴ 150

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