Додати об'єкт до каталогу

Надсилайте актуальну інформацію та отримуйте більше цільових клієнтів. Ми розмістимо ваш об’єкт у нашому каталозі та покажемо поруч із локаціями, а також у загальному каталозі, це безкоштовно!

Yaremche – excursions and tours

A visit to the picturesque city of Yaremche should start with the local wooden churches. They are real masterpieces of Hutsul sacred architecture that fill with positive spiritual energy.

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Ski resort in the village of Ust-Chorna

The village of Ust-Chorna, Tyachiv district, Transcarpathian region, located in the Gorgany Mountains at an altitude of 553 m at the headwaters of the Teresva River, is a good option for active winter holidays.

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Ski resort Kobyletska Polyana

Kobyletska Polyana has 2 ski slopes with a width of 100 metres, a length of 500 and 800 metres and a height difference of 50 and 80 metres respectively. They are located on the territory of the Trembita resort complex.

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Ski resort in the village of Osiy

The picturesque village of Osiy, Khust district, Transcarpathian region, is a popular ski resort. Here, in the Kamyanka tract, there are 2 tracks of medium and low difficulty, suitable for beginners.

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Ski complex Velykyi in the village of Kalyny

The Velykyi ski resort, located in the village of Kalyny, is relatively new. The resort’s good location attracts many tourists. In summer, the complex is popular as a children’s health resort and hiking centre.

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