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Tatiana Fedosenko master classes in Mukachevo

Mukachevo, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine
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Tetiana Fedosenko was born and raised in Kyiv, although she is proud of her ancestors’ rural roots. Her father is a Kyivan, and his ancestors were Cossacks from the Kaniv region. Her mother comes from Transcarpathia, and her grandmother and great-grandmother and their families were deported from Lemkivshchyna to western Ukraine in 1946.

Who is Tatyana Fedosenko?

From 2021 to the present day, she has been registered and works as an individual entrepreneur with the main activity in the service sector: organising and conducting cultural events, making souvenirs, author’s printed scarves.

In parallel with mastering the skills and processes of making folk art elements on her own, she was constantly looking for and learning from well-known Ukrainian Masters who became her Mentors:

  • Easter egg making (her own grandmother Paraska, Bedevlya village; Hanna Havryliak, Kolomyia; Nadiya Ktytorova, Kyiv);
  • decorative painting, folk toys, masks, Christmas star (Ivan Prykhodko, Dudarkiv village);
  • embroidery technique (Svitlana Sytnyk, Kyiv; Yurii Melnychuk, Kyiv);
  • Yavoriv toy (Oksana Kohut, Lviv);
  • punching (Olga Kostyuchenko, Chernihiv);
  • Star-gazing (Bogdan Novak, Dubliany) and others.

Her professional activity in the field of revival and popularisation of national traditions of Ukraine led the artist to the National Union of Folk Masters of Ukraine, where she became a member in 2017. Every year she produces and presents her works among other masters. Under the auspices of the union, she twice took part in international fairs and exhibitions (Jagiellonian, Poland) in 2018, 2019, and 2023.

She has also participated in festivals and fairs with masterclasses and her own works:

  • Krayina Mriy (Dreamland) festival;
  • Participation in the development of the ETNO-nanny event;
  • “Sky-fest”;
  • “Tbilisoba”;
  • “Medvin;
  • exhibitions and fairs in Pyrohovo, Khotove, Lehedzyno and the Ivan Honchar Museum.

Participated in the reconstruction of Ukrainian children’s clothing: restoration and sewing of the XVII – XIX centuries’ costumes at the National Centre of Folk Culture “Ivan Honchar Museum”, Kyiv (2015). She was involved in the interactive online course “KNOW YOUR UKRAINE” about Ukrainian traditional culture, organised by the Ivan Honchar Museum and the educational platform EDERA (2021).

The Christmas star and Christmas masks hold a special place in her heart. The artist has devoted a lot of time to popularising this art form. She makes her own Stars and brings them to people. Over 2000 people have taken part in workshops on making and decorating the Star since she started. And the handmade Stars have been sold all over Ukraine and abroad: USA, UK, Germany, France, Poland, Spain.

On 8 January 2023, at the invitation of Lviv artists, she took part in the long-awaited Star Procession in Lviv. There, she met the true masters of stargazing who pass on their art from generation to generation. By the way, some of them were forcibly evicted during Operation Vistula from the village of Matskovychi, located 9 km from Przemyśl. These people brought to Ukraine their love for the Christmas Star, which is now popularly known as the Matskovychi Star, and is included in the register of intangible heritage of Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the war, she has been in western Ukraine, where her husband serves in the Armed Forces as a rehabilitation therapist, and Tetiana Mykolaivna serves as his wings and support. When she returned to the land of her maternal ancestors, she recalled how she and her grandmother baked bread, spun yarn on a spindle, made candles, gutted geese for puffins, twisted sausages, carved musical instruments from vines with her grandfather and repaired boots. She has had a love of handmade crafts since childhood, so it’s understandable why she is so drawn to folk art!

In the spring of this year, Fedosenko developed and launched the Fedosenko.Art scarves with Motanka, which she transferred into electronic form and gave them a new life.

Tatiana Fedosenko masterclass: How to make a caroling star with your own hands?

The cost of the master class (with materials) is 350-400 UAH per person.

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Mukachevo, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine
from ₴ 350

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