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Temperature in Transcarpathia now:

20.8o C   |   69.4o F

Transcarpathia on the map

Description of the most outstanding features of the region

The administrative center of the region is Uzhhorod. Here, even a person far from art will be attracted by Derenivska Kupil, Kolochava, Kosino, Lumshory, Mukachevo or other interesting places of Transcarpathia.

Гірське озеро Закарпаття

Travelers are offered just great food. Recognized fame won the dish of local cuisine Bograch – a kind of Hungarian goulash. Banosh with cream or sour cream from corn flour with cheese, mushrooms or cracklings has a stunning taste. No less nutritious Tokan with stewed sauerkraut. Be sure to try the delicious Trout, which is baked or grilled trout.

The question of where to rest in Transcarpathia is purely rhetorical. Reasonable cost and convenient transfer make the region the most competitive.

For those who do not know where to go, there are a variety of offers.

Transcarpathia is:

  1. Wealth of national color.
  2. Lots of different tourist routes.
  3. Mild climate.
  4. Availability of mineral springs.
  5. Extreme tourism.
  6. Developed infrastructure.
  7. Variety of recreational areas.
  8. Environmental friendliness.
  9. Unique natural beauties, etc.
це Закарпаття

Where to go in Transcarpathia?

Lovers of antiquity and historical rarities will be amazed by the monuments founded in the IX century. Uzhhorod . Outstanding art monuments and museums, filled with amazing values, attract tourists from all over the world.

No less interesting option is Mukachevo, which has its history since the VIII century. Architectural Orthodox or Catholic relics are presented here.

Fans of national color will tell a lot of interesting things in the village of Kolochava, which has 10 fascinating museum collections.

Those who are looking for a place to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city, should pay attention to Kosino or Lumshory. Here are the best resorts that offer SPA-treatments, and in Derenovskaya Kupel there is a therapeutic complex of treatments with thermal waters.

The high mountain lakes Synevyr and Mizhhirya are also unique natural formations.


All-season vacation

In Transcarpathia it is easy to find the best offers at different times. In summer it is desirable to choose active tourism, in winter – ski resorts, in spring – to admire the cherry blossoms in Uzhgorod, and in autumn in comfortable conditions to explore the sights or enjoy SPA .

Jeep tours the Carpathians

Winter vacation in Transcarpathia

Active vacation in Transcarpathia can offer tourists a lot of interesting things. Lovers of skiing, snowmobiling or snowboarding come here. In 2012, Bukovel , located at an altitude of 920 m, was recognized as the most promising resort in the world. Panoramas of snow-capped peaks and streets of ancient towns with their pre-Christmas atmosphere will not leave anyone indifferent.

Туристів тут чекають:

  1. Гірськолижні маршрути.
  2. Катання на снігоходах.
  3. Підкорення місцевості на сноуборді.
  4. Собачі упряжки.
  5. Vip відпочинок в Закарпатті та ін.

Where to go in Transcarpathia in the spring

At this time, green tourism is recommended here. In addition to admiring the blossoming sakura, it is recommended to visit the Daffodil Valley in the Kireshi tract and the Lavender Mountain near Perechyn . It is better to come here in early May, when the land is also covered with a solid carpet of yarrow, irises and foxglove.

Holidays in Transcarpathia in summer

It is better to dedicate the warm season to active recreation to explore the mountains, valleys or rivers. It should be conquered on off-road jeeps of the most extreme type. During the hot season, travelers often also seek to get acquainted with the cool mountains of Transcarpathia to conquer their famous peaks. After coming down from them, they bring home impressive pictures.

Jeeping in Transcarpathia
Відпочинок в Закарпатті влітку

Where to rest in the fall

When the heat subsides, it is recommended to get acquainted with the historical and national features of Transcarpathia. Cities and villages will reveal the most secret secrets to those who want to look into them. Tasting tours, castles, museums and ancient buildings will give the traveler an idea of the history of the region.

It is also important that the cheapest vacation is offered in autumn.

Features of tourism in Transcarpathia

Locals especially respect the culture and traditions of the region. It is easy to breathe, and the soul is filled with the strength and energy of nature.

Active recreation is always possible, thanks to the large number of beech and pine forests with their dense thickets of cranberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. It is also full of mushrooms, among which stand out boletuses, chanterelles and buttercups.

Quiet hiking on little-known routes will attract even the most experienced travelers.

Climbing mountains will bring a lot of impressions of natural landscapes, waterfalls and mineral water sources.

The elite ski resort will offer sports fans the cleanest air and soft crumbly snow.

All services in

Living in Transcarpathia

Hostel Vulik
Fedintsa Street, 39, Uzhhorod, Zakarpattia region, 88000
+380 ....

from 400
Hotel "Fortuna" in Mizhhiria
Ukraine, 90000, Transcarpathian region, town. Mezhhirya, st. G. Dobry, 30
+380 ....
To Lem Ande Hotel, Lumshory
Lumshory, Transcarpathian region
+380 ....

from 700 ₴ / night
Chans "U Tsimbora", Lumshory
street Priozerna, 9, Lumshory, Zakarpattia region
+380 ....

from 1050
Davir Resort & Spa, Lumshory
street Forest, Lumshory, Transcarpathian region
+380 ....

from 1650 ₴
The farmstead "Sukhar", Kolochava
20 Borkanyuka, Kolochava, Zakarpatska Oblast, 90043
+380 ....

from 1500 ₴
Kolo Gir Hotel, Kolochava
20 Borkanyuka, Kolochava, Zakarpatska Oblast, 90043
+380 ....

від 470 ₴
Hotel "Kolochava Eco Resort", Kolochava
Kolochava, Zakarpattia region, 90043
+380 ....

from 3000 ₴ / night
Mini-hotel Villa Mitades, Cosino
M24, 80, Yanoshi, Zakarpattia Region, 90233
+380 ....

from 3085 ₴
Cosino Thermal Waters Hotel
from 6000 ₴ / night
Еко готель “Ізки”, Міжгір’я
Izky, Mizhhirya, Zakarpattia region, 90020
+380 ....

від 590 ₴
Кімната Гоголь 14
вулиця Миколи Гоголя 14, Ужгород, Закарпатська область
+380 ....

Апартаменти "Guest House", Мукачево
вул. Яворницького, 27, Мукачево, Закарпатська область, 89600
+380 ....
Садиба "Хатинка Галинка", Косино
вул. Кошута, Косонь, Закарпатська область, 90223
+380 ....
Котедж "Клуб Водоспад", Лумшори
вул. Лісова, 12, урочище Кичера, Лумшори, Закарпатська область, 89215
+380 ....
Садиба "Сухарь", Колочава
20 Борканюка, Колочава, Закарпатська область, 90043
+380 ....
Садиба «Хатинка Іштвана», Косино
Барабаш 32, Косонь, Закарпатська область, 90223
+380 ....

Tours and excursions

blue lagoon
Excursion to the Blue Lagoon will allow travelers to discover the truly heavenly pages of the book of nature. Its
shenborn park and craft cheeses
The resort center "Voevodino" proudly rises on the mountain slopes surrounding the Turyan Valley. It is hidden in a beech
excursion to kolochava
An unforgettable excursion to Kolochava with a visit to a unique natural wonder-geyser will forever be remembered by those who
tour of the castles of transcarpathia and mukachevo
A tour of the castles of Transcarpathia allows you to join the rare historical monuments of antiquity of this region.
middle-class castle
An eco-tour of Transcarpathia from Uzhgorod will be a unique opportunity for every traveler to return to the era of
climbing the hoverla
A wonderful route to the top of Hoverla has long been one of the most popular tours in Transcarpathia. This
nature synevir
A stunning excursion to Synevyr from Uzhhorod and Mukachevo will forever remain a truly wonderful and unforgettable memory for every
спа тур в закарпаття
Spa tour to Transcarpathia: vats and thermal waters takes place every Monday-Tuesday all year round! Not
тур в закарпаття
Independence Day tour to Transcarpathia - is a good chance to have an interesting time, learn and try
цікавий тур на день незалежності в карпати
Independence Day Tour in the Carpathians with curiosities is specially created for active people who want new emotions
буковель гуцульщина гобітхіл
Weekend tour: Bukovel, Hutsul and Gobithil Tour Trilogy: - The best resort in Ukraine -

The best places of Transcarpathia

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Where to go in Transcarpathia
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