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Restaurant «V&P»

V. Petenka street, 5, Khust, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine
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In the V&P restaurant, you can taste Transcarpathian and European cuisine. Our special gastronomic heritage is Khust goose, the recipe for which dates back to the 18th century. To fully reproduce the taste, this bird is grown on an eco-farm, which is part of our complex. This is how we try to popularize goose as an extremely tasty dish that deserves to be a decoration of any table.

In addition, we built our own smokehouse, where we make meat delicacies: basturma, pancetta, crispy bacon and other delicacies. Juicy sausages of our own production, for which we make our own original sauces, deserve special attention.

Recalling the history, it is worth saying that there was once a water mill at the place of “V&P” “V&;P”, to which residents from all the surrounding areas converged to grind flour. Those times have already passed, and the place, created to give a feeling of abundance and confidence, has not lost its magic. By the way, you can strengthen it – magic, by tasting our signature liqueurs! Today, we are reviving traditions in our own way, baking fragrant bread and cookies, as well as making homemade noodles, which we treat to restaurant guests. We also create our own traditions: 20 years ago, beer was already brewed here, and it is nice that in 2018 we were able to revive it! Now we are proud to present V&P’s signature beer – Vashe Pіvo.

The family restaurant “V&P” with its own farm is a new format of Transcarpathian cuisine. Here we not only feed our guests deliciously – we tell a culinary story about the attitude to our land and the world around us. We cook with love, using local farm products and family recipes. This is felt in each of our dishes and makes them unique. Here you can feel like a part of family traditions and local legends and truly enjoy your vacation!

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V. Petenka street, 5, Khust, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine
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