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Srednyany wine cellars

Tarasa Shevchenko street, 8, Serednye village, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine
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The climate of this region is extremely conducive to the cultivation of grapes. Therefore, already in the Middle Ages, forests were actively cut down here in order to free up places for its planting. The first mention of wines produced in the village dates back to the beginning of the 15th century.

Serednye wines: history and modernity

The growing plantations helped the settlement rise, contributing to its prosperity. In the next century, the descendant of the local landowner I. Dobo expanded the existing dungeons for storing the drink, using captured Turkish soldiers for this purpose. Therefore, earlier cellars were accordingly called Turkish.

According to legends, the prisoners were treated very cruelly. They had to work so much that at the end of the construction they all died.

Nowadays, the total length of the dungeons is almost 4,000 m. They have been rented by local farmers since the middle of the last century. And now they are named after their former owners: Arvaik or Kyrychanenko.

During the times of the USSR, Srednyany wine cellars were used to store both local and foreign brands. Among them were brands from Algeria, Spain, Portugal and France. After the necessary waiting, they headed for the big cities of the Union republics.

The cellar is still occupied by the “Leanka” winery (named after the famous Srednya variety, which means “girl” in Hungarian). On their walls, you can see a wooden plaque on which is written: “Published by the efforts of the noble brothers, heirs and owners of the castle in Seredny, Franzisk Stefan and Dominic Dobo from Ruska. In the year of Christ 1557”. The tradition preserved the memory of the fact that the brothers partially used the underground passage in order to establish wine cellars. It is believed that he was on his way from Srednyansky directly to the castle of the city of Mukachevo.

In the 17th century local drinks were supplied even to the West. In 1711, the village was visited by the Russian Tsar Peter the First, who was returning from the war and decided to wet his throat a little with the local drink. The wine fell to the sovereign’s heart and he ordered to buy some local allotments. Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev and the head of Romania, Nicolae Ceausescu, also liked the wonderful Srednyan products at different times.

Where to try Srednyan wines

An excursion to the famous cellars is held in the village. Drinking the noble drink, which Peter appreciated so highly, is offered even now. The tasting room (Seredne) awaits visitors.

The most famous brand is “Rose of Transcarpathia”. In 1966, she was awarded a gold medal at an international exhibition in Bulgaria. It is the most expensive among Srednyany stamps.

Pearl of the Carpathians, Cabernet, Zakarpattia Riesling, Srednyansky Zamok and Spokusnytsia are no less pleasant in terms of their taste qualities. Wine tasting (Medium) gives visitors a unique chance to appreciate them.

How to get there

In the dungeons built in tuff, the temperature never deviates from the mark of 12 °C.

Oak tubs with a volume of 700-5000 liters are intended for only one variety. The largest of them can hold more than 10,000 liters. Drinking three hundred grams daily, people can use it for more than a century.

The tasting room is buried underground. It is located in the urban-type village of Seredne, on Shevchenko Street, in building No. 8. On weekends, it is recommended to come here only by prior appointment.


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Tarasa Shevchenko street, 8, Serednye village, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine
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