An urban-type settlement called Serednye is located on the river Velya, which flows into Latoritsa. Currently, more than 6 thousand people live on this area, which covers more than 400 hectares. Most of them are Ukrainians, a quarter of the population is represented by Slovaks, there are also Hungarians and Roma.

Currently, Serednye is not a very well-known place for tourist routes, although there are historical sights and wonderful landscapes. Travelers will not have to think long about what to visit in Transcarpathia. Majestic mountain peaks, mild climate, free valleys and wonderful landscapes have always attracted people here. The new arrivals found housing near the river, and at the expense of cutting down forests, they increased the territory for farming. Archaeologists are still finding evidence of their active activity.


History of the village of Serednye

Next to the settlement, scientists discovered parking lots of people of that time. They began to come here in the 11th millennium BC. With the onset of the Neolithic (6-4 thousand BC), cattle breeding and agriculture were already developed here.

Times passed. The copper, bronze and iron periods brought the flourishing of the development of the tribes living near the Uzhhorod region. The largest settlement of those years is the territory near Sredny, which dates back to the first century BC.

Gradually, the occupations of the villagers changed. Dense forests grew along the small slopes of the mountains approaching the village. Their inhabitants were engaged in livestock breeding and agriculture. Gradually, they began to clear the territory and plant grapes. As early as the 14th century. Serednye has been filled with farms that produce high-end beverages.

A new type of farming began to be overgrown with poetic tales. In any country where such activities are conducted, myths and legends are created. There are similar legends about the of Serednyanshchyna.

The temperature in the village of Serednye now:

4.2o C   |   39.5o F

Legends of the Serednye

In ancient times, people thought that the gods sat on Olympus under the guidance of Zeus. He was opposed by a representative of the younger generation of celestials named Bacchus, who was a symbol of winemaking and fertility.

No negotiations between him and Zeus led to a truce. It got to the point that the young god was forced to appear before the supreme court. But even here a party-lover and a drunkard did not appear sober. Even those who supported him earlier could not stand it.

Zeus, armed with lightning bolts, expelled Bacchus from Olympus. He sent him to places where people did not know viticulture. The supreme deity made his choice on the southwestern slope of the Carpathians.

But the lover of a fun life took the vine with him to a new place, planted it and taught the local residents the high art of winemaking. The training was beneficial and the current residents of this area can boast that they have developed and multiplied the traditions handed down to them.

Such a story is a myth, but it has a more serious purpose. The existence of people, devoid of ancient legends, would be barren. In addition, they do not arise in an empty place without a basis and a reason. Another thing is that the older the legend, the more details it grows. Such a feature is connected with the fact that many generations of storytellers add new and new details to its basis. And sometimes it deviates quite far from the original source.

The same thing happened with the village of Serednye. Today, its origin and development history are already lost in the mist of time.

Serednye: map of attractions

What to see in the village of Serednye?

Середнянський замок тамплієрів

From Uzhgorod to Mukachevo is only 42 kilometers, and in the very middle of this distance there is an urban-type settlement with the expected name of Serednye. It is first mentioned in the 12th century. According to an ancient legend, its inhabitants moved their location many times until they achieved a high degree of accuracy.

The ruins of the famous Templar castle of the 13th century made the village famous. During the Middle Ages, the building was recognized as the easternmost outpost of the order and practically the only Romanesque fortress in the Silver Land.

The Templars, who were excellent entrepreneurs, excellent soldiers and humble monks, were brought here by the white gold of that time. It was common table salt, which has been here in large quantities for a long time.

The members of the order were also known for their extensive medical knowledge, which included even surgery. Therefore, the local population was never left without treatment.

To get to the fortress, follow the main street of the village, passing the bus stop and the huge church. Then you need to get to the mill and turn right into a small alley. A few tens of meters away, the Srednyan Castle of the Templars will appear. The ruins of the gray tower-donjon remained from him, which is now the only element of the citadel that has reached our time.

Парафія св. Луки євангеліста у Середньому (Закарпаття)

Serednyansky temples and monasteries

Serednye also invites vacationers to visit 3 outstanding cathedrals: the Greek-Catholic, the Orthodox Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the ancient Roman Catholic church of the evangelist St. Luke of the 19th century.

It will be no less interesting to see the Franciscan men’s monastery and the women’s convent of the Sisters of the Congregation of Jesus.

Середнянські винні погреби

Rest in Srednyi is inseparable from the village’s trademark, which is the products of viticulture. The Carpathian climate is excellent for the flourishing of farming. Already in the Middle Ages, large territories were cleared here for the development of new lands.

The first mentions of them date back to the beginning of the 15th century. Noble drinks enriched the village, turning it into one of the richest districts.

Its owner was Istvan Dobo. In the 16th century his son built a cellar for storing wines, using the labor of captured Turks.

For many years they were called Turkish. According to legends, the work was extremely difficult, and the treatment of slaves was very cruel. Therefore, many of them simply died.

You can drink a noble drink even now during an excursion trip to Srednyany wine cellars with tasting. The corresponding hall is located underground.

It is easy to find it in the urban-type village of Serednye, on Shevchenko Street, in building No. 8. On weekends, the hall accepts visitors by appointment only.

Where to stay in Serednye?

In order to stay in Srednyi with amenities, the best place is the “Korop” hotel. It was built in 1980 and at that time served as a place to receive foreign tourists who had just arrived in Moscow for the Olympics. It was recently reconstructed. Now it has large comfortable rooms of various comfort classes, the prices of which start from UAH 878.

Another great accommodation option is the cozy Solomiya hotel with exceptionally comfortable apartments. It is equipped with everything a vacation traveler needs, including a fireplace. In addition, there are excellent fishing spots, a playground, internet and a sauna. A transfer service is available upon request.

Готель «Короп»
789 km of the Kyiv-Chop highway, village Dubrivka
+380 ....

Where to eat deliciously in Serednye?

In order to taste the local cuisine, it is difficult to find something more successful than the restaurant of the “Korop” hotel. Its name is explained by the fact that the main dish on the menu is fried carp and other fish masterpieces.

In the list of offers there are also many other names for every taste. Their cost is affordable to everyone, and the taste is unlikely to be forgotten.

Small reservoirs next to the hall create a wonderful atmosphere of peace, romance, silence and coziness for visitors.

Ресторан «Короп»
789 km of the highway "Kyiv-Chop", village Dubrivka
+380 ....
Середнянські винні погреби
St. Taras Shevchenko, 8, p. Average
+380 ....

Leisure near the village of Serednye

The most interesting places are nearby

Середнянський замок тамплієрів
Uzhhorod and Mukachevo are separated by 42 km, and the center of this distance is marked by an urban-type village

Tours and excursions

How to get to Serednye?

The village of Serednye (Transcarpathia) is located near highway M 06-E50 and is 22 km from the regional center.

The easiest way to get here is by bus or car. Flights departing from Mukachevo and Uzhhorod stop here every 60 minutes.

The nearest railway stations are also in Mukachevo and Uzhhorod.

There is also an airport in Uzhhorod, where planes from Kyiv arrive.

It is convenient to order a transfer from any point, which will take vacationers directly to the village of Serednye.

But no matter how a person gets here, the trip will remain in his soul and memory for the rest of his life. In the cold and long winter evenings, the tasting of wines with their tart taste and the fabulous atmosphere of the Templar castle will be fondly remembered.

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