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Manors and cottages in Skhidnytsia

The famous balneological resort Skhidnytsia is famous for its healing mineral ferrous and alkaline waters. They are now extracted from several wells at once.

Садиби та котеджі у Східниці

Cottages and private manors in Skhidnytsia

A pleasant rest in well-maintained cottages is a great option for accommodation, although it will cost a tourist more than in hotels. But this is exactly how you can have a great time in a comfortable environment with your family or company. Romantic and married couples will have a great time.

We have a lot of options to choose from in our catalogue. There are large estates for parents with children or small cosy cottages for two. In any case, all conditions are provided for travellers and close proximity to nature is ensured.

Usually, such accommodation is quite expensive, but it leaves unforgettable memories.

Котедж «Ватра» у Східниці
39B Ivan Franko Street, Skhidnytsia
+380 ....
from 1600₴/day

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Description of the place

There are a large number of different sanatoriums. The main indications for treatment in these spas are diseases of the excretory and digestive systems. In addition, the composition of the water has special properties that help to quickly free the human body from radionuclides and toxins.

Rest in the village is simply wonderful and helps to free you from the hustle and bustle of the city and completely relax your nervous system. The clear mountain air, saturated with the vapours of medicinal plants, has a special effect. That’s why many people want to rent a house in Skhidnytsia.

The temperature in Skhidnytsia now:

12.6o C   |   54.7o F

What to do in Skhidnytsia?

Mostly, people come to the village to undergo a health course with the use of mineral waters.

In the interval between treatment procedures, you need to go for hikes and walks. In the summer, vacationers manage to collect a large number of mushrooms and berries, and in the winter they like to go skiing. And to restore strength and increase the general tone of those who rest at the Skhidnytsia resort, cottages with a pool will be an ideal way to refresh.

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How can our service help?

The most interesting information on Transcarpathia and Prykarpattia will be provided by our website Go-To.Rest. For any holidaymaker travelling to the Skhidnytsia resort, the cottages on our pages will cost much less than on any other resource.

How to get to Skhidnytsia resort?

It is not difficult to get to the village. It is located not far from Lviv and is connected to it by rail and public transport. You need to get to the station Truskavets, which receives trains from Dnipro, Kyiv and Kharkiv. Upon arrival, the resort is easily accessible by public transport.

The best way to get there by car is to take the “Kyiv – Chop“, and after Lviv, in the village of Pisochna, turn right and follow the T1402 road to the village of Skhidnytsia.

🧡 A rest at Skhidnytsia resort will be one of the best and will be remembered for a lifetime!

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