Lake Vorozheska

Vorozheska (Vorozheske) is a high mountain lake in the Ukrainian Carpathians within the Rakhiv District of the Zakarpattia Oblast. Lake of glacial origin. It lies at an altitude of 1460 m above sea level on the northern slopes of the Svidovets massif.

It consists of two small reservoirs. The upper (larger) lake has a round shape (diameter – 95 m, area – 0.7 ha, depth up to 4.5 m). The lower lake is located 15 m below the upper, elongated shape (length — 76 m, width — 28 m, area about 0.2 ha, depth up to 1.9 m).

Озеро Ворожеска

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A brief overview

🗺 Location 48°16’33″N 24°11’34″E
💧 Maximum depth 4.5 m
🌊 Area of ​​the reservoir 0.7 hectares
🧭 Distance from Dragobrat 6.5 km
🚙 Road for On foot
🏕 Stand with a tent Yes
🏡 Housing nearby Dragobrat
☕ Cafes and shops Dragobrat

How to get to Lake Vorozheska

 Walking route

🔰 Start The end of the dirt road from Dragobrat
🚶 Walking distance 500 m

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