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Journey to Lake Synevyr

From the village. Mizhgirya to go to the lake for 32 kilometers. The road to it runs in a very scenic, but not entirely comfortable way. Therefore, it is best to get to this place in your own SUV. The road lies next to the Volovets stream, then you should turn sharply to the right and climb the mountains along the picturesque Synevyr pass at an altitude of 800 meters. You should stop at the top and admire the incredible beauty of the Carpathians! In the west you can see the charming Borzhavskaya valley, in the south there is the Pastushiy Verkh ridge, in the southeast you can see the Strimba mountain with a height of 1719 meters, and on the north side – the majestic mountain Kamenka (1578 meters).

Somewhere below, like scattered pearl beads, the snow-white houses of the village of Sinevir, strung on the blue ribbon of the Terebli River, flaunt. A whole cascade of artificial obstacles has been built on this river, which provide favorable conditions for breeding trout, the main Carpathian fish delicacy.

The road to Synevyr runs parallel to the Terebli River. Behind we leave the small village of Sinevirskaya Polyana with a population of 1354 people and the Pokrovskaya Church of the 18th century known to connoisseurs of sacred wooden architecture.
After overcoming another four kilometers upwards, we will see the tourist base “Synevyr”. This means that there is only one and a half kilometers of the road left to the magic lake, which should be covered on foot. Behind the trees, incredible mountain views are already reflected on the surface of clear water. On the banks of the “Sea Eye” there is a wooden hotel, a restaurant and several gazebos.
Entrance to the territory of Lake Synevyr is paid. However, the prices for visiting this picturesque monument are very democratic. For adults, the price is – 30 UAH, for children – 15 UAH, and for entering the lake by car, you need to pay an additional 75 UAH. The money goes to the account of the Synevyr National Natural Park, on the territory of which a wonderful lake is spread.
If you wish, you can get to the center of the lake, in which there is a small island, by a wooden raft.

A bit of history about the “Sea Eye” of the Carpathians

Scientists believe that Lake Synevyr arose immediately after the end of the Ice Age about 10,000 years ago. As a result of a strong earthquake, mountain rocks rose along the road of the waterway and became an impenetrable dam for it.

The surface area of ​​the lake was measured at seven hectares, its maximum depth is estimated at 22 meters, and the average – 8.2 meters. Lake Synevyr is a huge reservoir of fresh water, estimated at 400,000 cubic meters. The lake is inhabited by two species of fish – beak and trout.

As a result of the absence of chlorides, the water in the lake has an unusual taste. In summer, the sun warms the water only up to + 20 ° C, if you dive deeper, you will be unpleasantly surprised by the extraordinary coolness. The water temperature here is four to five degrees. The calm waters of the lake reflect the figures of Sini and Vir, created in 1984 by sculptors Ivan Brovdi and Mikhail Sanich.

What fascinates Synevyr?

The lake, which has fascinated with its beauty since ancient times, has given rise to amazing poetic legends. These are stories about the ocean of love and the sharp rocks of suffering. You can read more about them in the blog at the following link https://go-to.rest/blog/trip-to-lake-synevyr/.

The lake attracted and attracts creative people. Someone draws unforgettable landscapes, someone comes up with poetic lines, and for someone the lake becomes an excellent place for filming films. The lake inspired domestic artists to shoot the film Synevyr. In addition, on Lake Synevyr in 2019, scenes were filmed in a film with the participation of French actor Jean Reno Cold Blood.

What other interesting locations are there?

There are many places of interest for tourists near Lake Synevyr. Nearby are:

  • the unique “Brown Bear Rehabilitation Center”;
  • Kolochava village-museum;
  • unique wooden churches in the Rypinka river valley;
  • ski slopes;
  • Dam of Tereble-Ritskaya HPP;
  • Shypot waterfall;
  • The most important attraction of this region is its unique clean nature.

What time of the year is it better to visit Synevyr?

A visit to Lake Synevyr is an interesting and exciting event at any time of the year.

  • In winter, the nearby ski resorts of Pylypets and Podobets are worth visiting.
  • In spring, excursions to the Kolochavu Museum Village with a blooming saffron valley are interesting.
  • In summer and autumn, 4×4 tours and hiking tours with visits to interesting places in the Borzhavskaya Polonyna are interesting.

Where to stay near Synevyr

You can stop when visiting Lake Synevyr in the nearest hotels “At Marichka” (068-081-42-19), “Arnika” (098-671-31-39) and “Synevyr Lake” (066-561-10-34)) … Prices in them are affordable, for a double room the cost can start from 550 UAH, and the service is at the European level.

Where to eat

If you are hungry, then the best options near Lake Synevyr are the Synevyr restaurant and the Trembita hut. The prices for them are democratic, the menu is varied, and the service is at the highest level.

Where is and how to get to Lake Synevyr

The best way to get to Lake Synevyr is by your own car. Bus service with the villages of Sinevirskaya Polyana and Sinevir is regular. The nearest railway station is in the village. Volovets. There are many transfers available to tourists. Access to the lake in winter and during floods may be temporarily limited due to difficult weather conditions, which should be taken into account when choosing the time of the visit. However, such pauses are not common. The good news is that in recent years local roads have been overhauled. Although it is still far from ideal, positive changes are noticeable and bring Lake Synevyr closer to more tourists.

Everyone who has visited the shores of this magical lake will never forget the landscapes of these places.

Popular questions

Where is Lake Synevyr?
Lake Synevyr is located in the former Mizhhirsky and now in Khust district of Transcarpathia. To get here, you need to move from the village of Mizhhirya towards the village of Synevyrska Polyana, there will be a lake right behind the village. The best option would be your car, but there are options for traveling by train to Volovets, and from there a transfer or bus.
Interesting places near Synevir
In addition to the lake itself, it is recommended to visit the "Brown Bear Rehabilitation Center" and the "Dolyna Vovkiv" Ecopark, take a walk to the Shipit waterfall and, if possible, visit Kolochava.
Rest in the Carpathians near Lake Synevyr
Near Lake Synevyr, there are many housing offers of different levels. Prices start from UAH 550, we have added the best locations to our catalog.