Додати об'єкт до каталогу

Надсилайте актуальну інформацію та отримуйте більше цільових клієнтів. Ми розмістимо ваш об’єкт у нашому каталозі та покажемо поруч із локаціями, а також у загальному каталозі, це безкоштовно!

Mount Plai

Mount Plai, or Borzhava as it is also known, is located in the Ukrainian Carpathians and belongs to the Borzhava Polonyna massif. The peak with steep slopes is located within the Transcarpathian region, south of Volovets. Its height is 1323 metres.

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Private sector in Volosyanka

The village of Volosyanka is located in the Lviv region. It attracts tourists’ attention because it is located in the neighbourhood of the famous ski resorts Zakhar Berkut and Slavsko (formerly Slavske). It has excellent slopes for athletes of all skill levels.

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Hotels in Volosyanka

Volosyanka is a popular ski resort located near the high Zvorets mountain. It is home to the famous Zakhar Berkut ski resort, and Slavsko (Slavske) is located nearby. Therefore, the peak tourist season here is in winter.

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Manors and cottages in Volosyanka

Volosyanka is located in the Lviv region and impresses tourists with the beauty of its nature. The number of holidaymakers in this resort is growing every year, as the Carpathian Mountains are famous for their ski resorts.

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Rest in Volosyanka

The small but very beautiful village of Volosyanka is located in the Lviv region. It is surrounded on all sides by high mountains, full-flowing rivers and sprawling forests. That’s why tourists are eagerly choosing this place for their holidays.

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