Додати об'єкт до каталогу

Надсилайте актуальну інформацію та отримуйте більше цільових клієнтів. Ми розмістимо ваш об’єкт у нашому каталозі та покажемо поруч із локаціями, а також у загальному каталозі, це безкоштовно!

Museums of Truskavets

You should start your exploration of Truskavets with a visit to its museums. Museums are the treasure troves where the most valuable artefacts of past generations and the memory of ancestors’ lives are kept. Truskavets has two excellent collections of antiquities.

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Museum of the national painter of Ukraine Mykhailo Bilas

The Museum of the National Painter of Ukraine Mykhailo Bilas is located in the centre of Truskavets in the former old wooden villa “Hoplyana”.

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Museums of Tatariv

The village of Tatariv, located in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, is famous not only for its natural beauty but also for its unique cultural heritage. Local museums have become important sites for preserving and studying the multi-layered history of the region.

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Mount Khomyak

Mount Khomyak is located at a distance of almost 6 km from the village of Tatariv and is part of the Chornohora Range. This mountain got its name due to the roof-like shape of its peak, covered with stone placers, which resembles the rodent of the same name.

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Art space of Zenko Foundation

A tourist attraction on the territory of the Koruna complex in Tatariv village is a wonderful contemporary art gallery – the Zenko Foundation art space. It is located in the central building of the hotel.

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