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Hotels in Truskavets

Truskavets has always been considered one of the leaders in the country’s resort movement. Today, its capabilities have become even wider, and the number of tourists has not decreased at all.

Готелі у Трускавці

Hotels in Truskavets

Many holidaymakers don’t like the regimented life of a healthcare facility, so many hotels (Truskavets) are located near sanatoriums. They offer a large number of additional services, so accommodation here is no worse than in a health resort. If a person has purchased a course and just wants to live elsewhere, they should choose an inexpensive option and purchase the services they need at a nearby sanatorium.

For tourists who prefer a hotel, Truskavets can offer a truly wonderful holiday. There are a lot of holidaymakers, but there are also plenty of hotels in the city. The variety of facilities on offer helps you choose the most suitable option. Some people want to stay closer to pump rooms and sanatoriums, while others prefer to be close to the main attractions.

Hotels with swimming pools in Truskavets are found almost everywhere. Therefore, you should choose a hotel carefully, taking into account your main wishes. Prices here are moderate, so accommodation is affordable for holidaymakers with a wide range of incomes. The location is also of great importance. Therefore, economical guests try to walk to the place they need along the pleasant streets of the city.

Hotels with catering offer excellent menus, so guests enjoy local cuisine rather than dietary sanatorium meals.

Курортно-готельний комплекс «Свитязь»
25 Sukhovolya St., Truskavets
+380 ....
from 1780₴/day

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Description of the place

Travellers are attracted here by the unique mineral water springs, which are rightfully considered one of the most effective ways to treat many diseases.

In addition, Truskavets has a well-developed infrastructure with a variety of entertainment options, so people here not only receive treatment but also enjoy a great holiday. They can see interesting historical and cultural monuments, visit rich shopping centres and taste local cuisine in excellent restaurants. There is also plenty of entertainment for children.

Local sanatoriums provide patients with excellent conditions for recreation and relaxation. The buildings have undergone a complete reconstruction and now meet all modern requirements. Advanced medical services are provided to the resort guests.

The temperature in Truskavets now:

10.7o C   |   51.2o F

What to do in Truskavets?

Most people come to the city to undergo a course of health improvement using mineral waters. The local sanatoriums employ highly professional doctors who provide patients with modern technological medical services. A stay here is most recommended for people suffering from kidney and liver disease, as well as pathologies of the reproductive and endocrine systems. Naftusia has an excellent effect, helping to quickly remove stones from the urinary and digestive systems, as well as improving well-being in case of lung and heart dysfunctions or diabetes.

Truskavets also has plenty to see. Tourists should visit the Yuzia spring, the monument to Adam Mickiewicz, the Bridge of Love, the statue of Our Lady, the spectacular Torosevich Boulevard and other attractions. In the stunning Adamivka Park you can relax with the whole family, and children will be delighted with the unusual handmade Transcarpathian squirrels.

Therefore, those who want to spend time in Truskavets should book hotels in advance.

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Tours and excursions

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How to get to Truskavets?

The city is conveniently accessible by air and train.

The airport is located in Lviv, from where holidaymakers will have to travel to their destination by public transport. There are also train services to Lviv from different parts of Ukraine. Direct flights to the resort are available from Dnipro and Kyiv.

🧡 Your rest in Truskavets will be one of the best and will be remembered for a lifetime!

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