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Excursion to the best resorts of Transcarpathia and Arpad bunker

Solochyn, Zakarpattia region, Ukraine
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9 hours

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Specific Tour

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30 people


English, Ukrainian


People who are not indifferent to the beauty of nature are invited to a bus tour, which will provide a charge of vigor, health and amazing emotions. A person of any age will feel the influx of new forces, and his mood rises sharply. Unique landscapes of the Transcarpathian region inspire travelers to new achievements and life exploits. Excursion to Svalyava for the best health resorts will be a healing medicine for those who need to refresh a tired body and give peace of mind. Here you can get acquainted with the details of the action and composition of Transcarpathian mineral springs. It should be noted that there are no similar resorts anywhere in the world. The guide will tell about their formation and current state.

Rare healing waters and healing baths make Transcarpathia the center of Ukrainian balneology. This is very important, because people receive treatment here in unique hydromineral springs, which are nowhere else, not only in the country but also in the world. Interest in such resorts is growing rapidly due to the widest selection of effective wellness and spa sessions, the supernatural beauty of the local nature and the special culture of the region.

Excursions in Transcarpathia from Uzhgorod will bring tourists to the incredibly beautiful town. They will inspect the best health resorts, analyze the range of treatment and recreation offers and try healing mineral waters. The charm of the nature of the region is difficult to compare with the action of fresh air of the surrounding mountains will fill the heart of the traveler with peace, will allow tense muscles to relax. Tourists will gain new strength and renew the stock of memories. History lovers will find the most important point of the trip – the underground bunker of the Second World War Arpad Line.


– Uzhhorod: departure.
– The village of Solochyn, Svalyava district, where the sanatorium “Kvitka Polonyny” is located.
– Overview of a small arboretum with rare plants, running from the mountains by a river and a specially dug lake.
– Hippotherapy (treatment with horses), horseback riding, sleigh rides in winter and carriages in summer.
– Reception of 3 types of mineral water of the best Transcarpathian springs “Luzhanskaya-4 and 7”, and “Polyana Kvasova”.
– A walk through the center of growing and industry of hemp for textile factories.
The tour in the Carpathian sanatorium will continue with a trip to the village of Polyana, Svalyava district, to the Sunny Transcarpathia health resort.
– Review of highly professionally organized infrastructure of balneological treatment complex.
– Reception of water, similar to the famous “Borjomi”, from Novo-Polyansky springs.
– Lunch break in the village of Uklyn in the ethno-restaurant, which offers Transcarpathian chovlent in pots and fresh trout.
– The military bunker of the Arpad Line during the Second World War, which stretched underground for a distance of over 800 m.
– A trip to the village of Nyzhne Solotvyno, Uzhhorod district, to the Derenivska Kupil medical institution.
– Inspection of the sanatorium.
– Intake of water with a high content of silicon “Derenivska Kupil”, “Zakarpatska-1 and 2”.
– Spa sessions in vats filled with liquid infused with herbs from mineral sources.
– Transfer to Uzhgorod.

Excursions are held on Sundays.


  • An amazing trip that promotes recovery, rejuvenation and a second wind. Tourists will receive a powerful charge of new impressions and delightful emotions that will be remembered for a lifetime and will give a truly unique experience.
  • The inspiring, picturesque and alluring nature of the Carpathians awaits you!



Uzhhorod is an exceptionally attractive intertwining and center of various European cultures. Here coexist the brightest aromas and tastes, national traditions and religious denominations. Here you can discover the unique charm of ancient architecture and touching mini-monuments. Then, thanks to the diversity of culture and the proximity of other countries, before going on a trip you can visit the cozy cafes and restaurants, where it is recommended to enjoy delicious food and delicious coffee.

Sanatorium "Flower of a mountain meadow"

The Kvitka Polonyny resort is located in the picturesque village of Solochyn, Svalyava district, and differs from similar ones by the combined use of three types of mineral waters (Luzhanska-4, Luzhanska-7, Polyana Kvasova), which greatly expands the opportunities and range of recovery. increases its efficiency. It treats many ailments - from gastrointestinal to diseases of the kidneys and urinary system, musculoskeletal system, diabetes, metabolic disorders, joint problems, nervous and cardiovascular systems and more. Guests of the complex will be enchanted by the local mini-arboretum with rare trees, shrubs and artificial lakes. "Flower of the meadow" today is one of the few recreational horse farms where hippotherapy (horseback riding treatment) is used. In addition, this is where you can visit the unique center of cultivation and processing of textile hemp, which produces environmentally friendly consumer goods for healthy and sound sleep: blankets, mattresses, sauna mats, socks, high-quality knitwear and more.

Sanatorium "Sunny Transcarpathia"

In the village of Polyana in Svalyava region there is another famous sanatorium of the region - "Sunny Transcarpathia", which specializes in spa rehabilitation and treatment of patients with diseases and pathologies of the digestive system, as well as provides all necessary conditions for general health and wonderful family recreation. It is in "Sunny Transcarpathia" that you can taste medium-mineralized hydrocarbon-hydrocarbonate-sodium water of the Novo-Polyansky deposit with the content of boron and fluorine "Polyana Kvasova".

The village of Uklin

After traveling to the Svalyava sanatoriums, esteemed travelers will have a delicious lunch in a colorful ethno-restaurant in the Svalyava village of Uklyn.

Sanatorium "Derenovskaya Kupil"

Next in the program of the tour is one of the oldest Transcarpathian resorts, the famous sanatorium complex "Derenivska Kupil", which is located in a picturesque corner of Uzhhorod district - the village of Nyzhne Solotvino. Derenivka tract, where the unique mineral siliceous waters "Derenivska Kupil", "Zakarpatska-1" and "Zakarpatska-2" are born, has been known since the late 1600s. At the service of the huge resort - a wide selection of apartments, eco-plant products, restaurants with haute and Transcarpathian cuisine, SPA-complexes, including the bath complex of the village "Derenovka", where you can steam in the Russian bath or relax in the Transcarpathian tub on herbs and healing Derenovskaya water.


After the trip it is best to inhale the aroma of linden and sakura, relax on the Uzhgorod embankment, walk towards the forest of Uzhhorod National University. Ungvar, who celebrated his millennium, gives everyone a sense of uniqueness. Therefore, after visiting the city, the traveler gives him his whole soul forever. And memories of unique tours will remain in his memory for a lifetime.


  • Travel by comfortable bus
  • Accompaniment by a guide
  • Excursion service at tourist sites
  • Tasting of mineral water in sanatoriums
  • Entrance tickets - 50-70 UAH / person
  • Lunch - op. 100 UAH / person
  • Bath in the tub (+ oak brooms, towels, sheets + herbal tea) - op. 150 UAH / person
  • Assignment of a specific place in the bus for a tourist - 100 UAH / person




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Tour's Location

Solochyn, Zakarpattia region, Ukraine


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