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Excursion “Kolochava and Lake Synevyr”

Synevyr, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine
Not Rated


12 hours

Tour Type

Daily Tour

Group Size

27 people


English, Ukrainian


Excursion “Kolochava and Lake Synevyr” is a fascinating journey through the picturesque corners of Transcarpathia, that will appeal to both adults and children.

Tour programme

During the tour we will visit:

  • Kolochava – the settlement is known as the “village of ten museums”. The pearl here is the open-air museum (skansen) – “Old Village”, which has about 20 manors.

The exposition presents dwellings and utility rooms with preserved interiors. The exhibits demonstrate the life of Verkhovyna inhabitants. Most of the buildings are original.

Tourists will have the opportunity to visit:

  1. Poor man’s dwellings with no floor, small windows and 1 room where the whole large family lived.
  2. The house of the village head “birova”, which, on the contrary, demonstrates a good level of prosperity.
  3. Shepherd’s huts and salashas (huts) demonstrating the life of shepherds who spent most of their time with flocks of sheep.
  4. Houses of a shoemaker, a saber and a weaver, showing the life of artisans engaged in shoemaking and sewing.
  5. A smithy with a furnace, bellows and tools, which demonstrates blacksmithing.
  6. A carpenter’s hut and workshop, which demonstrates the process of woodworking. It is here that a century-old machine is kept in working order.
  7. A 100-year-old steam room frequented by local intellectuals.
  8. The parochial school of the mid-nineteenth century.
  9. Hungarian Gendarmerie station.
  • Lake Synevyr, is located at an altitude of 989 m above sea level.
  • Rehabilitation centre for brown bears, where you can watch the largest predatory animals in Ukraine at arm’s length.
  • Nearby are Ecopark “Valley of Wolves” (outside the main programme, optional).
  • Lunch in the kolyba (not included in the price) – a real Hutsul kolyba, where a real fire is burning in the middle of the room, will not leave any tourist indifferent and hungry. The menu offers a variety of Transcarpathian dishes: banosh, bograch, mushroom soup, local tinctures, Carpathian tea.

The cost of a group tour starts from 800 UAH per person. The cost of an individual tour is 5000 UAH (the price is valid for a group of up to 4 people).


  • Prices (adult/pensioner, student/pupil):
  • visit to the Synevyr Lake - 60/30 UAH;
  • entrance to the museum in Kolochava - 120/80/60 UAH + excursion 500 UAH (per group);
  • entrance to the territory of the Rehabilitation Centre for Brown Bears - 60/30 UAH;
  • entrance to the territory of the Valley of the Wolves Ecopark - 70/50 UAH.


Kolochava village

The route to the village of Kolochava runs along the winding roads of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Tourists will hear the mysterious legends of the mountainous region, see a magnificent panorama of mountains, turbulent river flows, the picturesque Volovets and Synevyr passes.

Lake Synevyr

The slopes near the Synevyr are covered with centuries-old fir trees, they attract attention with their majesty. There is an island in the middle of the reservoir that resembles the pupil of an eye. That is why people call Synevyr the "Sea Eye".

Brown bear rehabilitation centre (outside the main programme, optional)

You can also visit one of the largest brown bear rehabilitation centres in Europe, which is located on an area of 12 hectares. There are 32 bears undergoing rehabilitation here. Pools and artificial dens have been built for them.

Ecopark "Valley of Wolves" (outside the main programme, optional)

Despite its name, the Ecopark shelters not only wolves but also other predators. Here you will see tigers, lions, as well as a wide variety of ungulates (deer, fallow deer, camels, suri alpacas, donkeys, etc.).


  • Transport services
  • Guide services
  • Entrance tickets
  • Visiting other interesting locations nearby if you wish and if possible (Rehabilitation centre for brown bears, "Valley of Wolves" ecopark)
  • Lunch in the kolyba
from ₴ 800


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