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Excursion to Schönborn Park and craft cheeses

Voyevodyno resort, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine
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8 hours

Tour Type

Specific Tour

Group Size

30 people


English, Ukrainian


The Voyevodyno resort centre stands proudly on the mountain slopes surrounding the Turyanska Valley. It is hidden in a beech forest, and the natural landscapes surrounding it combine the pristine nature of the Carpathians with the benefits of modern civilisation. Therefore, a tour to Voyevodyno turns into a wonderful adventure that will be remembered for a lifetime and takes travellers to the heyday of the aristocracy.

The educational walk also includes a visit to a cheese factory, where tourists will taste the best craft products of various varieties. They will delight even the most sophisticated connoisseur of haute cuisine.

On an excursion to the luxurious Schönborn Park you will be able to take part in rainbow trout fishing, go horse riding elite breeds, get acquainted with the magic of picturesque nature, where every corner is fraught with magic and romance, take a walk by the fabulously beautiful Lake Tur with a mysterious island adjacent to it. The rich programme will provide a variety of holiday experiences that only the highest nobility used to enjoy.

Excursion programme

The programme “Excursion to Voyevodyn: Schönborn Park, Horses and Trout”:

  • Uzhhorod: departure. Transfer to of the Voevodyno mountain resort.
  • A walk through Schönborn Park, which was owned by the most high-ranking and ancient families, will shock any traveller with its unique charm, beauty and lyricism.
  • An excursion to Voyevodyno includes a tour of the surroundings of the magnificent Lake Tur.
  • Fishing for trout followed by lunch.
  • A ride with an instructor on Hutsul horses or a trip in an old carriage.
  • Tasting of Ukrainian craft cheese with linden, nuts, tomatoes, as well as its red, blue or black varieties. Local craftsmen invite you to get acquainted with the best craft products from their factories.
  • Departure to Uzhhorod.

Schönborn Park was reconstructed to mark the 285th anniversary of the transfer of the land to the ruling dynasty. The emperor presented them to Bishop Lothar Schönborn for his loyalty to the Austrian throne, and these properties belonged to his family until 1944. Today they are a monument of classical suburban architecture.

Excursion to Schönborn Park seems to invite you into a fairy tale that begins as soon as you enter the gate, which is guarded by soldiers from the Austrian Innsbruck Infantry Regiment and hussars from the Hungarian Debrecen Regiment. The S / M markers, which stand for Shenborn Millenium, transport travellers to the period of supreme power of the Habsburg Austro-Hungarian Empire. The park is characterised by the romanticism and symbolism of that era.

The seven lamps correspond to the number of days in a week, and the 12 bridges represent the same number of zodiac signs, so few people can resist the temptation to take a picture near their astral. In the Celtic garden, grown according to the Druid calendar, you can find a tree that corresponds to your date of birth, and a tiny statue of a pensive priest will stir the imagination of tourists.

There are 22 benches in the park with a unique pattern depicting the coat of arms. Throughout its eventful history, Transcarpathia has been part of 22 different state entities at different times, so each country and historical era has its own page. The Roman Empire, the Union of Celtic tribes, the Kingdom of Hungary, Austria-Hungary, the USSR, Czechoslovakia, etc. are represented here. During a walk near Lake Tur, a ferry and a symbolic island located nearby, which repeats the map of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, catch the eye.

The atmosphere of the park is imbued with beauty and tranquillity. The City of Evangelists, the grotto of St. Hubertus, the spring of Princess Elizabeth of Bavaria (Sisi), who gave the world a fairy-tale love story, 14 stations of the procession and other attractions tell of the legends associated with them.

The new owners of Voyevodyno are improving the park and adding new masterpieces. Anyone who has seen such a rare beauty at least once will remain its slave forever and will come back here again and again.

A tour of Voyevodyno gives everyone a great chance to take a breath of fresh air and be delighted with the special charm that nature offers to people.

The tour is held on Thursdays.


  • A cheese tour to Transcarpathia, which will allow you to taste high-quality Ukrainian farm products.
  • It is a great chance to unload a load of worries and relax away from the city noise. The stunning beauty of nature will charge you with vigour, joy and efficiency for many months!



After leaving Uzhhorod, we will head to the Voevodyno tract, where the resort of the same name is located, which successfully combines the virginity of the Carpathian forests and the conveniences of civilisation. Along the way, you will learn a lot about the Turyanska Valley and the peoples who inhabit it. You will discover the history, customs and traditions of Lemkos, valley dwellers and, of course, red vlachs. You will also learn about the ancient Austrian family of Schönborn, who owned part of the surrounding hunting grounds from 1728 to 1944.

Resort «Voyevodyno»

The Voyevodyno mountain resort surprises with its competent planning and well-thought-out infrastructure. Once on the territory of the complex, it is hard to imagine that its real size is seventeen hectares. The whole place is full of tranquillity, which is emphasised by the sound of the cascades of a mountain river flowing through the entire territory of the complex. Upon arrival at the Voyevodyno Resort, you will enjoy a horseback ride through the count's park, just like the Counts of Schönborn. Riding on elite breeds of horses, accompanied by an instructor, you will ride along the alleys of the ancient park. If you are not a fan of horseback riding, then a carriage with a horse-drawn carriage is at your service.

Fishing enthusiasts are given the opportunity to catch colourful trout in the complex's fishpond, which, as you know, can live only in ecologically clean water bodies. A gourmet dish will be prepared from your catch in the restaurant's kitchen according to the chosen recipe.

After horseback riding and trout fishing, you are invited to relax and have a delicious lunch in one of the restaurants of Voyevodyno. And then a surprise awaits you - a guided walk through the park of the Austrian counts of Schönborn.

At the end of the walk, which ends at the Orthodox Church of St Catherine, you will have a picturesque view of the Turyanska Valley, which is located between the Carpathian Mountains.

After the walk, you will have free time before heading to Uzhhorod. You can just sit in the shade of the trees and listen to the sound of the mountain river, wander around the territory or buy souvenirs. And for thrill-seekers, we offer zip-line - a descent along the longest cable car in our region, which will give you an unforgettable experience.



  • Travel by comfortable bus
  • Accompaniment of a guide-explorer
  • Excursion services at tourist sites
  • Horse riding with an instructor - 800 UAH/30 min.
  • Lunch - approximately 150 UAH.
  • Cheese tasting - 100 UAH/person
  • Carriage ride - 800 UAH/30 minutes
  • Entrance tickets to the park - 100 UAH per 1 person (Thursday), on weekends (Saturday, Sunday) - 150 UAH per person.
  • Assignment of a specific place in the bus for a tourist - 100 UAH/person.
from ₴ 550

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