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Hiking tour: Flower miracle – Marmaros

Pip Ivan Marmarosky, Transcarpathian region
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4 days / 3 nights

Tour Type

Specific Tour

Group Size

15 people


English, Ukrainian


Carpathian Hiking Tour is a reboot among the mighty Carpathian mountains.
In this journey you will visit the heart of Europe, conquer three peaks, take part in exciting quests, visit a shepherd’s hut with your own cheese factory and try eco-friendly sheep cheese, in addition, if you are lucky – you will find a flower of the “Red Route” , which will fulfill a cherished wish. But the main thing is that you will see the dizzying beauty of mountain landscapes like nowhere else in Ukraine.

Marmarosi is the oldest mountain in the Carpathians, which is the border between Ukraine and Romania. The Marmara Mountains are also called the Hutsul Alps because of the marked difference in landscape and climate from the rest of the Ukrainian Carpathians. This area is characterized by very diverse and rich vegetation, there are many rare species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. On a good day in the summer, you get the impression that you are sailing through a fabulous pink world, where everything around is pretty and fragrant.

(1936 m). Here, at the top, all the troubles will be blown away by the wind and you will become light as a cloud.
You will live in a unique hut , which is located at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level. Imagine the incredible scenery you can see from the window of the house!
With each step you will see the incredible beauty of breathtaking landscapes . There is something to look at, because literally every bush, every a plant, every stream is an integral part of the authenticity of the land.
It is true that mountains are a kind of drug . Once you try it, you will not be able to forget the feelings they give and will constantly look for opportunities to come here again and again.

Dates of the tour:

    • July 9 – 12,
    • July 23 – 26,
    • July 30 – August 2,
    • August 13 – 16,
    • 03 – 09 September,
    • 17 – 20 September 2020.




  • 8.00 – meeting of tourists in Ivano-Frankivsk at the railway station
  • Getting to know Ivano-Frankivsk in the format of an interactive quest. It will be interesting and fun!
  • Departure from Ivano-Frankivsk to the high mountain Rakhiv district of Zakarpattia region. On the way there are very picturesque sections of the road: with viaduct bridges, steep ascents and descents, tunnels and incredible landscapes of the Carpathians.
  • Arrival in the village. Business.
  • Light camping lunch.
  • Exit to the Strung mountain meadow. Trekking – op. 13 km, altitude gain – 1000 m (the hike will take about 5 hours), or departure by off-road vehicles (for 2 hours; extra charge). Difficulty of the route: 5 (not difficult, comfortable).
  • 20.00-21.00 – Arrival at the mountain hut . This high-altitude shelter is the only one of its kind in Ukraine, it has all the amenities: water, bathroom, electricity. There is even a sauna here!
  • Dinner is the dream of all romantics: at the top of the meadow you will have a real gastronomic evening by the fire! It will be delicious and romantic!
  • Overnight at the hut.


  • Breakfast at the hut.
  • Somewhere on the border with Romania, in a cozy corner of the Ukrainian Carpathians, hid Marmaros . This mountain range is not at all like the rest of our Carpathians. In the spring and summer, Marmaros turns into real Alpine meadows, pleasing to the eye with lush flowers of various plants! That is why the people call them – Hutsul Alps.
  • Exit to the Marmara ridge, conquest of the mountain Pip Ivan (1936 m), duration: 2, 5-3 years In shape, this mountain resembles an Egyptian pyramid with steep jagged slopes. In the spring, when it snows from the top, small lakes form around the mountain.
  • Hiking Lunch
  • Return to base. Free time: walking in the woods, picking herbs, mushrooms or berries.
  • Dinner cooked by the fire.
  • Interactive fun “Carpathian game” by the fire.
  • Those who wish can steam in the bath.
  • Overnight in the hut.


  • Breakfast in the hut.
  • Hike to Mount Petros Marmarosky or Berlebashka. Marmaros are the oldest mountains in the Carpathians, they have preserved their original beauty. Here, as thousands of years ago, harsh peaks, rocky slopes, forests with fluffy Christmas trees, sprawling meadows covered with daffodils and “red root”, and the mirror surface of mountain lakes. You may have heard a lot of stories about Marmaros being very beautiful, but only there will you realize how beautiful they are !!!
  • Hiking dinner.
  • Next – Shepherd’s hut. Or rather, it is a sheep fein the highlands with its own cheese factory. Sheep spend the night here, shepherds live, milk sheep and cook cheese. Here you can try fresh sheep’s milk and cheese. The delicacy is still the same!
  • Dinner is cooked on the fire.
  • Those who wish can steam in the bath.
  • Overnight in the hut.


  • 7.00 Early breakfast. Gathering. Descent down to the village of Dilove, Rakhiv district.
  • Victorious lunch in the hut “Center of Europe” (hearty and delicious Transcarpathian bograch). Here is a memorial marking the geographical center of Europe, established by the Austrians in 1877.
  • Departure from Rakhiv. Rakhiv is the capital of the Hutsul region and the venue of one of the most colorful festivals Hutsul Bryndza.
  • Or. 18.00 arrival in Ivano-Frankivsk.

You need to have:

  • good mood;
  • passport (required);
  • comfortable clothing;
  • preferably trekking shoes;
  • trekking poles.


  • A tour trip to the Carpathians will give you unforgettable moments of your life, a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions, new friends!





The village of Dilove is located on the slopes of Mount Dovgarun in the middle of the picturesque canyon of the river Tisza with its largest tributary Bistra. The town was first mentioned under the name of White Stream or Tribushany in 1615. It received its modern name in 1901. A marble quarry has been preserved in the village. Iron ore was once mined here and a glass-blowing plant operated. The Carpathian Biosphere Reserve and a unique monument of Hutsul architecture - the wooden church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin in 1750 - cannot be ignored.

Polonina Strungi




Petros Marmarosky



Rakhiv mountain resort is located in the heart of Europe at an altitude of over 500 m above sea level. There is an official sign, verified by the intersection of geographical coordinates. The banks of the Tisza River divide the city into 2 halves. It is first mentioned in ancient Hungarian chronicles of the mid-10th century. The real date of the city's foundation is considered to be 1447, when its coat of arms and seal appeared. In winter, tourists enjoy a holiday on the ski slopes, and in summer they participate in the annual Ukrainian rock festival "Center-Europe". Nature lovers are happy to visit the Museum of Mountain Ecology and the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve with the Horvel mountain of the Montenegrin ridge located there, which is 2061 m high.




  • Transfer Ivano-Frankivsk - Business - Ivano-Frankivsk
  • Accommodation in a mountain hut for 3 days
  • Food FB
  • Accompanied by an instructor guide
  • Bath 24/7
  • Animation and entertainment
  • Equipment rental
  • Departure to the mountain meadow
from ₴ 4 200

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