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SPA excursion to the thermal pools of Beregovo

Beregovo, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine
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10 hours

Tour Type

Specific Tour

Group Size

30 people


English, Ukrainian


Swimming in unique healing thermal pools, a tour of the centre of the ancient Transcarpathian town of Beregovo, exploring Hungarian culture, interesting historical and architectural monuments, as well as delicious Hungarian cuisine and wine will delight your body and soul! Give yourself this pleasure!

Excursion programme

Programme of excursions to the thermal pools of Beregovo:

– Departure from Uzhhorod.
– Moving to Beregovo.
– A walk around the centre of Beregovo, getting acquainted with Hungarian culture. Walking tour, acquaintance with Hungarian culture, historical and architectural attractions:

  • Roman Catholic church of the XII century, destroyed by the Tatars in 1241, rebuilt in 1370 and restored in 1846.;
  • the huge palace of the Komitat court (1908-1909, architect – Ferenc Yablonskyi), now the Transcarpathian Hungarian Pedagogical Institute;
  • the beautiful Count’s Palace (1629) by Transylvanian magnate Gabor Betlen ;
  • Reformed Church (1552);
  • the building of the Levynyi Dvir Hotel (XVII century);
  • Zolotyi Pavych casino and restaurant (early twentieth century);
  • the ancient city across the Werke River.

– Visit to the thermal pool (please bring your bathing suits). Excursion to the thermal pools of Beregovo.
– Lunch in a Hungarian restaurant. Delicious Hungarian cuisine.
– An interesting excursion and tasting of amazing aromatic wines in the Old Cellar (Beregovo).

In Beregovo, huge cellars for wines produced under the hills in the XVII-XX centuries have been preserved. The most famous tasting room in the city is the Old Cellar. Here, visitors will be treated to various types of wine, natural juices and delicious dishes.

The Old Cellar got its name because this cellar is neither more nor less than 300 years old. According to folk legends, this cellar owes its appearance to the Turks, who were captured at the time. Today, the old cellar walls are of great interest to visitors and are the best place to store wine. The peculiarity of the Old Cellar is that only dry vintage wines are produced here, following traditional technologies, and aged in oak barrels. In addition to tasting, the winemakers show ancient and modern devices for making wine and are happy to answer all visitors’ questions.

– The tour “Beregovo Thermal Pools” ends with a return to Uzhhorod or Mukachevo.

Day of the event: Thursday.


  • A wonderful wellness session in the therapeutic baths, a tour of the central part of the city, one of the oldest in Transcarpathia, a tour of its most important sights, an introduction to the peculiarities of Hungarian culture, and an introduction to local cuisine with the best wine. There is no need to deny yourself the pleasure of paradise! Anyone who goes on a thermal tour will be welcomed by Transcarpathia with all hospitality!




Beregovo is an ancient city located near the Hungarian border. It is considered to be the centre of Hungarian culture and the wine-making capital of Transcarpathia.

The beautiful architectural ensemble of Beregovo is a continuation of the interesting and eventful history of these lands. Here you can see the creations of architects of many historical eras. In Beregovo you will see two Gothic churches: a Catholic church of the XII-XIV centuries and a Reformed church of 1552. The Count's Palace and the building of the Lion's Court Hotel, built in the XVII century, demonstrate the Baroque style. Not far from the city centre is the building of the former Jewish synagogue, which today houses a house of culture. The streets are lined with small but original 19th-century mansions, and the unique old bridge over the Werke River will take you straight back in time.

A walk through the old Korzo (today - Kossuth Square) will lead you to the huge building of the former imperial court (1908). Among the many rooms, there is even a fencing hall. The Golden Peacock Casino and Restaurant was built in the early XX century in the Art Nouveau style. The original building is complemented by the interior atmosphere: soft sofas and luxurious mirrors, bilingual menus, a polite doorman, and a unique taste of local dishes.

Perhaps the most famous swimming pool in Beregovo is the one built in the late 1960s next to the Transcarpathia sports centre. The water of Beregovo swimming pools (indoor and outdoor) contains many useful substances and minerals, and bathing in these springs is a treatment and prevention of many diseases. The water here is saturated with sodium, silicic acid, fluorine and many other useful minerals.

The thermal pools of Beregovo are located in the open air and are filled from a 1.5 km deep geyser, the water in which is highly mineralised and destroys many microbes. In the geyser, the water temperature reaches about +50 °C, but in the pool it is cooled to +33 °C. Due to the specifics of this water, the optimal time for swimming in it is up to 2 hours a day. There are always enough people who want to relax and soak in the healing water.



  • Travel by comfortable bus
  • Accompaniment of a guide-explorer
  • Excursion services at tourist sites
  • Swimming in thermal pools (300 UAH / 2 hours)
  • Lunch - approximately 150 UAH / person
  • Wine tasting - 120 UAH / person
  • Assignment of a specific seat in the bus to a tourist - 100 UAH/person.
from ₴ 600

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