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Evening car tour of Uzhgorod: night express

Uzhhorod, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine
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3 hours (on request)

Tour Type

Specific Tour

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3 people


English, Ukrainian


Car tour of Uzhgorod in the evening: at night the streets and squares of the city are full of special mystery and travelers have a unique chance to take the opportunity to look into the most secret corners. At dusk, the places that the tourist has already visited during the day, become doubly beautiful and unforgettable. Even ordinary alleys in the evening acquire a special charm and charm. Tourists will see not only the beauty of old Uzhgorod, but also the brilliance of bright and attractive modern left-bank areas. The stunning sea of ​​twinkling lights, in which the view simply sinks, from the top of the hill makes the view a truly mystical spectacle. The night tour reveals the secrets of different traditions and periods of life in Uzhgorod.

Program of evening car excursion:

– The most remarkable places on the left bank of the city, showing the most fascinating pages of the Austro-Hungarian and Soviet periods of history.
Uzhhorod checkpoint on the Ukrainian-Slovak border.
– Overview of the night panorama of the city from its highest point.
–Overview of the most attractive in the evening the most memorable ancient towns, among which are the architectural masterpiece of the Catholic Church of St. George, Theater Square, Sandor Petofi Square and the Hasidic Synagogue.
– Exaltation of the Cross Greek Catholic Cathedral with the residence of bishops, a rock garden, attractive cafes, a lime alley filled with touching antiquity, Corso Street, an unusual building of buildings and museums, for which Transcarpathia is so famous, a pedestrian bridge.
– Uzhhorod Castle seems to be woven from ancient legends. Legend has it that the countess lived here, whose beauty knew no equal. But the woman fell victim to unrequited love, so her spirit is not calm to this day. At night, the “White Maiden” wanders around the castle, moving from one era of its millennial existence to another. Those who go on a tour will see this unforgettable spectacle with their own eyes.
– For travelers who have visited the romantic Uzhgorod, a tour of the city will lead to the night promenade, where most of the famous mini-sculptures of all over Ukraine.


  • The main advantages of the trip are the following:
  • Tourists are given a unique chance to explore the city, which in the evening reveals all its unearthly unique charm. Lovers of antiquity in a special flair will see the places that have already amazed them during the day.
  • Travelers will appreciate the outstanding advantages of architecture and layout of the modern left-bank side of Uzhgorod. A stunning view of the city skyline from the top of the hill awaits them, illuminated by the shimmering sea of ​​night city lights.
  • An evening excursion will acquaint tourists even closer with Uzhgorod, so familiar and so mysterious!



Uzhhorod is located at the junction of 4 borders and borders with countries: Slovakia (literally a couple of kilometers), Poland, Hungary and Romania. They can communicate with you in different languages, both Russian and Ukrainian, as well as in Hungarian and other languages, this is not a problem for locals.
What should be a holiday in Uzhgorod, it is very individual for everyone and depends on the season. For starters, it makes sense to try coffee, here it is really delicious.
Stroll through the center, look for mini sculptures, they are all just concentrated in interesting places in the city. And in the spring, be sure to come when the sakura blossoms in Uzhgorod, it's about mid-April, it's a very beautiful sight!


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  • Excursion service
  • Guide services
  • Insurance
  • Entrance to the castle (20 UAH)




в Ужгороді

Tour's Location

Uzhhorod, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine


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