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Evening car tour of Uzhhorod: night express

Uzhhorod, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine
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3 hours (on request)

Tour Type

Specific Tour

Group Size

6 people


English, Ukrainian


Uzhhorod evening car tour “Night Express” will take you through the streets and squares of Uzhhorod, showing the city in all its beauty and uniqueness. You will see beautiful places that add a special charm and charm at night. You will see not only the beauty of the old city, but also the modern left-bank part of Uzhhorod, which also has its own pearls. And the grandiose view of the endless shimmering sea of lights of the night city, which opens from the top of the hill, will not leave anyone indifferent. On this tour you will get to know the city of different eras and customs.

Excursion programme

The programme of the evening car excursion includes:

  • The most striking places in the left-bank part of the city are from the Austro-Hungarian and Soviet periods.
  • Stopping in front of the Uzhhorod checkpoint on the Ukrainian-Slovak border: lights of Slovakia.
  • View the panorama of Uzhhorod at night with the peak dominating the city.
  • Corners of the old Uzhhorod that are especially beautiful at night. These are Sandor Petofi Square and Teatralna Square, the Hasidic synagogue, St George’s Catholic Church, the true architectural masterpiece – the Greek Catholic Cathedral of the Exaltation of the Cross and the residence of the bishops, the ancient Korzo Street, the rock garden, old museum buildings and stunning houses, cosy cafes, a pedestrian bridge, and a linden alley.
  • Uzhhorod Castle, like all castles, has its own mysterious legends. One of them is about a countess of unearthly beauty who died for love, and since then she has not had peace. At night, the ghost of the girl – the “White Maiden” – wanders the corridors of the thousand-year-old castle. Don’t believe it? You will be able to check it out for yourself!
  • The romance of the evening embankment, where most of the mini-monuments known throughout Ukraine “sit”.

Uzhhorod evening car tour invites you to get unforgettable emotions from Ungvar!


  • Tourists are given a unique chance to explore the city, which reveals all its unearthly beauty in the evening. Lovers of antiquity will see the places that have already impressed them during the day in a special flavour.
  • Travellers will appreciate the outstanding architecture and planning of the modern left bank side of Uzhhorod. They will enjoy a stunning view of the city panorama from the top of the hill, illuminated by the shimmering sea of lights of the night city.
  • The evening tour will bring tourists even closer to Uzhhorod, so familiar and so mysterious!




  • Transport support
  • Excursion service
  • Services of a guide-explorer
  • Entrance to the castle (25 UAH)
from ₴ 1 800

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