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Mountain trips by jeeps in Transcarpathia from Uzhgorod

Polonyna Runa (1480) / Polonyna Runa, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine
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9 годин

Tour Type

Specific Tour

Group Size

4 people


English, Ukrainian


For many people, jeeping in Transcarpathia becomes a unique opportunity to make a lot of amazing impressions and emotions. The adrenaline rush, the connection with a powerful SUV and the beautiful landscapes of the majestic Carpathian Mountains make you feel truly unearthly sensations. Tourists have a chance to distract from the boring routes and the hustle and bustle of cities, enjoying new pictures and the awakening of their true power.

Carpathian jeep tour is offered to those who truly understand nature and who do not recognize the daily routine. These people choose a bold extreme in order to test their stress resistance and feel the drive of unusual travel.

In the program of the tour:


Departure from Uzhgorod to Polonyna Runa

– Gathering at the place of departure of the trip, the path of which passes through Uzhgorod, Perechyn and the mountain village of Lumshory. The route will allow you to enjoy waterfalls, springs, unique Transcarpathian cuisine and stunning tubs with mineral water. A dirt road brings tourists to the Runa mountain meadow. There used to be a radar station here. The remains of military bunkers are scattered on its sides. There is a monument to Ukrainian guerrilla heroes.


Moving to Polonyna Runa

Off-road tours through the beautiful valley of landscapes that open from a height of 1478 m above sea level.

Comfortable and powerful cars are not afraid of deep swamps or steep slopes. They will allow you to experience unforgettable adventures! Jeeping in the mountains will be the brightest memory, and the stunning beauty of nature will make your heart beat faster. Travelers have a chance to get acquainted with the real Carpathians and feel the unprecedented influx of energy and emotions from the romance of crossing the road.


Rest after extreme

-Stop after an unforgettable trip by jeep;

– Picnic with local wine against the background of Transcarpathian nature

– Continuation of the tour, which will lead tourists to even more exciting panoramic views and dizzying height differences.


Stop in the alpine village of Lumshory

SPA procedures. Wellness SPA treatments are offered here. They consist of bathing sessions in vats, which are interspersed with encounters with high-temperature mineral water and immersion in a cold mountain river. Incredible sensations are waiting for you!
A large cast iron tank with a volume of about 2000 liters is located in the center of a wooden building, standing without a roof in the open air. The vat with stones is filled with mineral water, which is heated on an open fire with firewood.
4-5 people are immersed in it, and the owner slowly increases the temperature in the steam room. When the blood boils (no need to worry about your health, as the water is heated to no more than + 45 ° C), you should quickly get out of the tub. Next to it you will find an extremely cold mountain stream. After a person dives here, he immediately restores normal body temperature in a hot tub, so you do not have to fear a cold.


  • Acquaintance with the extraordinary nature of Transcarpathia
  • Extreme adventures on 4x4 jeeps
  • Picnic in nature
  • Swimming in tubs and a mountain river



It is in Uzhgorod that we start our tour.
Uzhhorod is the smallest and one of the most ancient regional centers of Ukraine.
He looks, however, larger than his real size and younger than his age.
The population of Uzhhorod is almost 115,000 inhabitants. It was founded in the IX century.
Despite the fact that it is the smallest regional center of Ukraine, it combines beautiful landscapes and the romance of the city, where you can relax body and soul.
This cozy corner of civilization is very similar to the picturesque Carpathians.
Here you can relax from the noisy cities and enjoy the peace and quiet.
Uzhhorod is an inconspicuous, provincial town that has something to surprise, so everyone who visits here will never forget the wonderful atmosphere of this city, narrow cozy streets and the waterfront with a transparent water surface.

Polonyna Runa
Polonyna Runa

Runa Mountain - is considered one of the largest mountains in the Carpathians.
It rises to 1482 m above sea level, the slopes are covered with beech forests, and on top stretch alpine meadows.
The sloping slopes are covered with various grasses, blueberries, spruce trees occasionally occur, and many different rare plants can also be seen.
Driving along this road and admiring the scenery on the left in winter, you can see the number one hundred carved by trees.
After passing Turychka, a relatively good road with more or less tolerable road surface breaks off and a five-kilometer semi-extreme road to the remote village of Likitsary begins.
The village is located near the Runa mountain meadow in one of the most picturesque corners of the Carpathians.


In Transcarpathia from ancient times began to use mineral water for medicinal purposes.
It was very easy to make a healing bath: it was necessary to heat mineral water only with hot stones in hollows of rocks or in pits greased with clay.
It was one of the first prototypes of balneological sanatoriums.
One of them was in the village of Lumshory in the Perechyn region.
Mineral water was heated here in cast iron vats.
One such vat dates back to 1600, has survived and is still used today.
Bathing in tubs combines both rest and wellness treatments for the whole body.
The healing properties of mineral water, which are especially revealed when heated to the desired temperature, have a good effect on sore muscles and improve the work of the entire musculoskeletal system.
Contrasting water treatments have a good effect on blood vessels and skin.
Also, swimming in warm water in nature can relieve you of stress, fatigue and have a good time with friends or family.


This is the final point of our journey.
We come back, share incomparable impressions and interesting photos.
We will be happy to see you again and give you an unforgettable experience.


  • 🚌 Transport service according to the program
  • 🥐 Picnic lunch in nature
  • 🧍 Escort services
  • 🌊 Bathing in tubs
  • 🚙 Jeep riding
  • 💰 Personal expenses




в Ужгороді
Поруч Воєводино
Поруч із Лумшорами
Поруч із Міжгір'ям
Поруч із Мукачево
Поруч Подобовець

Tour's Location

Polonyna Runa (1480) / Polonyna Runa, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine


What is the price of a jeep tour?
The current price of the tour is indicated on the website. The cost of the tour includes transport service, a picnic in nature, swimming in tubs and unforgettable travel experiences!
What is the maximum number of people?
The car can comfortably accommodate 3 people, but if you are a friendly company - it is possible and 4 people
What is the duration of the tour?
from 7.000 ₴


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