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Saint Miklos party in the castle of love

Chinadiyovo, Zakarpattia region, Ukraine
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3 hours

Tour Type

Specific Tour

Group Size

30 people


English, Ukrainian


  1. Parties in the castle of love “St. Miklos”

Even the most gamblers would like to learn about the Transcarpathian parties in the Chinadiyevsky Castle of Love “St. Miklos”. But before that, to immerse yourself in the essence of the era, you need to go for a mystical and mysterious walk. As in ancient times, excursions to the castles of Transcarpathia are carried out by torchlight, and then a quiet walk gradually grows into a sparkling, good, noisy, but surprisingly homely and hearty meal

Evening program:

– Uzhhorod. Departure from the Russian Gate Pass to Mukachevo to the last outpost, which is a unique castle of the Mature Renaissance of the 14th century “St. Miklos”.

Tourists will find a rare chance to walk through the ancient corridors of the Fortress dedicated to St. Nicholas, where they will learn the legend of battles, sad and beautiful love and other secrets. Together with us you will be able to discover all the secrets of Chinadiyivska Castle. 

– Travelers will have the opportunity to explore the interior of the castle in a mysteriously incomprehensible flame of oppression, tearing the covers of mysteries from the age-old layers of mysticism. Tourists will learn about all the secrets of the famous owners of the castle “St. Miklos”, as well as hear romantic ballads about brave warriors and beautiful beauties, which is famous in Transcarpathia.

The building has not been restored, so the feeling of the era is completely reproduced. Immersion in it will allow travelers to merge with the mysteries and for a moment become a man of the Renaissance. There is no electricity here, so the interior is hidden by semi-darkness, in which it is so nice and a little scary to walk on the creaking bridges. Tourists will look into a secret room, which is illuminated by the glare of torches, in which one story happened. The wife of Count Rakoczi Ilona, ​​secretly from her husband met with the leader of the Hungarian rebels. Widowed, she chose him as her life companion. Now the castle has a new owner, dedicated to its most secret secrets, and it is he who will give a lecture, setting out the whole mystical history of “St. Miklos”.

– Hungarian dance “chardash” and Transcarpathian folk songs are famous in all corners of the globe. They are especially pleasing to taste bograch, the main dish of Hungarian cuisine, and drink wine from the local cellars of Transcarpathia to the sounds of Hungarian, Slovak and Ruthenian songs performed by international groups.

The cost of the tour “Evening of Love in the castle of St. Miklos” is 400 UAH / person. provided that the group will be at least 30 tourists


  • Immersion in the world of magical impressions, which filled the atmosphere of the ancient building. The lack of electricity will plunge into the Renaissance, which is illuminated only by the glare of torches. The full history of the castle of St. Miklos will be told to tourists by its owner in full.
  • A rare chance to see the performance of the famous chardash, to hear the amazing songs of the peoples of Transcarpathia, to taste the national dish of the Hungarians bograch, to drink rare wine from the cellars of local craftsmen. And even the calmest will not be bored by an exciting choir of Hungarian, Ruthenian and Slovak performers in international ensembles!



Uzhhorod is an exceptionally attractive intertwining and center of various European cultures. Here coexist the brightest aromas and tastes, national traditions and religious denominations. Here you can discover the unique charm of ancient architecture and touching mini-monuments. Then, thanks to the diversity of culture and the proximity of other countries, before going on a trip you can visit the cozy cafes and restaurants, where it is recommended to enjoy delicious food and delicious coffee.


Chinadiyevo is one of the most beautiful and fabulous corners of Transcarpathia. The settlement is rich in both incredibly picturesque nature and unique architectural monuments. The provincial mountain village impresses with its tranquility and natural beauty.
One of the great places to go is St. Miklos Castle.


After the trip it is best to inhale the aroma of linden and sakura, relax on the embankment of Uzhgorod, walk towards the forest of UzhNU. Ungvar, who celebrated his millennium, gives everyone a sense of uniqueness. Therefore, after visiting the city, the traveler gives him his whole soul forever. And the memories of a unique tour will remain in your memory for a lifetime.


  • Transport support
  • Bograch, wine
  • Excursion service
  • Guide services
  • Chardash master class
  • Insurance
  • Personal expenses
from ₴ 400

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