Krasia Ski Resort

Krasiya Ski Resort is located in a quiet picturesque gorge near the village of Vyshka in the Transcarpathian region near Uzhgorod. Previously, the Lokomotiv sports base operated here, where tourists from all over the USSR rested.

Where to go skiing

Mount Krasiya has the longest route in Ukraine, which is 3.5 km. The descents are located on the northern slope at an altitude of 1036 m above sea level.

The Ukrainian ski resort is being held at this ski resort. Therefore, the tracks are certified according to world FIS standards and are not inferior to European counterparts. Previously, USSR competitions in downhill skiing were also held here.

Description of ski slopes

It is necessary to tell in more detail about the slopes of “Krasia”:

  • quantity: 11 tracks + toboggan run;
  • differences are from 80 to 300 m;
  • in width from 100 to 350 m;
  • length: 300–3000 m;
  • difficulty criteria: four green and blue, three red.

The descent map shows all the variety of options for amateurs and athletes. All of them are quite flat and well suited for everyone.

At the very top of the mountain there are several trails, among which the most popular are “Giant”, “Amateur” and “Slalom”.

Favorable weather conditions and the efforts of Krasia employees allow us to continue the tourist season from the beginning of winter in December to mid-spring. The slopes are constantly serviced by snow compactors and snow cannons, and the melting points are immediately treated.

Prices for lifts and instructors

In “Krasia” there are 3 tow and 3 chair lifts.

A 2-seater chairlift leads to the blue track for beginners. Above, almost to the top of the mountain, you can climb on a modern 4-chair lift.

In general, there are:

  1. Toboggan lift, designed for a height of 470 m with a difference of 95 m.
  2. Also a similar mechanism from the tourist complex “New Season” at 650 m.
  3. Private multilift for 300 meters.
  4. 2-seater chairlift “Doppelmayr” for 1114 m with a height difference of 195 m.
  5. The same 4-seater mechanism for 1585 m with a difference of 350 m.

Here is the old 1-seater lift for 1980 m with a height difference of 485 m, left over from the camp “Locomotive” and is not part of the ski pass of the complex.

The prices for lifts are quite democratic. One flight costs from UAH 25. A very profitable option is to buy a hundred routes.

The services of instructors are also not very expensive. One hour of individual lessons is estimated at 180 UAH, 2 – 300 UAH.

Group training for up to 7 people costs UAH 100. per hour, 2 hours – 90 UAH.

Ski equipment rental

Krasiya is a ski resort that takes into account the needs of each guest. Therefore, those who have forgotten part of the sports equipment at home are offered rental services.

Depending on the season, they range from around UAH 110. During the holiday the price rises to 170 UAH. Tourists renting it for more than 1 day receive a 5% discount. Children are given a 40% discount.

What else to have fun in Krasia?

For those who want to diversify their vacation, “Krasiya” (Transcarpathian region) offers many great options.

Horseback riding

Everyone is happy to join the magical world of horses, and horseback riding gives a great chance to have fun. It allows you not only to test your strength, but also to arrange a great walk with a photo shoot.

Snowmobile rental

Krasiya gives its guests an unforgettable winter vacation. A walk on snowmobiles is guaranteed to provide them with an atmosphere of positive emotions and vivid sensations. It allows you to penetrate into a world where the pleasure of nature is combined with a sharp burst of adrenaline.

A variety of scenic routes for exciting long hikes have been developed for travelers.

Hiking and mountaineering

In “Krasia” all conditions for ecological tourism are created. Hiking tours are suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty without leaving civilization. From here, many routes and trails lead to the most luxurious places, passing stunning natural objects. Travelers will take a look at the bottom of the ancient sea, admire the oldest trees in Ukraine or walk along the road along 3 borders: Polish, Slovak and Ukrainian.

An even better option for active recreation is hiking in the mountains. Clean air and the romance of snow-capped peaks will not leave anyone indifferent.


In winter you need to try different snow games. And everyone loves sledding on ice slides. Such entertainment awakens a passion for speed and satisfies the thirst for thrills.

Visiting baths, saunas

In today’s world, stress and fatigue are behind everyone. From ancient times the liberation from them is facilitated by visiting the bath or sauna. The head and body are resting in the steam room. This type of relaxation activates blood circulation, strengthens health and improves metabolism. In addition, those who come to rest in the resort “Krasiya” prices for all kinds of services will be pleasantly surprised.

Excursions to interesting locations in Transcarpathia

There are many great places to relax next to the ski resort. You can see them in more detail on the map.

But in any case you should visit:

  • Mount Yavornik with beech bushes;
  • wooden tier church of St. Archangel Michael in the Tower;
  • Mukachevo;
  • the place of the meteorite fall near the villages of Knyaginya and Sol in the 19th century. The famous science fiction writer J. Verne once visited here;
  • the marble cave “Princess”;
  • located in Bolshoi Berezny wooden church of St. Nicholas, built in the 17th century. in the Baroque style;
  • Uzhgorod, etc.

Chans in Lumshory

Of course, those who come to the resort “Krasiya” are most interested in skiing. But after sports, many people need relaxation and rest for the body

The village of Lumshory in the Transcarpathian region attracts people from different regions who come here to try the action of unique underground hydrogen sulfide waters.

The vats are right on the street, by the cool ponds. Bathing in them improves the activity of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, improves the body, rejuvenates the skin, completely relax and strengthen the defenses.

Where to stay in Krasia

There are many options for comfortable accommodation near the Krasiya ski resort. Here travelers can expect real Transcarpathian hospitality, excellent service and attractive prices.

On the slopes of the mountain and neighboring villages there are hotels and tourist bases, where everyone can rent accommodation to their liking.

The most interesting housing options

Visitors to the resort “Krasiya” located near the hotels and apartments will be truly pleased.

The Golden Hazel Manor, housed in a wooden 2-storey house, is very popular. Each room has a TV and a hairdryer. Nearby are a sauna, gazebo, playground and barbecue. The local hut offers nutritious Transcarpathian cuisine. For tourists there is a two-course meal, which is included in the price.

For those who come to the resort “Krasiya” accommodation in the estate “Golden Larch” will be no less a pleasant surprise. All rooms at the wooden house have a TV and a hairdryer. Heating is provided by electric convectors. Nearby are a gazebo, playground and barbecue. 2 meals a day are included in the price. There is also a kitchen, fitted with a microwave, stovetop and fridge.

A good accommodation option would be the Teremok Manor, located at the foot of the mountain 100 m from the lift. Wooden houses are equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay. It offers a sauna, a swimming pool, gazebos with barbecue facilities, as well as children’s and tennis courts. There is also a restaurant serving Hungarian, Transcarpathian and Ukrainian cuisine.

For those who prefer more modest accommodation, the private sector offers no less suitable accommodation.

Housing prices

The cost of living in Krasia starts from 889 UAH. per night. The average price of a double room is UAH 1,000. Who wants a double suite, will have to spend almost 2500-3700 UAH. every day. The seasonal factor should also be taken into account. If you want to relax for the winter holidays, you should book accommodation in advance. In addition, during the Christmas and New Year holidays, accommodation prices increase at least 2 times.

Where to eat in Krasiya

Rest in “Krasiya” is complemented by excellent cuisine. Meals are provided at the hotel or the tourist chooses.

Where you can eat delicious food

The ski resort offers restaurants of different classes for different tastes and wallets. The most delicious dishes are served in the restaurants “Snowman”, “Shinok” or “Alpen House”. They cook according to recipes of European and Ukrainian cuisine, offering to drink dishes with amazing local liqueurs.

Cafe “Panorama”, located at the lift, will delight everyone with homemade cakes or pizza.

Food prices

Food prices in Krasiya’s restaurants and cafes are quite democratic. The price for lunch in the format “borsch + salad + side dish + chop” starts from 150 UAH. The cuisine is delicious and the portions are surprisingly generous.

Where is and ways to get to Krasia

For those who decided to visit the resort “Krasiya”, how to get there, will not be an acute issue. The complex is located near the mountain of the same name in the Velikobereznyansky district.

It is easy to get here by train. You need to go on the railway line from Lviv to the stop “Village Kostrino”. Then you should change to the bus to Krasia. A good option would also be a minibus to Bolshoe Bereznoye or Lyuta with a stop in the village of Vyshka. From Uzhgorod to the resort is only 70 km, so a taxi will not be too expensive.

Motorists need to follow the Kiev-Chop highway to Uzhgorod, then turn to Kostrino, and then to the Tower.

If you go from Kiev, you need to move in the direction of Zhytomyr-Rovno-Lviv-Stryi, then turn to Uzhgorod or Chop. Then you need to move to the village of Luta. It is only a 5-minute drive to the ski resort.

From Lviv, the H-13 road to Sambor and Uzhhorod is laid, which passes through the Uzhhorod pass. Following it, following the signposts, it is easy to get to the right place.

From Ternopil or Ivano-Frankivsk the road leads to Chop, after which you need to choose the direction to Lviv. Then you need to go towards Kostrino with a turn to the village of Lyuta.

Reviews of the ski resort Krasiya

Enthusiastic reviews about the ski resort are a must.

Gennady, 30, Vinnytsia. There is a lot of entertainment in Krasia. After skiing, the day looks very fun. We sledged with the children, took a steam bath and took a walk in the mountains. And we will remember bathing in cast-iron vats for the rest of our lives!

Igor, 28 years old, Lviv. “It is very convenient that the lower station of the resort has equipment rental and a restaurant. There is a ski school with skilled instructors. It is also good that the cafe and other food outlets are located between 1 and 2 lifts.

Diana, 35, Kharkiv. “The longest gorgeous ski slope in Transcarpathia, more than 3 km long, shook. The descents here are designed for different levels of training of skiers, which is very convenient for beginners. In addition, there is a very developed infrastructure, so there is not a large concentration of vacationers. We were also pleased with the democratic prices.