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Extreme jeep tour Full circle

Tatariv village, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine, 78596
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4 hours

Tour Type

Daily Tour

Group Size

12 people


English, Ukrainian


On the Go-To.Rest website, tourists can easily book driving extreme jeep tours in the Carpathians at an affordable price. Off-road tours booked on our website are a high-quality holiday at an affordable price. Jeep riding in the Ukrainian Carpathians is a great opportunity to get to know the mountain landscapes with minimal time and effort. Extreme jeep excursions fill the body with adrenaline and the soul with a feeling of flight and lightness. The main feature of jeep tours on the Go-To.Rest website is that they are held in the form of an incredible jeep safari with active hunting for the most photogenic locations in the Carpathians.

Brief description of the jeep tour “Full circle”


  1. Hunter (open car).
  2. Land Cruiser (closed with a hatch).

Departure point is: Tatariv/Mykulychyn. Departure is possible from Vorokhta, Yablunytsia, Bukovel, Polyanytsia (then the price is negotiable).


  • departure from the village of Tatariv;
  • waterfall;
  • Mount Chornyi Pogar (1300 m);
  • Mountain Polonyna and cheese dairy;
  • Mount Lisniv (1257 m);
  • large swing;
  • Hutsul kolyba;
  • Zip-line (600 м);
  • Mount Yahidna (1216 м);
  • arrival in the village of Mykulychyn.

Duration: 4 hours.

Price: 5500 car / up to 6 people.

The Full Circle route is extremely intense and leaves a lot of positive impressions for life.


  • This route is a great option for extreme sports enthusiasts.


Departure from Tatariv
Departure from Tatariv

Leaving the picturesque village of Tatariv, we first head to the picturesque Shchaslyvyi waterfall.


Next to the waterfall is an emerald pool, which is a great place for swimming. In terms of photo shoots and relaxation, this location is very convenient and calm.

Mount Chornyi Pogar
Mount Chornyi Pogar

Next, we will continue our journey to the majestic Chornyi Pogar peak with a height of 1300 metres, which is located at a distance of 18 km from the village of Tatariv. This mountain offers incredible views of the picturesque Carpathians. In addition, there is a miniature Hutsul chapel at the very top.


Leaving the mighty peak of Chornyi Pogar, we will continue our journey through the picturesque Carpathians, overcoming extreme off-road conditions to a picturesque meadow.

Cheese factory

From the meadow, we will go to a local cheese factory, where we will actively taste Hutsul sheep cheese. You should definitely buy this wonderful eco-product to treat your family and friends after returning from your holiday.

Mount Lisniv
Mount Lisniv

Our next stop on the route will be Mount Lisniv, a 1257-metre-high mountain. It offers incredible views of the Carpathians. In good clear weather, you can even see Hoverla here. In addition, there is a source of drinking water that tastes extremely good.


There is a kolyba at the top of the mountain where you can spend the night or wait out the bad weather if necessary.



Extreme entertainment with a length of 600 metres.

Mount Yahidna
Mount Yahidna

At the end of our trip, we will visit the majestic Yahidna mountain with a height of 1216 metres, which is located 16 km from the Steryshora valley. Here you can make a wonderful photo shoot against the backdrop of the majestic peaks of the Carpathians such as Petros (2020 m), Hoverla (2061 m), Hamster (1542 m). In addition, Mount Yahidna is a convenient place to stop after a long journey. For this purpose, there are comfortable gazebos here, and you can spend the night in a kolyba located just 1 km away.


Finally, we will descend from Mount Yahidna to the picturesque village of Mykulychyn, located 8 km away.


  • Transport services
  • Insurance
  • Zip-line
  • Personal expenses
from ₴ 5 500


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