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Excursion-hike to the Blue Lagoon

Chornogolova, Transkarpatien region, Ukraine
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10 hours

Tour Type

Specific Tour

Group Size

15 people


English, Ukrainian


Excursion to the Blue Lagoon will allow travelers to discover the truly heavenly pages of the book of nature. Its participants will be able to look from a steep cliff, look into the thickets of wild forest, touch the trees and stones overgrown with perennial moss, walk along the banks of a steep mountain river and on steep surrounding slopes, strewn with large smooth white boulders. These wonders of Transcarpathian nature will be open only to those who choose a tour of the Blue Lagoon.

The highest reward for them will be to visit it, and in good weather and swimming in crystal clear water of a heavenly hue. Impressions that will give travelers wonderful views of the Carpathian Mountains, will be remembered forever as bright sparks of wonderful memories.

Tour programme

Excursion program on foot:

Uzhgorod: departure at 09.00.
– Transfer to the village of Chornogolova.
– Review of the temple built of wood in the 17th century.
– A walk of about 15 km to the mountain lagoon. The path will pass along the banks of the river ridges of the river Lyutyanka, which are clamped on both sides by ledges. The climb is not difficult and will be within the power of any traveler.
– On the way you will have the opportunity to see the tract Stanychnyi, lost among the mountains. Rest here will allow tourists to gain strength and energy.
– Lunch break and continuation of the tour.
– On the way you should pay attention to the rail tracks, visible in places on the ground. Earlier, a narrow-gauge railway ran along the banks of the river, delivering goods from the mountain slopes.
– A gift to all those who will pass the planned path to the end, will be a colorful landscape and a turquoise mountain lagoon with a deep bottom, 3 m away. Here are the stones, which water for many hundreds and even thousands of years gave a picturesque shape. A unique natural phenomenon is that a person thinks that before his eyes appears frozen in a solid wave
– Fresh snack with tea from medicinal alpine plants, which are so rich in Transcarpathia. The photo shoot here will be a reflection of eternal love for him, which will forever remain in the heart of every traveler!
– Uzhgorod: return before 18:00.

You need to take with you on a hike:

  • appropriate shoes (it is better to give preference to shoes, sneakers or trekking sandals);
  • sun hats;
  • raincoat;
  • containers with food for lunch break;
  • drinks or containers for them, which will be filled from the purest sources encountered along the way;
  • great mood!

Hike to the blue lagoon will be a gift for nature lovers, not overshadowed by human intervention. Before the eyes of its participants will be rare in its beauty landscapes, he will feel the beauty of the undisturbed environment and will not be disturbed by noisy companies. Therefore, the photos taken here will be a wonderful memory, to which it will be nice to return in the winter evenings.

The tour to the paradise lagoon is held on Sundays.


  • Nature lovers will enjoy the walk. Along the way, they will discover stunning landscapes, breathe clean mountain air, take unforgettable pictures and appreciate the lack of dense tourist flows.



Uzhgorod is an exceptionally attractive intertwining and center of various European cultures. Here coexist the brightest aromas and tastes, national traditions and religious denominations. Here you can discover the unique charm of ancient architecture and touching mini-monuments. Then, thanks to the diversity of culture and the proximity of other countries, before going on a trip you can visit the cozy cafes and restaurants, where it is recommended to enjoy delicious food and delicious coffee.


Chornogolova is a village located among the mountains of the north-western part of the Polonynsky Beskyd massif (part of the Ukrainian Carpathians), on the Lyutyanka River and its tributaries: Bachava (Bachivsky) and others. To the northeast of the village on the river Lyutyanka is an interesting tourist attraction - "Blue Lagoon".


On the way, there is the Stanychnyi tract - a real paradise surrounded by steep slopes of picturesque mountains.

Blue Lagoon

The Blue Mountain Lagoon is characterised by a turquoise hue of water and an unusually deep reservoir of up to 3 metres. At the bottom, you can see stones of the most bizarre shapes polished over thousands of years, resembling frozen stone waves. This is a truly amazing phenomenon!


After the trip, it is best to breathe in the aroma of linden and sakura trees, relax on the Uzhhorod embankment, take a walk towards the UzhNU forest or find the most interesting mini-sculptures. After visiting the ancient city of Ungvar, holidaymakers give their souls to it forever. The memories of this exciting and adventurous tour will remain in the memory for a lifetime.


  • Travel by comfortable bus
  • Accompaniment by a guide
  • Excursion service at tourist sites
from €14,94

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