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Excursion to the castles of Transcarpathia + Mukachevo

Mukachevo, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine
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8 hours

Tour Type

Specific Tour

Group Size

30 people


English, Ukrainian


Tour of the castles of Transcarpathia allows you to get acquainted with the rare historical monuments of this region. It will be a real revelation not only for lovers of antiquity, but also for those who prefer to experience vivid emotions to everyday life. Travellers will see with their own eyes the mystical Transylvanian fortification with the surrounding lands, about which there are so many sublime and gloomy legends.

Tourists will be greeted by one of the most beautiful castles in Ukraine, which was the centre of brilliant ideas that completely changed the fate of Europe.

The tour will lift the veil of secrecy over the stories of nobility, greatness, love, feats, self-sacrifice and triumph. Anyone who wants to take part in it will hear ancient legends about the beautiful or amazing on the verge of reality and fantasy. Their heroes are the people who moved history forward not in words but in deeds and preserved the cultural heritage of their native land.

Tour programme

The programme of the tour of Transcarpathian castles includes:

– Uzhhorod: Departure.
– Transfer to the village of Seredne, where the history of the Knights Templar of the eastern outpost was concentrated. Their abode was the Serednyansky Castle, is the most magical not only in the whole of Transcarpathia, but also in the whole of Ukraine.
– A tour of the historic centre of Mukachevo with a visit to the city hall, the 9th century Greek Catholic Church, the 4th century Roman Catholic Church of St Martin, as well as other architectural and cultural sites.
– Excursion Mukachevo Palanok Castle 8-9 centuries, which is rightfully considered one of the 7 Ukrainian architectural and historical wonders.
– Lunch break.
– Exploring the 15th-century castle in the village of Chynadiyevo of «Saint Miklós», that became synonymous with the word “love”.
– Tour to the exquisite Schönborn hunting palace 19th century, built in the Neo-Romantic style. It seems to have intertwined medieval motifs of Gothic and Romanesque architecture, which is why the building is distinguished by its unique beauty and grandeur. Explore the count’s arboretum, preserved in its pristine beauty, with the source of eternal youth. On the lake, favoured by families of swans and ducks, and surrounded by enclosures with wildlife, you can feel an unprecedented surge of peace and pleasure.
– Transfer to Uzhhorod.

The cost of an individual tour is calculated depending on the number of people.

Inquisitive people who are not indifferent to history and appreciate beauty will appreciate the trip. There are 12 castles or their ruins on the territory of the region, so everyone will be interested in seeing all the most interesting things that are repeatedly mentioned in ancient chronicles and legends.

An excursion to the castles of Transcarpathia with a transfer from Uzhhorod to Mukachevo is held on Sundays.


  • The tour allows you to get maximum information about the historical and cultural events of the eras associated with each of the 12 castles of Transcarpathia. The best of them will forever win a place in the hearts of lovers of antiquity!




Driving through the village of Seredne, located midway between Uzhhorod and Mukachevo, you will learn about the oldest castle in Transcarpathia, which in the past was the last eastern outpost of one of the most mysterious organisations of mankind - the Knights Templar. Who knows, maybe it is here that the mysterious Grail is hidden, which has been baffling human minds for millennia.

But Seredne is not only famous for the Templar castle. In the XVI century, the owner of these lands was Istvan Dobo, the famous captain of the garrison of the Hungarian fortress Eger. Thanks to the commander's talent, in 1552, the two-thousand-strong garrison of Eger Castle withstood the siege of the 120,000-strong Turkish army, thwarting the Ottoman conquest. The knight Istvan Dobo drew the right conclusions from the war and created unique impregnable fortifications! The captured Turks carved underground shelters in the rocks about five kilometres long. These shelters later became the world-famous Seredne wine cellars.


A visit to Mukachevo Palanok Castle, which is rightly considered one of the seven architectural wonders of Ukraine, will give you an unforgettable experience. Throughout its history, from its foundation in the 9th century to the end of the 18th century, the castle played a prominent role in the military and political life of Europe, leaving a grandiose historical heritage to posterity. Ilona Zrinyi, Imre Tekeli, Ferenc Rakoczy and many other heroes of their time have become role models for us, the descendants.

Having passed through the centuries, the Palanok Castle still impresses with its grandeur and perfection, rightfully being one of the most interesting monuments of Transcarpathia. It is no coincidence that Mukachevo Palanok Castle ranks second in Ukraine in terms of the number of visitors, after the Kamianets-Podilskyi fortress.

Mukachevo city centre will impress you with the charm of a European town frozen in time. The majestic churches, cathedrals and ancient buildings of the Austro-Hungarian Empire will not leave anyone indifferent.


Then, along the old trade route to the Veretsky Pass, we will go to the village of Chynadiyevo, where the St. Miklos Castle of Love (XV century) is located.

You will have a fascinating tour of the castle where great love was born. The ancient walls of the castle witnessed a love story that was watched with bated breath by the whole of Europe.

You will also witness another love story - for your own land. The tenant of the castle, József Bartosz, recreated the historical heritage of our country from the rubble, filled with garbage, in a short time, on the basis of his bare enthusiasm. St Miklós Castle has become a real gem of Transcarpathia.

Sanatorium "Karpaty"

Count Schoenborn Palace - grandeur, beauty and romance are intertwined here. It is not for nothing that this creation of the architectural genius is recognised as one of the best hunting castles of the European aristocracy. The palace was built in the style of the time of the "Sun King" - Louis IV, and today it enchants and surprises many sophisticated visitors. A walk along the alleys of the ancient castle park with more than a century of history will be a great addition to the tour. The park's paths will lead us to the fountain of youth. Tradition says that those who wash their face three times with spring water will certainly become younger. Don't believe it? Try it!


On the way back to Uzhhorod, you will learn a lot of interesting and funny things about your favourite childhood films. After all, it was in Transcarpathia that episodes of such world-famous and recognised films as 17 Moments of Spring, Waterloo, Gold of the Carpathians, Camp Goes to Heaven and many others were filmed.


  • Travel by comfortable bus
  • Accompaniment of a guide-explorer
  • Excursion services at tourist sites
  • Entrance tickets to the castles: Palanok - 100 UAH, St. Miklós - 30 UAH, Schönborn Palace - 30 UAH.
  • Lunch - approximately 200 UAH.
  • Assigning a specific seat on the bus to a tourist - 100 UAH per person.
from ₴ 650

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