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Tour to Transcarpathia “Land close to the sky”

Uzhgorod, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine
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7 days / 6 nights

Tour Type

Specific Tour

Group Size

30 people


English, Ukrainian


Our non-stop tour of Transcarpathia can be considered unique. Why is it so special? Because anyone can join this tour on any date, managing its duration independently. You don’t need to adapt to other people’s schedules, let the world adapt to your conditions!

A regular tour to Transcarpathia offers you to visit interesting but not very well known places in Transcarpathia – the real pearls of this land that almost touch the sky! Tourists have the opportunity to see the museum Kolochava village, Horyany rotunda, Borzhava narrow-gauge railway, geyser in Carpathians, Gypsy settlement in the mountains, ancient wooden churches, the best sanatoriums and interesting museums. To ensure maximum comfort, travellers will be offered Transcarpathian cuisine, aromatic wine, monastery cheeses, mineral waters and other delicious Transcarpathian delicacies.

If you have visited Transcarpathia before, you will definitely be interested in getting to know this region better. If you are planning your first trip to the Silver Land, you will definitely fall in love at first sight with the breathtaking pearls of Transcarpathia.

Tour programme

The programme of the tour “Transcarpathia – the land close to the sky” is thought out to the smallest detail: experienced guides have combined remote excursions with nearby ones. You will stay in a comfortable hotel in the centre of Uzhgorod in double rooms with all amenities. And comfortable transport will quickly take you to each of the described locations.

Day 1

  • 9:00 a.m. – meeting with a guide at the hotel and departure from Uzhgorod.
  • Conducting an ecological excursion called “For a week before the 2nd I will go to Patskaniovo” in the beautiful Transcarpathian countryside.
  • Further departure from Uzhgorod.
  • Exploring the remains of one of the most mysterious castles in Ukraine (dating back to the XI-XVI centuries) – Serednyansky Templar Castle. Revealing the secrets of the fortress and its former inhabitants.
  • Visit to the legendary historical wine cellars in the village Serednye. An interesting excursion and the opportunity to taste fine wines (for an additional fee of 120 UAH/person).
  • Acquaintance with the Holy Intercession Monastery, where you will have the opportunity to see the monastery, Christian shrines, the monastery’s economy and taste Italian cheeses made by caring hands on the territory of the shrine.
  • Lunch.
  • Visit to a Roma settlement. You will get acquainted with the Roma way of life, traditions, economy, priorities and philosophy of this colourful nationality.
  • Arrival in Uzhgorod at approximately 5:00 p.m.

Day 2

  • 9:00 a.m. – meeting with a guide at the hotel and departure from Uzhgorod.
  • Conducting a bus tour “From Uzhgorod to the sources of the Uzh. Secrets of the Uzh Valley and Wooden Churches”.
  • Further departure from Uzhgorod.
  • Transfer by comfortable transport to Velykyi Bereznyi district. Along the way, the tour participants will receive a lot of interesting information about the life of Lemkos and Boikos, who have been living in the Uzh river valley for centuries.
  • Exploring the ancient Boyko wooden church in Kostryno village – Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin.
  • Exploring the fortifications of the Hungarian defensive Arpad Line, which existed during the Second World War in the beech forests around the village of Sil.
  • Lunch. We recommend that you try Transcarpathian cuisine in local restaurants and kolybas with a varied menu including traditional Carpathian dishes.
  • The next point of the route is a unique attraction – the most beautiful and picturesque mountain line in Ukraine with impressive height differences, loop tunnels and breathtaking views. A mini-trip (40 minutes) will not leave anyone indifferent (for an additional fee of 18 UAH/person).
  • Visit to the village of Uzhok, including a visit to the Church of St Michael the Archangel, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Travelling through Uzhotskyi pass (883 m), which for centuries has connected peoples and states on both sides of the majestic Carpathian Mountains.
  • Approximate arrival in Uzhgorod at 7:00 p.m.

Day 3

  • Departure from Uzhgorod at 9:00 a.m.
  • Conducting a bus tour “Vynogradiv – the royal city of Transcarpathia“.
  • A walk along the alleys of the arboretum, which is unique for its variety of exotic plants for our latitudes.
  • Exploring the ruins of the medieval Kankiv Castle, the first mention of which dates back to the XI-VII centuries, located on the ledge of the Black Mountain.
  • Sightseeing tour of the city Vynogradiv, which was the ancient centre of the Ugocan Comitatus in northern Transylvania and later the Austrian Empire.
  • An interesting excursion to the only Ukrainian black buffalo farm, where proper measures are taken to increase the population of these amazing animals. You will be able to taste milk, sour cream, butter and real mozzarella made from buffalo milk. Tasting is available for an additional fee of 75 UAH per person.
  • A tour of the 14th-century church with the highest wooden bell tower in the Transcarpathian region. The bell tower dates back to the XVIII century.
  • An overview of the current defence Reformed church, built in the 14th century.
  • Approximate arrival in Uzhgorod at 7:00 p.m.

Day 4

  • Meeting with the guide at the hotel is scheduled for 9:00 a.m.
  • Start of the trip – the route starts from Uzhgorod.
  • The tour starts on Thursday with the tour “Enchanted Irshava and Borzhava narrow-gauge railway”.
  • Transfer to Irshava.
  • City tour, including the most interesting locations: Czech Bridge, unique Sundial, Orthodox Peter and Paul Church, built in 1825.
  • An excursion to the Irshava Museum of Local Lore, which features more than 2,000 exhibits. An additional fee of UAH 10 per person is charged when visiting the museum.
  • Visit to the villages of Bilky (founded in 1238) and Dovge (founded in 1383). The village of Bilky is famous for its talents, as the strongest man of the twentieth century, Croton (Ivan Firtsak), was born and died here. The village is also known for its unique Sobriety Cross, where locals took a vow to a priest to never drink alcohol back in the 19th century. Dovge village is an example of religious tolerance, as the central square is home to four churches of different faiths. It is also famous for its 18th-century village palace-fortress, built in the classical style of medieval architecture.
  • Lunch. In a trout farm near the famous Borzhava meadows, you will have the opportunity to catch trout yourself. Afterwards, your catch will be cooked and served to the dinner table (additional fee is approximately 150 UAH per person).
  • Acquaintance with the unique Borzhava narrow-gauge railway. The trip takes place on the old narrow-gauge railway, and those who wish can also use a drayage.
  • Tasting of Transcarpathian liqueurs, wines, home-made pastries of local hostesses (additional fee – 100 UAH/person).
  • Estimated time of arrival in Uzhgorod – 7:00 p.m.

Day 5

  • On Friday at 10:00 a.m. there is a meeting with the guide at the hotel.
  • Conducting a bus tour “Uzhgorod and its surroundings“.
  • A walking tour of Uzhgorod, during which tourists will be able to find charming bronze miniature sculptures that adorn the city, visit cosy Uzhgorod cafes and taste aromatic Transcarpathian coffee. Just like in Lviv, these places are famous for their coffee!
  • Next, the tour programme offers to get acquainted with the oldest functioning sacred building in Ukraine – the eleventh-century church and visit the cult ethno-restaurantн “Detsa u notarya“, where the most inquisitive travellers will be able to learn its history, enjoy the characteristic Transcarpathian humour and an interesting biography of the owner.
  • Lunch.
  • Relaxation time in the thermal springs of the ranch hotel “Zolota Gora“. The cost of 2 hours of swimming in the pools is UAH 250 per person.
  • Approximately at 5:00 p.m. return to Uzhgorod.

Day 6

  • Meeting with the guide on site at 8:00 a.m.
  • Departure by bus from Uzhgorod.
  • Countryside excursion according to the tour programme “Kolochava and geyser“.
  • Enjoy the unsurpassed panoramas of the Volovets Pass with its serpentine views.
  • A trip to the Synevyr Pass, which won the hearts of artists and became an icon of Carpathian painting.
  • Moving to village-museum (skansen) in Kolochava. Exploring the historic centre Kolochava, the opportunity to take photos near unique monuments.
  • Interesting excursion to the Museum of Architecture and Life of Transcarpathia “Old Village” (additional fee 50 UAH per person).
  • Visit to the only narrow-gauge railway history museum in Ukraine, the Kolochava Narrow Gauge Railway, which consists of a rare operating steam locomotive and 10 wagons with unique exhibits.
  • A theatrical performance “Life in Kolochava 150 years ago” (additional fee: 100 UAH/person).
  • Lunch at a local kolyba.
  • A visit to a unique church built without using a single nail (fee: 20 UAH per person).
  • Excursion to the only mountain bird park in Ukraine, where you can see 2,000 exotic parrots and sport pigeons in an ordinary Carpathian yard (entrance fee is 20 UAH for adults and children).
  • Moving to a highland village.
  • Viewing a geyser located on the bank of a mountain stream. At the same time, you can enjoy tasting honey collected high in the mountains, visiting the monument to the bee, and drinking healing water.
  • Walk across the longest bridge in the district, which is 93 metres long.
  • Approximate time of return to Uzhgorod: 10:00 p.m.

Day 7

  • Meeting with the guide at the hotel and departure from Uzhgorod is scheduled for 9:00 a.m.
  • A countryside excursion to the best sanatoriums in Transcarpathia.
  • Transfer to the sanatorium «Kvitka Polonyny»:
    – A walk in a mini-arboretum with unique trees and bushes, an artificial lake and a mountain river.
    – Possibility of horseback riding, in a carriage or on a sleigh (in winter), as well as hippotherapy (horse riding as a treatment).
    – Tasting of three types of Transcarpathian mineral water: “Luzhanska-4”, “Luzhanska-7”, “Polyana Kvasova”.
    – A centre selling products for healthy sleep. A story about the cultivation and processing of textile hemp.
  • Excursion to the unique balneological resort “Sonyachne Zakarpattya”.
    – Tasting of Borzhom mineral water from the Novo-Polyanske deposit.
  • Lunch at an ethnic restaurant in the village of Uklyn. We recommend trying trout and Transcarpathian chovlent cooked in pots.
  • Visit to the 800-metre-long underground military bunker of the Arpad line, which has become a landmark since the Second World War.
  • Moving to a sanatorium complex «Derenivska Kupil» in the village Nyzhnye Solotvyno (Uzhgorod district):
    – Excursion around the territory of the complex.
    – Tasting of mineral flinty waters “Derenivska Kupil”, “Zakarpatska-1”, “Zakarpatska-2”.
    – The possibility of bathing in vats with herbs and mineral water for an additional fee (approximately 200 UAH per person).
  • The estimated time of return to Uzhgorod is 7:00 p.m.

Please note that on New Year’s holidays (from 20.12 to 15.01) the cost of the tour increases by 30%!


  • 2 days / 1 night - 2225 UAH/person.
  • 3 days / 2 nights - 3645 UAH/person.
  • 4 days / 3 nights - 5120 UAH/person.
  • 5 days / 4 nights - 6745 UAH/person.
  • 6 days / 5 nights - 8165 UAH/person.
  • 7 days / 6 nights - 9185 UAH/person.



Uzhgorod is located at the junction of 4 borders and borders with countries: Slovakia (just a couple of kilometres away), Poland, Hungary and Romania. Due to the proximity of so many countries, Uzhgorod has a special flavour. You can communicate with people in different languages, both Russian and Ukrainian, as well as Hungarian, Slovak, Czech and other languages, and it's not a problem for the locals.

Ruins of the Templar castle

Serednie is best known for the ruins of the Templar castle, founded in the 12th and 13th centuries. It is recognised as the easternmost stronghold of the order that dominated the Middle Ages and is considered to be almost the only surviving Romanesque building in the Silver Land.

Wine cellars in Serednye

Recreation in Serednye is inseparable from the village's business card, which is its wine-growing products. The Carpathian climate is perfectly conducive to the flourishing of farming. Already in the Middle Ages, large areas were cleared for the development of new land.

Today, the total length of the dungeons is almost 4,000 metres. The dungeons are now occupied by the Leanka winery (named after the famous Serednyansky variety, which means "girl" in Hungarian).

The most famous brand is the "Rose of Transcarpathia". In 1966, it was awarded a gold medal at an international exhibition in Bulgaria. It is the most expensive among the Serbian brands.

Holy Protection Monastery

The Intercession Monastery is located in the village of Rakoshyno, Mukachevo district, Transcarpathian region, not far from the city of Mukachevo. The history of this monastery dates back to the 1920s. At that time, an Orthodox church was built on the site of the present monastery. The author of the church project was Vsevolod Kolomatsky, an emigrant from Naddniprianshchyna Ukraine.

Bunker "Arpad Line"

During the Second World War, the Hungarian government built a military defence line in the northeastern Carpathians - the Arpad Line. It consisted of several belts. The first one was in the Carpathian region, to protect the approaches to the main Carpathian watershed ridge, which was called the Hunyadi border. The second one ran along the tops of the main Carpathian ranges and consisted of trenches and dugouts - the so-called St Vasyl's line. The third - along narrow river valleys and near large settlements, included concrete fortifications and mechanical obstacles - the Arpad Line.

The Arpad Line was 120 km wide in some places and 350 km long. It consisted of 439 open firing points, 750 pillboxes, 99 strongholds, and 343 pillboxes. In the village of Kolochava, Mizhgirya district, there is an Arpad Line Museum, which very well recreates the spirit of that great war.

Church of the Intercession in Kostryno

The village of Kostryno is home to the Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin. Visiting the ancient Boyko wooden church will bring a lot of pleasure to true connoisseurs of architectural masterpieces.

St Michael's Church in the village of Uzhok

In the village of Uzhok, you can visit the Church of St Michael the Archangel. This monument is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Uzhotskyi pass

The best option for travelling to Transcarpathia is through the Uzhotskyi pass, which reaches 883 metres in height.

This is the shortest road to the capital of the Transcarpathian region, Uzhgorod (80 kilometres from the pass). The road is rich in picturesque landscapes. In addition, there is excellent asphalt quality and less traffic congestion - trucks choose other routes.


Every year, Vynogradiv district is visited by many tourists who find a wide variety of entertainment and leisure activities in this hospitable region. There are many architectural monuments to see here, the oldest of which is the ruins of Kankiv Castle. Regular kayaking and rafting trips are organised for tourists in Vynogradiv district. In addition, there is a unique opportunity to improve your health with local mineral waters. There are three types of mineral waters in Vynogradiv district: "Teplytsia", which is bitter-salty, highly mineralised thermal water; Olehivska, which is low-mineralised silicon hydrocarbonate calcium-sodium water; and Kushnytska, which is low-mineralised boron hydrocarbonate sodium therapeutic and table water.

Kankiv Castle

If you walk up the path to the remains of the Kankiv Castle, you will see an incredible panorama of Vynogradiv. The mighty lonely Chorna Gora remains behind, and the walls of the ancient castle are visible in front. Nowadays, it is difficult to find out where certain parts of the fortress used to be. Almost nothing remains of the castle walls, nor of the five corner towers.

Buffalo farm

We suggest visiting the only Ukrainian black buffalo farm, where special measures are being taken to increase the population of these fascinating animals. At the farm, you will have the opportunity not only to meet the buffaloes, but also to enjoy products made from their milk.

During the tour, you will be able to taste fresh milk, sour cream, butter and even real buffalo mozzarella, which is made from the milk of these majestic animals. You will have the opportunity to learn more about the production process of these products and the specifics of the farm.

Gothic wooden church in the village of Chetfalva

The main treasure of Chetfalva is the Gothic wooden tower of the XVIII century, next to which stands a small, one-windowed stone church of the XIV century, which was reconstructed in 1753.


The city of Irshava is located in the geographical centre of Transcarpathia. It does not boast a large number of interesting historical monuments. However, all fans of the Ukrainian narrow-gauge railway are happy to visit this city to take a trip on the Beregovo-Kushnytsya railway line, which passes through Irshava. The same narrow-gauge line runs from Irshava to Vynogradiv. The picturesque landscapes of the Carpathian nature will slowly pass before your eyes during a trip in a narrow-gauge railway.

Irshava Museum of Local Lore

When visiting Irshava, you should definitely visit the local history and local lore museum. It was opened in 2007. It houses more than 850 exhibits, including Neolithic stone axes, regional banknotes, kerosene lamps, ancient clothes and footwear of local residents, documents and postcards of Carpathian Ukraine, an ATO exposition, etc.

Borzhava narrow-gauge railway

The turning point in the history of Irshava was 1911, when Beregovo, Sevliush (Vynogradiv) and Irshava were connected by a narrow-gauge so-called economic railway. Today it is known as the Borzhavka narrow-gauge railway. The railway was the main impetus for the growth and economic development of the town.

Dovge village

The village of Dovge is the epitome of religious tolerance, with 4 churches of different faiths located on the central square. It is a unique place worth noting for its favourable atmosphere of diversity and understanding.

In addition, Dovhe is famous for another interesting building - the XVIII century palace-fortress, which is a unique example of medieval architecture. This fortress is the only one of its kind in Europe and attracts tourists with its elegant architecture.

Tavern-museum "Detsa u Notarya"

"Detsa u Notarya" is not just a restaurant, it is not so much the cuisine as the atmosphere that is important here: there is a kind of museum of folk humour, created in 1995 by the famous Transcarpathian humourist and historian Pavlo Chuchka. The restaurant-museum hosts the international humour festival "Carpathian verbiage". The name of the restaurant is very simple: "detsa" means "one hundred grams" and "notarya" means "notary". The sign at the entrance to the restaurant tells us that this house was built for a state notary in 1940.

Thermal pools "Zolota Gora"

Healing and nourishing thermal water emerges from the depths of the heart of our planet and enters the thermal pools of Zolota Gora at a pleasant temperature of 29 to 39°C.

In terms of its composition and temperature, the water extracted from the well belongs to the category of hot silicon bicarbonate sodium water of medium mineralisation.

Similar waters are found in the Côtes de France, EMC in Germany and Teplice in the Czech Republic.

Horyany rotunda

The Highland Rotunda is an elegant and fascinating architectural structure that embodies the grandeur and craftsmanship of medieval design. Located on a green hill, the rotunda attracts attention with its round shape, symbolising the eternal cycle of time and infinity. Its elegant arches and columns create a magical atmosphere, transporting visitors to the distant past and revealing the mystery and beauty of history. It is a place where culture, art and architecture merge together, leaving an unforgettable experience for everyone who has the privilege of exploring the unique heritage of Transcarpathia.

Uzhgorod mini sculptures

Uzhgorod mini-sculptures are an amazing world of art that is revealed in small works located throughout the city. Unique mini-monuments made by craftsmen with incredible detail invite guests of Uzhhorod and locals on a fascinating journey between reality and fantasy. Each mini-sculpture has its own history and symbolism, revealing the secrets of the city and taking us to the world of magic and fairy tales. They can make us stop, think, feel inner harmony and take a photo for the archive.


The village of Kolochava is a picturesque settlement located in the Uzhgorod district of the Transcarpathian region. Thanks to its stunning nature, rich cultural heritage and hospitable residents, the village attracts tourists from all over the world. Charming mountain landscapes, green meadows, picturesque streams and high peaks of the Carpathians create an unrivalled atmosphere for rest and relaxation. Kolochava also has a rich cultural heritage, including the traditional Ukrainian architecture of the Old Village skansen, churches and museums, where you can learn about the rich history and traditions of the region. Folk festivals, crafts and local cuisine add a special flavour and unique character to the village. Kolochava is a real natural and cultural treasure trove that can impress every traveller with its beauty and authenticity.

Kolochava Church of the Holy Spirit

The Church of the Holy Spirit is a historical and religious gem located in the heart of the village of Kolochava in the Transcarpathian region. This elegant church building attracts attention with its impressive architectural style and richness of detail. The building was constructed in 1775 and is of particular historical value. The Church of the Holy Spirit is known for its beautiful interior, where religious symbols, frescoes and wooden carvings intertwine. It serves as a place of worship and spiritual tranquillity for locals and believers alike. The Church of the Holy Spirit in Kolochava, which is a testament to the region's centuries-old religious and cultural heritage, invites guests to plunge into the mysterious world of faith and history.

Skansen "Old Village" in Kolochava

The Skansen in Kolochava is a unique open-air museum that attracts attention with its authenticity and variety of ethnographic specimens. It is located on a large territory. The Kolochava Open Air Museum embodies the spirit and culture of the peoples of Transcarpathia. It includes a collection of traditional village houses, huts, mills, churches and other buildings that have been preserved from the past centuries. Visitors can travel back in time and learn about the traditions, customs and way of life of different ethnic groups that lived in the region. Each exposition offers a realistic atmosphere and provides an opportunity to learn about the cultural wealth of Transcarpathia. The Old Village skansen is a window into the past that allows you to understand the heritage of previous generations and enjoy the unique traditions and architecture of the region.

Schwegan's poultry farm

The Shvegan Bird Park is a well-known nature reserve located in the Transcarpathian region, which attracts the attention of nature and bird lovers with its unsurpassed beauty. It was founded to protect and preserve rare bird species. The Shvegan Bird Park has become a real paradise for exploring and observing the richness of the fauna. Here you can find a variety of bird species, including herons, swans, ducks, cranes and many other birds. Clean air, picturesque lakes and marshlands create ideal conditions for birds to live and breed. Visitors can enjoy the unsurpassed nature, explore and learn about the peculiarities of the bird world, or simply enjoy the peace and harmony offered by this wonderful reserve.

Kvitka Polonyny

Kvitka Polonyny is a well-known resort facility located in a picturesque corner of Transcarpathia. This resort is famous for its unique healing properties of natural resources, especially the Carpathian air, mineral springs (mineral water "Luzhanska-4", "Luzhanska-7", "Polyana Kvasova") and natural landscapes. "Kvitka Polonyny" offers a wide range of medical treatments and programmes aimed at improving and restoring health. In addition, the sanatorium has comfortable conditions for rest and relaxation, cosy rooms, restaurants with delicious and healthy cuisine, as well as various entertainment and sports facilities. "Kvitka Polonyny" is an ideal place to forget about everyday worries, enjoy the purity of nature, improve your health, and recharge your batteries during an unforgettable holiday.

Sonyachne Zakarpattya

Sanatorium "Sonyachne Zakarpattya" is a well-known resort destination located in a beautiful corner of the Transcarpathian region. The facility offers excellent medical treatments, including Borzhom-type mineral waters from the Novo-Polyanske deposit and dipping in thermal pools. Visitors can enjoy walks in the charming gardens and relax on the sun terraces. "Sunny Transcarpathia" is a place where you can feel the wealth of warmth, light and health while enjoying the natural beauty and hospitality of Transcarpathia.

Derenivska Kupil

Derenivska Kupil is a wonderful natural resort located on the banks of the Dniester River in the Transkarpatien region. This place attracts tourists with its natural beauty, healing properties and tranquil atmosphere. The main feature of Derenivska Kupil is its mineral springs with a high content of sulphur and other useful substances, which are used for medical procedures (sulphur baths, inhalations, etc.). Many holidaymakers also visit Derenivska Kupil for relaxation and recreation in a natural environment. Waterfalls, green forests and panoramic views of the Dniester create an unrivalled atmosphere of harmony and tranquillity. Derenivska Kupil is an ideal place for those who want to improve their health, bathe in vats, relax in the lap of nature and enjoy the beneficial effects of the mineral springs Derenivska Kupil, Zakarpatska-1 and Zakarpatska-2.


The charming city of Uzhgorod invites visitors to take an exciting journey at any time of the year. In winter, when the streets are covered with snow, you can enjoy the romantic atmosphere and view the majestic festive illuminations on the streets. In the spring, when nature comes to life, you can enjoy the blooming sakura gardens and parks. In summer, you can visit cosy street cafes, enjoy evening walks and explore architectural gems such as Uzhhorod Castle. Autumn envelops the city in bright colours, creating an unrivalled atmosphere for walks in parks and gardens. In addition, Uzhgorod's museums, galleries and traditional fairs offer unique opportunities to experience local culture and art throughout the year. Whatever the season, Uzorod and its friendly people will always impress you with its beauty, history and hospitality.


  • Transport service according to the tour programme
  • Group transfer
  • Accommodation in the hotel
  • Breakfasts
  • Accompaniment of a guide according to the tour programme
  • Entrance tickets to castles and museums
  • Wine and cheese tastings
  • Bathing in vats
  • Swimming in thermal pools
from ₴ 2 225

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