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Resort Voevodyno is interesting in all seasons. As the resort is located right in the mountains and away from the road, it has its own atmosphere.

In the summer of Voevodyno The resort is a romantic place for walks in the park, picnics, ceremonies, weddings, hiking and just relaxing.

In spring and autumn, you can pay attention to the spa, as there are traditional Transcarpathian tubs, which are warmed by an open fire – a wonderful spectacle and incredible sensations! By the way, they are considered to be a real paradise of cast iron vats Lumshory, it is far, about 30-40 km. However, in Lumshory there is an opportunity to visit the vats with local popular mineral water, with its healing properties, which is known for centuries.

Voevodyno, bridge

Well, in winter Voevodyno turns into a winter fairy tale, where it is possible to go skiing. Transcarpathian ski complex “Voevodino” is rightly considered a place where you can admire the majesty of the mountains, enjoying the excellent service and hospitality.

The temperature in Voevodyno is now:

19.6o C   |   67.2o F

Voevodyno on the map

Ski resort of Voevodyno

It is necessary to tell in more detail what “Voevodyno” is in winter. The snow season here lasts from late December to March. In addition, for those who want to gain new experiences, the complex offers a large variety of services.

The ski complex is located at a distance from the busy highways in a quiet corner near the village of Turya Pasika. It is located on 17 hectares, including:

  • recreation center;
  • hotel;
  • a park;
  • restaurants;
  • SPA-center, etc.
Лижні траси Воєводино

Ski slopes

The resort has long won the sympathy of ski lovers. For them, there is a safe and relatively gentle slope of medium difficulty with a length of 900 m.

The second route, 300 m long, is located on Mount Krasiya and is intended only for children.

The difference in height on both descents reaches 100 m. Their arrangement is carried out by a snowmobile.

Natural or artificial snow is constantly delivered to the slopes. Even in the dark, they are well lit.

For the convenience of tourists there is a great lift. Tourists staying at the hotel, it serves for free, the rest will have to pay a certain amount.

Voevodyno descent map

Карта Воєводино

Prices for ski lifts and visits

The ski lift, which is equipped with the ski resort “Voevodyno” (Transcarpathia), can reach a height of 650 m (120-150 UAH ). The children’s version works for 100 m (45-50 UAH ). Children under 5 can use it for free.

The construction allows about 600 people per hour, which avoids queues and crowds..

In addition, each resident of Ukraine must pay a special fee of 30 UAH. per day per person and 90 UAH . – travelers who came from other countries.

Оренда гірськолижного спорядження у Воєводино

Ski equipment rental

For those who went on a trip without sports equipment, an open rental of skis, snowboards and other equipment. Rent is inexpensive, in Voevodyno prices range from 100 to 160 UAH.

Fans who take the first steps are invited to go through a special school. Here, professional instructors will show them the basics of technology, as well as demonstrate the correct position on skis or snowboards . The amount for 1 lesson does not exceed 70 UAH. per hour.

What else to have fun in Voevodyno?

Tourist Center “Voevodyno” is located in an ecological area, where travelers enjoy the silence and fresh air. They walk in the mountains, admire the exotic park with many gazebos, bridges and lanterns, visit the picturesque lakes and just have a good time.

And then in the long evenings, looking at the photos taken, they remember a wonderful trip.

Верхова їзда у Воєводино


Winter vacation in “Voevodyno” offers everyone lessons in horseback riding or horseback riding in the mountains of Transcarpathia, as well as sledding.

They contribute to:

  • rescue from stress;
  • rehabilitation of the respiratory system;
  • increase self-esteem;
  • health promotion;
  • posture improvement, etc.

In addition, horseback riding along rivers, hills or forests will allow every tourist to enjoy the local atmosphere.

Катання на санних упряжках у Воєводино


Horseback riding provides a great charge of extreme sports with a strong adrenaline rush. But this does not mean that it is not available to women or children. They can take part in carriage or sleigh rides, which are traditional entertainment for the Carpathians.

Such games strengthen muscles, increase heart rate and promote weight loss.

Those who have visited “Voevodyno” will never forget the entertainment on horseback. Luxurious memories will remain with them for a lifetime.

Риболовля в комплексі Воєводино на форель та осетра

Fishing in the complex for trout and sturgeon

Tourist center “Voevodyno” will surprise with other types of entertainment. Few people will remain indifferent at the thought of fishing for trout and other fish.

The stunning beauty of Transcarpathian landscapes, clear air and rapid ice river will quickly raise the tone of every lover of active recreation.

The Voevodino complex contains reservoirs inhabited by:

  • to shave;
  • Danube salmon;
  • carp;
  • crayfish;
  • sterlet;
  • trout, etc.

The local fish farm has a full cycle of adult breeding.

Походи в гори (Воєводино)

Hiking in the mountains

In order for each cell to absorb the nature of Transcarpathia, it is necessary to take a walk in the mountains. Only here you can breathe truly fresh air, get unforgettable emotions and see the majestic peaks.

Travelers will be able to enjoy the murmur of streams and birdsong, as well as put their faces under the gentle rays of the sun. Here every tourist will not only have fun, but also heal the body, filling it with the healing power of Transcarpathian nature.

Катання на санях у Воєводино


In terms of physical costs, sledding is only slightly inferior to jogging. It affects the human body with a whole set of therapeutic effects.
These include:

  1. Fighting hypodynamia.
  2. Prevention of hypertension.
  3. Stabilization of coordination of movements.
  4. Strengthen leg muscles.
  5. Improving the activity of the vestibular apparatus.
  6. Strengthening the body’s resistance.
  7. Elimination of hypoxia.

Cheerful leisure in nature allows you to admire the beauty of the Carpathians. Tourists will be in a good mood not only for the whole day, but also for the whole year.

Excursions around the district

Voevodyno Resort invites travelers with children to relax. The whole family will receive a huge supply of positive emotions.

Tourists are waiting for:

Прогулянки у парку Шенборна

Walks in Schönborn Park

Everyone who visits Schönborn Park will get bright emotions . It is an exact copy of a famous place. The original is a pearl of European garden art and is arranged around the ancient palace of the most influential Austrian counts.

SPA відпочинок у Воєводино

SPA vacation

Recreation complex “Voevodino” offers SPA center services, among which are:

  • Aroma- , hydro- and classical massage;
  • indoor heated pool;
  • scrubbing;
  • spa treatments;
  • salt room;
  • stone therapy;
  • fitting, etc.

The health power of useful microelements and plants, experienced movements of human hands and energy flows coming from the water, contribute to the full restoration of health.

The most interesting places are nearby

Шелестівська Михайлівська церква в Ужгороді

One of the best examples of Transcarpathian church architecture of the past is the Church of the Archangel Michael of

Чани Поляна

At any time of the year, vats in the village of Polyana are very popular, made with local healing mineral

Гора Гостра (Остра)

An impressive adventure for tourists is the ascent of Ostra Mountain. It is located on the very border of Uzhgorod

Озеро «Довгий струмок» у Тур'я Поляні

Near the Turyansky Dvir (Turya Polyana) complex is the Long Stream Lake. This is an ideal place to swim in

Тур’є-Полянський заказник

The Turya Polyana Reserve is located on the northern outskirts of the village of Turya Polyana and is a general

Орнітологічний заказник «Соколові скелі»

A very picturesque natural monument near Turya Polyana is the unique ornithological reserve Sokolovi Skeli, founded in 1978 in the

Гідрант з сірководневою водою у с. Тур'я Поляна

An interesting location in the village of Turya Polyana is a hydrant with mineral hydrogen sulphide water. It is located

Водоспад Юнтур взимку

Another interesting waterfall near the village of Turya Polyana, in addition to the Voyevodyn waterfall, is Yuntur. This waterfall ranks

Міні-ГЕС Шипіт 2

One of the most picturesque and scenic objects in the village of Turya Polyana is the newly built mini-HPP Shypit

Невицький замок

Once upon a time, a Turkish princess settled in the valley of the Uzh river, “by coincidence” also an evil

Казковий замок Берегвар

In 1840, the owners of the Mukachevo-Chinadiyovo dominion, the Counts Schönborn, built a wooden house in the Berehvar tract as

Хата-музей «Лемківська садиба»

This unique house-museum was created in 1985 in the village of Zarichevo. Perechinsky region. It reflects the life and way

Блакитна лагуна на Закарпатті

An attractive place where you can swim and reach the Blue Lagoon without any problems on foot.

Водоспад Воєводин

The most powerful Transcarpathian waterfall is Voyevodyn, which is located 12 kilometres north of the village of Turya Polyana in

Voevodyno, bridge

Voivodyno resort is interesting at all times of the year. Since the resort is located right in the mountains and

Tours and excursions

Where to stay in Voevodyno?

The hotels of the resort and other places of residence are intended to make a pleasant stay in “Voevodyno”. The natural beauty of wood is preserved in the decoration of the premises. It does not interfere with the passage of air and light, which fill the entire surrounding space.

Resort Voevodyno™

The complex itself provides options for accommodation of increased comfort, differing in the appropriate price level. Travelers will appreciate the special tranquility and romance of the environment combined with traditional classics and rare comfort.

The rooms here have a special atmosphere. Suites and junior suites are created in a minimalist design of a family cottage, based on the simplicity and purity of natural lines with the use of restrained colors. Such a solution helps to create an ideal space where natural and urban principles merge.

A large number of offers in the village of Turya Pasika (5 km from the descent)

If the price level offered by the resort complex seems a bit high, then near the village of Turya Pasika you can choose a great budget accommodation. Just find “Voevodyno” on the map and follow the nearby hotels.

Prices for housing in Voevodyno

Hotels and comfortable cottages offer accommodation from 800 to 2000 UAH, including breakfast.

  • Standard – 2232,50 UAH.
  • Comfort Double – 2732,50 UAH.
  • Junior Suite – 3032,50 UAH.
  • Suite – 3232,50 UAH.
  • Suite with fireplace and kitchenette – 4032,50 UAH.
  • Suite with kitchenette – 4032,50 UAH.
  • Cottage with a fireplace – 3832,50 UAH.
  • Family room – 4232,50 UAH.
  • Family suite with fireplace – 5232,50 UAH.
  • Family room with fireplace – 5232,50 UAH.
  • Grand Family Suite – 5932,50 UAH.
Elf-cottage в урочищі Воєводино
19 Voyevodyno tract, Turya-Pasika
+380 ....
from 2960₴/night
Комплекс «Воєводино»
Resort "Voevodyno", village Turya-Pasika
+380 ....
from 2232₴

Where to eat in Voevodyno?

Naturally, an active lifestyle increases appetite. The Voevodyno complex is ready to provide tourists with excellent food in barbecue gazebos and 3 restaurants serving Ukrainian cuisine with Hungarian, Transcarpathian and Slovak notes

Great menu

Voevodyno cuisine is based on the use of environmentally friendly products from local farms and farms. There are even dishes for vegetarians. The wine bar is truly inexhaustible.

Those who have mastered skiing in Voevodino are satisfying their hunger at the Hungry Trout restaurant. The menu is based on Hungarian, Transcarpathian, Slovak and Ukrainian cuisine. Tourists especially praise bograch , baked trout with spices and zhebesh-gush .

The ethnic Kolyba, which serves local dishes, is also very popular. Hardly anyone will forget the taste of banosh with cheese. And the decoration of the hall in hunting tones and a hot fireplace will provide guests with a quiet and satisfying holiday.

Institutions nearby, in the village of Turya Pasika

Voevodyno complex is the Lounge Bar , which offers a wide range of cocktails, as well as delicious coffee and hearty food.

Food prices in Voevodyno

Breakfast in the Voevodyno complex is included in the price. The cost of additional breakfast for an adult is UAH 100, and for a child – UAH 80. A set lunch for an adult costs UAH 120, for children – UAH 90.

«Лаунж-Бар» (Воєводино)
Turya-Pasika village, Uzhgorod district, Zakarpattia region, Ukraine
+380 ....
Етно-ресторан «Колиба» у Воєводино
"Voyevodino" resort, Turya-Pasika village, Uzhgorod district, Zakarpattia region, Ukraine
+380 ....
Етно-ресторан «Колиба» у Воєводино
"Voevodyno" resort, Turya-Pasika village, Uzhgorod district, Zakarpattia region, Ukraine
+380 ....
Ресторан «Голодна форель»
Voyevodyno resort, Turya-Pasika village, Uzhgorod district, Zakarpattia region, Ukraine
+380 ....
Ресторан «Воєводино»
Voyevodyno resort, Turya-Pasika village, Uzhgorod district, Zakarpattia region, Ukraine
+380 ....

How to get to Voevodyno?

A trip to “Voevodyno” is most convenient when using personal transport. The resort is located in Perechyn district of Transcarpathian region. Therefore, it is better to immediately choose the Lviv-Uzhgorod, highway, which is necessary to get to Svalyava.

If you go by train from the capital, you need to reach the railway station Perechyn. From here, numerous minibuses or private taxis will quickly take you to your destination.

If someone is thinking about how to get to “Voevodyno” by bus, it should be noted that this type of public transport runs from:

  1. Zhdenievo – 52 km.
  2. Lviv – 243 km.
  3. Mukachevo – 63 km.
  4. Poroshkova – 11 km.
  5. Uzhhorod – 43 km.
  6. Chop – 69 km.

Reviews of the resort

Numerous reviews contain the most enthusiastic words:

Popular questions

What is there to see in Voevodyno?
If you are relaxing in Voevodino or nearby, it is recommended to enjoy the beauty of this region, take a walk in the Schönborn park and climb the mountains. For more active tourists, here you can find excursions to various interesting locations and various activities (horseback riding, fishing, jeep tours). In winter, a ski lift operates here.
How to get to Voevodyno?
Voevodyno is located in the former Perechyn, and now Uzhgorod district of the Transcarpathian region. By car, you need to go along the Lviv-Uzhgorod highway and turn off near Svalyava and get to Turya Pasika. From there 5 km to Voevodino. By bus you can get from Lviv or Uzhgorod or many cities of Transcarpathia. By train you need to get to Perechyn, and from there by bus or taxi.

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