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Derenivska Kupil

16 km from Uzhhorod is a cozy village Nizhne Solotvyno. The first mention of this village dates back to 1405. Then it was called Slatina. The stream flowing through the village has the same name. The first owners of the village were noblemen from the village. Hills Among the architectural monuments in the village, the brick Intercession Church, built in 1877-1881, has been preserved. But the largest village is famous for its healing thermal waters. Now the village has sanatorium complexes “Termal Star” and the famous “Dereniska Kupil”.

Деренівська Купіль

A little history about Derenivska Kupil

Derenivska Kupil has an ancient history shrouded in mysterious legends. The first documentary evidence of healing with local mineral waters dates back to 1582. From the written sources of those times, we can learn that Miklos Korlat from the village of Khlmets sued the Drugets for the right to own forest areas and a healing bath in the Derenivka tract. Since December 19, 1634, thanks to the local priest Danyil Serednyanskyi, the old names of the bathhouse have been known. In those days, it was called “Zhalobny Derentse”, “Derenza zholoboborniya”, “Derets serebernna vaserovna”, which is an additional confirmation of its healing properties.

The very name “Derenivka” comes from the dogwood tree that grew in this tract and was called in Transcarpathia – “deren”

In documents of the Habsburg dynasty dated 1692, Deren water is called “Derenus Zilbers wasser”. It is this name that can be seen today on the ancient coat of arms of the bathhouse. During the uprising of the Kuruts in the confrontation between the Transylvanian prince Ferenc II Rakoczy and the Habsburgs, “Slatino” (as the resort was called) was completely destroyed in 1705. Fortunately, thanks to its healing properties, the bathhouse was rebuilt very quickly.

The baths of the Derentse Zholobovne bathhouse were filled with mineral water through wooden chutes. Austrian nobles were treated and rejuvenated in these baths, and lived in a palace with towers and terraces.

In the first half of the XX century. Famous European families visit the Derenivska baptismal font. The fame of this resort surpassed Baden-Baden and Karlovy Vary. Therefore, it is not surprising that in 1913 “Derenivskiy Kupeli” was officially recommended for visits in Austria-Hungary.

In 1935, the scientist František Wisner in his scientific work “Mineral springs of Subcarpathian Rus” highly appreciated its healing properties and recommended it for use by local residents and all citizens of the Czechoslovak Republic. In Soviet times, the “Cooperator” sanatorium operated in the tract, which had all-Union fame and recognition.

The temperature in Derenivska Kupil now:

14.4o C   |   57.9o F

Derenivska Kupil: map of attractions

Healing waters and beauty of Derenivska Kupil

One of the natural unique features of Derenivska Kupil is therapeutic mineral water with a high content of silicon and other microelements. Mineral water “Zakarpatska 1”, thermal water “Zakarpatska 2” and drinking water “Derenivska Kupil” are extracted from artesian wells in the ecologically clean area of the Derenivka tract.

The complex has its own plant “Derenivska Kupil”, where mineral and drinking water is poured according to the principle “without breaking the jet”. This technology allows you to preserve the natural properties of water. In the very heart of the complex, a modern pumping station with varieties of healing Derenivka water has been opened.

Natural drinking water “Derenivska Kupil” is extracted from a depth of 125 m. Mineral waters “Zakarpatska 1” and “Zakarpatska 2” are formed in the depth intervals of 200-600 m, prevent the development of atherosclerosis and related cardiovascular diseases, stimulate skin elasticity . They are bottled at the place of extraction.

Health and wellness procedures in Derenivska Kupil are also based on unique thermal water extracted from an artesian well. The water contains silicon and boron, so it has a healing effect on the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, endocrine, and reproductive systems. Thanks to silicon, water slows down the aging process, rejuvenates the skin and all internal systems.

On the territory of “Derenivskaya Kupil” there are health centers “Iris” and SPA-complex “Sribni Termy”, which offer a wide range of individual programs for health, rejuvenation, cleansing of the body, building a slim body, balneology and cosmetology.

A botanical garden with a collection of 5,000 plants, including 30 types of magnolias, 20 types of sakura with different flowering periods, a rose garden with a thousand roses of 150 varieties, and 180 varieties of irises was planted on 10 hectares of the Derenivska Kupil complex. Between them are ponds with water lilies and a park of sculptures.

Hotels of the resort

Guests are offered 130 stylish modern rooms in the new four-star hotel “Iris” and 44 comfortable apartments in the Apartment Hotel. A 5-star Deluxe SPA-hotel will soon start receiving visitors.

Accommodation options take into account the diverse needs and wishes of guests. Just choose a room in the Apartment Hotel or the Iris Hotel and enjoy a comfortable rest in the nature of the picturesque Carpathians.

Апартамент-готель Деренівська Купіль
village of Nizhne Solotvino, 150
+380 ....

Готель «Ірис»
village of Nizhne Solotvino, 150
+380 ....

Санаторій «Термал Стар»
Derenivka, 226, Nizhne Solotvino
+380 ....

from 1400₴/night

The uniqueness of the cooking of the resort

“Derenivska Kupil” restaurants are a space of refined taste and high cuisine. This is a pleasant discovery for gourmets, the art of cooking and sophistication in every detail.

The gastronomic service of “Derenivska Kupil” combines ecologically clean food products from its own farms, state-of-the-art equipment and local recipes in a European variation. A unique feature, which has no analogues in the territory of Ukraine, is the preparation of food based on natural drinking and mineral water, which is extracted directly on the spot.

Entertainment in “Derenivska Kupil”

“Derenivska Kupil” offers a wide variety of entertainment for the most demanding tourists. For large and small companies there are gazebos with a barbecue and a vat – a mountain SPA-attraction. Fishing enthusiasts have a chance to catch carp, white carp, crucian carp and crucian carp in the ponds, which you can cook yourself. Fans of active recreation are offered a fitness center, a gym, two outdoor tennis courts with a “Hard” covering system, mini-golf and other sports attractions. The complex has billiards, bowling and karaoke.

The “Derenivska Kupil” complex can be visited at any time of the year. In the spring and summer, it is better to come to those who want to admire the blossoming of cherry blossoms and roses, which will enchant any tourist, who like golf, fishing and tennis. In autumn and winter, it is best to come for wellness spa procedures in healing mineral water.

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Tours and excursions

How to get to Derenivska Kupil

It should be noted that the very convenient geographical location of the “Derenivska Kupil” complex is also very convenient. It is located almost at the same distance from the two largest cities of Transcarpathia – Uzhhorod and Mukachevo. Therefore, it is convenient to go on excursions to these cities from the complex to get acquainted with the sights of antiquity, alcohol and gastro tourism, and shopping.

You can get to the complex by buses from Uzhgorod and Mukachevo, which regularly run daily through Nizhne Solotvino. For more demanding tourists, you can use transfer services, which are available at any time of the day. The nearest railway stations are in Uzhgorod and Mukachevo. They have regular rail connections with most major cities of Ukraine. In addition, there is an airport nearby in Uzhhorod, which receives flights from Kyiv two or three times a week from spring to autumn. So, in addition to ships, you can get here by any type of modern transport.

In general, the latest image of the Derenivskaya font, starting from the style in architecture and health services, harmoniously combines the glorious past, the natural wealth of the region and state-of-the-art technical capabilities.

So don’t waste time choosing a vacation spot, because Derenivska Kupil is the best solution.

Detailed weather

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