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Themed holiday in the Carpathians “Horse guests”

Preluky tract, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine
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5 days / 4 nights

Tour Type

Specific Tour

Group Size

30 people




Thematic holiday in the Carpathians “Horse guests” from the school of mountain equestrian tourism by Alexander Ignatenko.

A herd of horses, meadows, camp…

In the highland corner of the Carpathians, the energy of unbridled freedom reigns, emanating from a herd of Hutsul horses. Thanks to free horses and wild nature, you will reach a state of nirvana.

For an active, exciting holiday, the combination of mountains and horses is ideal.

We offer:

  • 5 days/4 nights of incredible adventures with a herd of Hutsul horses among the picturesque Carpathians on the territory of Polonynske Hospodarstvo, which is located in the middle of the Preluky tract between the meadows Rivna (Runa) and Gostra at an altitude of over 930 metres above sea level;
  • three meals a day;
  • clean, tasty water from mountain streams;
  • Gathering herbs, berries and mushrooms;
  • interesting lectures and master classes conducted by the owner and breeder of the herd, veterinarian, founder of the mountain equestrian tourism school Oleksandr Ihnatenko;
  • direct observation of the life of a herd of horses;
  • the possibility of an independent trip on foot in the mountains to the Gostra valley, Rivna valley, Voevodyn waterfall.

During each horse trekking trip, one day is organised every 3-4 days to spend at a rest stop. On this day, people rest, reflect on the traversed part of the hike, consult with each other and receive instructions from the guide.

It is the presence of horses grazing near people that establishes an invisible connection between people and horses.

This type of recreation for tourists is a combination of ethology (watching horses in their habitat) and equine-assisted therapy.

During lectures and masterclasses, the best specialists will demonstrate and share with you their methods of working with horses. This will be a real magic for you, as most modern people have no idea about the intellectual abilities of horses, their ability to understand people if they know how to establish contact with them.

Compared to training at mountain equestrian tourism schools, where participants work on themselves all the time and are busy almost all day, campers listen to interesting lectures and take part in useful workshops. The camp is a holiday with an introduction to the equestrian theme. It shows cooperation with horses that have grown up in the wild in the mountains.

Horse riding is not allowed at the camp.

The accommodation is organised in a place where a whole herd of Hutsul horses up to 50 heads lives. In fact, you will be visiting the horses, learning to understand them.

In the camp you should watch, observe and not disturb the horses. The most respected people in the herd are those who do not interfere with their business.

Benefits and rules of the camp

If you opt for a horseback riding holiday in the mountains, you will get:

  • an incredible 5 days/4 nights in a picturesque mountain setting;
  • overnight stay in a 16-person tent with mattresses and beds;
  • three meals a day. In case of food allergies or vegetarianism, please inform us in advance;
  • one campfire for all participants. At the same time, all campers will collect firewood in the surrounding forest;
  • clean drinking water from mountain streams;
  • shower with hot water;
  • 4 toilets (provided with hygienic paper);
  • a large hut where you can spend time during the rains;
  • vats. Depending on the number of group members, you will receive 2 days of vats for a group of 15 people, 3 days for 25 people, 4 days for a group of more than 25 people. Firewood for the vats is prepared by the organisers, and the group members organise the vat itself;
  • the opportunity to hike along marked tourist trails to the Rivna valley, the Voyevodyn waterfall and the Gostra valley;
  • convenient transfer from the city Uzhgorod to the camp and back.

The following rules apply in the camp:

  • music can only be listened to with headphones. However, live music from guitars or other instruments is allowed;
  • mandatory waste sorting;
  • communicate in a calm voice, without raising your voice or shouting;
  • The camp has a “dry law”. The use of alcohol and other psychotropic substances is prohibited. You should spend your time with horses only when you are sober;
  • While in the camp, you must not touch or disturb the horses in any way. You must strictly follow all the rules of coexistence with horses on their territory, which will be explained to you during the first lecture;
  • in case of violation of the rules, the participant will be forced to leave the campsite. In this case, the camp fee will not be refunded.

The camp is open to adults and adults with children aged 10 and over.

Who is suitable for a horse riding tour?

The target audience of this educational horse camp is adults and children under the age of 10 accompanied by adults. Staying in the mountainous area where the Hutsul horse breed was formed is the best way to learn about them directly in their habitat.

During the camp, the herd of horses within the mountain pasture is enclosed by a special electric fence on an area of 25 hectares. In this space, the horses will be near the participants, among them, or in seclusion (depending on the behaviour of the people). In such an atmosphere, there is the best opportunity to observe the behavioural characteristics of Hutsul horses within their equine society.

During the equestrian camp, you should not pet or scratch the horses, as they are not dogs or teddy bears, but free beings who seek respect for their personal space. The aim of the camp is to directly observe the life and behaviour of horses in the wild, which will lead to the understanding that they are unique living beings with developed intelligence and a high level of socialisation. In nature, horses live in herds, which are large families with close social relationships. Living in a herd in the middle of the steppes, fields and mountains is natural for these wonderful creatures. Staying in a day care centre is an artificial environment for them. Therefore, it is not surprising that you can easily get into the stables and pet a horse, while in the wild, to pet a horse, you must first catch it.

You will receive all this information in more depth at lectures and workshops.

Don’t be afraid that the camp will turn into a series of lectures. During the camp, it is mandatory to attend only the first lecture on the rules of behaviour in the herd. The rest of the lectures can be attended at will. But, as practice shows, the attendance at the lectures is almost one hundred per cent.

During the master classes, the main elements of interaction with horses will be demonstrated: how to lead horses, how to get on horses, which saddle to use and how to stay in different alleys in the saddle.

Due to the lack of knowledge of the system of interaction with wild horses in the camp, the participants, even if they are experienced riders, are not allowed to ride Hutsul horses. This is a correct consideration of the wild horses’ right to personal space. In fact, this rule is an unwritten agreement between people and horses in the camp, which should be strictly observed under all circumstances.

The target audience of this camp is:

  • people who love nature;
  • adults and children who love horses;
  • anyone who wants to be informed about interactions with wild horses;
  • anyone who is interested in equestrian sports;
  • everyone who intends to take a course in mountain equestrian tourism;
  • true equestrians who can’t imagine their holidays without horses and want to gain the maximum amount of knowledge about them.

Camp schedule

Day 1

The group of camp participants will gather at 11.30 a.m opposite the main entrance to the Uzhgorod railway station.

1-2 days before the departure, tourists will be informed about the bus and the phone number of the driver who will meet them in Uzhgorod. The bus will take the campers to 2 water intakes. Tourists with their own cars can follow the bus to the car park.

Then the participants get off the bus and walk 5 kilometres along a picturesque marked green tourist route until they reach the farm Polonynske Hospodarstvo. An SUV will take the tourists’ belongings to their destination.

4:00 p.m – Delicious lunch.

The next step is to set up tents on the campsite.

5:30 p.m – Listening to a lecture: “Ethology. Partnership with a horse.”**

8:00 p.m – Bombastic dinner.

Day 2

9:00 a.m – Hearty breakfast.

10:00 a.m – Conducting a masterclass: “Human step, horse step, how to walk in a way that moves harmoniously. How to lead a horse so that it wants to follow you, i.e. invite it to follow you.”***

2:00 p.m – A wonderful lunch.

8:00 p.m – A wonderful dinner.

Day 3

9:00 a.m – A healthy breakfast.

10:00 a.m – Conducting a master class (demonstration): “Cooperation with a horse, when the reins are an element of information transfer from rider to horse, from horse to rider, and not just a control element. Movements of rider and horse at a walk, trot and canter on rough terrain.”***

2:00 p.m – Set lunch.

8:00 p.m – A rich dinner.

Day 4

9:00 a.m – Delicious breakfast.

2:00 p.m – A hearty lunch.

Dinner – 8:00 p.m.

Free day.

Day 5

9:00 a.m – Farewell breakfast.

12:00 a.m – Let’s hit the road.

4:30 p.m – Arrival at the main entrance to the Uzhgorod railway station.

*Car parking downstairs 10 km away (even for SUVs).
**Lecture is compulsory.
***Presence on request.

If you want to go for a walk and be late for a meal, your food will be left waiting for you.

About the equipment

Equipment you need to take:

  1. Utensils intended for hiking, namely a spoon, fork, plate, cup or thermos, water bottle.
  2. Sleeping bag.
  3. Flashlight on the forehead.
  4. High-quality tent and mattress for those who decide to spend the night in their tent.
  5. Swimsuit, bath towel and personal care products for the shower.
  6. Warm clothing.
  7. Two pairs of shoes, one of which must be rubber boots or other type of waterproof footwear.
  8. Raincoat or other clothing to protect you from the rain.
  9. Power bank (electricity consumption in the mountains is limited and is mostly used for household needs, in extreme cases it is possible to get it before leaving).

Things should be packed in a tourist backpack, not a suitcase, so that in case of problems with off-road vehicles, participants can carry their belongings to the bus on their own (such cases have not yet occurred, but it is worthwhile to be safe, as the train will not wait).


  • The place: a unique farm for breeding Hutsul horses in their natural habitat, there are no stables or stables, the horses are not fed or watered, even in winter. The farm with summer pastures is located at an altitude of 930 metres above sea level, and the horses are grazed either with the help of electric shepherds on the premises or freely on the Rivne or Gostra meadows. The horses in our herd are self-sufficient, they receive nothing from people, they are physically and mentally strong with their own opinions and free-spirited disposition.
  • The idea: a horseback riding camp. Relaxation, rest, contemplation.
  • The goal of the camp is to get people to know the unique nature of the Carpathians, to learn from their own experience the peculiarities of the behaviour of other living beings with their personal space, life and views on it. To enrich their knowledge of horse herds by observing these amazing animals and exploring the area that became the birthplace of the Hutsul horse breed.
  • Participants: adults and adults with children from 10 years old.
  • Entrance fee: adult ticket: UAH 5000, children's ticket (under 18): UAH 4500.



Preluky tract

Polonynske Farm

Polonyna Rivna

Polonyna Gostra

Voevodyn Waterfall



  • A place for a tent or a place in a heated tent for 16 people with beds and mattresses
  • 3 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner. A vegetarian option is available, without meat
  • Toilet paper
  • Vat: Group of 15 people vat 2 days. Group of 25 people vat 3 days. For a group of more than 25 people, a vat for 4 consecutive days. Firewood is the responsibility of the organisers. Vat is organised by the group members.
  • Transfer from Uzhgorod and back
  • Car parking 10 km from the camp (security fee 200 UAH / 5 days)
  • Personal expenses


What is useful and interesting for children?
Children here will have a unique opportunity to visit the mountains, taste delicious dishes cooked on the fire, eat healthy berries in the form of strawberries, blueberries, cowberries, raspberries and blackberries. Depending on the weather, you can take advantage of the mushroom season or go picking and drying many different herbs, and then make tea and remember the camp and the herd of horses throughout the year. For children, this is a unique opportunity to get into the parallel reality of a herd of horses in the middle of the mountains. The children will have many questions to which they will receive answers.
What is interesting and useful for adults?
Everything is the same for adults as it was for children. In addition, there is no internet in the camp, and mobile phone coverage is only available in some places. These days, this can be seen as a significant positive! Thus, you will get time and a unique opportunity to be alone with yourself, a calm atmosphere, a herd of horses and admiring the surrounding beauty.
What is interesting and useful for equestrians and those who are engaged in riding?
There is a lot of talk about horse psychology, hierarchy, and instincts, and there are many theories and conversations about it. But it is better to see once than to hear many times. The camp's experts will be happy to share their rich and unique experience with the participants, and the personal observations of the tourists will enrich their personal experience, which is very valuable and important.
from ₴ 5 000

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