Polonyna Runa (Rivne)

Маршрут на полонину Руну

If the weather allows, be sure to make a climb to the rune (Rivne). During one day you can conquer the peaks of Menchul, Polonyna Runa (Rivne) and Runa – Play. Nearby are the picturesque Voyevodyn waterfall and the ornithological reserve “Falcon Rocks” – the abode of birds of prey. Lumshory is also a ski resort. Tourists can go skiing in winter, as Lumshory has had a 300-meter ski lift since 2003.

Photo from Polonyna Runa towards the village of Lypovets

Полонина Руна

Routes to Polonya Runa

Walking route

From Lumshor forest road
On foot
Ascent from 300 m to 1160 m
Distance 11.5 km

Car route

On the ramp, from the turn to Likitsary and Lipovets
Ascent from 460 m to 1360 m
Distance 7.9 km

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Living nearby

To Lem Ande Hotel, Lumshory
Lumshory, Transcarpathian region
+380 ....

from 700 ₴ / night
Chans "U Tsimbora", Lumshory
street Priozerna, 9, Lumshory, Zakarpattia region
+380 ....

from 1050
Davir Resort & Spa, Lumshory
street Forest, Lumshory, Transcarpathian region
+380 ....

from 1650 ₴
Котедж "Клуб Водоспад", Лумшори
вул. Лісова, 12, урочище Кичера, Лумшори, Закарпатська область, 89215
+380 ....

Leisure nearby

Kolyba "Lumshorsky vats"
Lumshori, street Luhova, 5, Transcarpathian region
+380 ....
Ресторан Давір-колиба в Лумшорах
Lumshory, Lisova Street, Zakarpattia region
+380 ....