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Uzhgorod – Ancient Castle: walking tour

Uzhgorod, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine
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2 hours

Tour Type

Specific Tour

Group Size

20 people


English, Ukrainian


  • The sightseeing tour “Uzhgorod – the ancient city” always attracts travellers. Everyone knows that in the old days it was called Ungvar. It is simply woven from all the best that is the essence of European culture. The historical biography of the city has been recorded for more than 1100 years, which rightfully makes it the oldest place in the country. Uzhgorod has seen the era of the Hungarian Kingdom, Austria-Hungary and Czechoslovakia, and each period that Transcarpathia was part of had its own impact on its beautiful appearance.

This tour is a walk through the ancient streets of the city, which immerse tourists in different eras and reveal to them the masterpieces of Europe and Ukraine, showing the mutual influence of architecture of different periods. The Uzhgorod Castle, the Bishop’s Residence, the Greek Catholic Church of the Holy Cross, the linden alley, the Old Village skansen, Korzo Street, the Hasidic synagogue, the Czech quarter with charming sakura trees and other attractions delight the city’s guests, leaving them with memories of a colourful and vibrant journey.

Tour programme

Programme of the sightseeing tour of Uzhgorod:

– A tour of the historic centre with visits to the rock garden, the Greek Catholic Cathedral, St Gisella’s House, the 18th century bishop’s residence, Lipova Alley, the best cafes, mini-sculptures, the bridge over the Uzh, Rynkova and Sandor Petofi squares, the 18th century St George’s Roman Catholic Church, Maria Theresa Park, Korzo Street, the Hasidic synagogue, the Czech quarter and other important city sights.

– Uzhgorod Castle of the 9th-12th centuries.

– Transcarpathian Architectural Ethnographic Museum in the open air.

A walking tour of Uzhgorod always evokes a lot of incredible emotions. Any house or alleyway is full of historical trends, and your feet feel the footsteps of people from another era through the cobblestones laid by the Austrians or Czechs. No wonder, since the history of Ungvar includes more than 1000 years filled with the most significant events.

A tour of the city centre will amaze travellers with a multi-voiced fusion of architectural motifs, where Gothic, Baroque, periods of self-determination, constructivism, etc. are intertwined. A variety of architectural trends intertwine, becoming a single ensemble during a walk along the ancient Korzo Street, whose name translates from Italian as “walking area”. In the 14th century, the Hungarian ruler granted Ungvar the grace to host court fairs, so the famous Koryatovich Square, which until recently was called the Market Square, is no less interesting.

A sightseeing tour of Uzhgorod is held every Friday. Other days can be chosen only by individual appointment.


  • A walk around the city delivers a lot of impressions and joyful discoveries that raise the mood of travelers. Every corner of Uzhgorod is filled with captivating antiquity, and its peculiarity - ancient paving stones of the Austrian or Czech period - has a simply magical effect. The enchanting charm of the city is not surprising, because its history spans over 1100 years filled with the most dramatic events. Uzhgorod has always been distinguished by a variety of cultural and architectural motives, among which Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, Constructivism, Secession and other spectacular building solutions have acquired the greatest importance. Tourists are also expected to meet one of the most ancient streets of Korzo, which got its name from the Italian phrase "walking place". In the 14th century. The Hungarian king gave Uzhgorod a special right to host royal fairs and the past “Market”, and now Koryatovich Square, since 1380, has become famous for its trading days.



Uzhgorod is an exceptionally attractive intertwining and center of various European cultures. Here coexist the brightest aromas and tastes, national traditions and religious denominations. Here you can discover the unique charm of ancient architecture and touching mini-monuments. Then, thanks to the diversity of culture and the proximity of other countries, before going on a trip you can visit the cozy cafes and restaurants, where it is recommended to enjoy delicious food and delicious coffee.


  • Excursion service at tourist sites
  • Accompaniment by a guide
  • Entrance tickets: castle - 100 UAH/person; skansen - 75 UAH/person.
  • Wine tasting - 150 UAH/person.
from ₴ 150

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