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Excursion to Vynogradiv – the royal city

Vynogradiv, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine
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10 hours

Tour Type

Specific Tour

Group Size

20 people


English, Ukrainian


In the exciting author’s excursion program to Vynogradiv “Vynogradiv – the royal city of Transcarpathia”, we offer to discover a new bright and stunning side of our region. Many highlights of ancient Sevlyush await you, which was an important outpost on the Salt Route: it was through Vynogradiv that salt from the village of Solotvyno was delivered to Europe. The route of the recreational and educational excursion will pass through the mountains, the Carpathian foothills and the plain in the valley of the Tisza River, and will give you new discoveries and a lot of positives.

You will be enchanted by the abundance of exotic trees in the Berezinka Arboretum, you will be amazed by the real “twins source”, you will be surprised by the history of the legendary Kankiv Castle, which in former times was not inferior in beauty and grandeur to the Mukachevo “Palanok”, you will be captivated by the architecture of Vynogradiv, who even received royal privileges. In addition, you will see the tallest and oldest wooden bell tower in Transcarpathia, as well as the active defensive Reformed church in the village of Bene. A pleasant bonus of the excursion will be the tasting of products made from the milk of black buffaloes!

Tour programme

Excursion program to Vynogradiv:

  • Departure from Uzhgorod.
  • A walk through the alleys of the unique “Berezinka” Arboretum, where you will be pleasantly surprised by the visual diversity of the flora of rare and exotic trees.
  • Stop in the “twin capital” – the village of Velyka Kopanya, where we quench our thirst from a unique source of clean water.
  • Tour of the ruins of the medieval castle of Kankiv (XI-VII centuries), located on the escarpment of Black Mountain, excursion to Vynogradiv.
  • Excursion to the city of Vynogradiv, the ancient center of the Ugochan Committee in northern Transylvania, and later – the Austrian Empire.
  • An interesting excursion to a buffalo farm. Tasting of milk, sour cream, oil and real fresh mozzarella cheese from the milk of black buffaloes.
  • Inspection of the active church (XIV century) and the highest wooden bell tower in the Transcarpathia region (XVIII century) in the village of Chetfalva.
  • A stop in the village of Bene and an inspection of the active defensive Reformed church (XIV century).
  • A visit to the tasting cellar of the legendary Transcarpathian winemaker Ivan Ursta, whose wines always win prizes at festivals.
  • Return to Uzhgorod.

Day of the tour: Friday.


  • An excursion to Vynogradiv will give you a lot of vivid impressions and introduce you to the rich history, unique architecture, picturesque nature and unusual folk colour that you will not find anywhere else.



Berezynka village (arboretum)


Velyka Kopanya







  • Travel by comfortable bus
  • Accompaniment of a guide-explorer
  • Excursion services at tourist sites
  • Lunch - approximately 150 UAH
  • Tasting of buffalo milk products - 125 UAH/person
  • Wine tasting - 150 UAH/person
  • Assigning a specific seat in the bus to a tourist - 100 UAH/person
from ₴ 700

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