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Private sector in Slavsko (Slavske)

The Carpathian mountain Trostyan attracts countless tourists. There is a fashionable Slavsko resort (formerly known as Slavske) for those who appreciate luxury sports entertainment. In winter, fans come here to try their hand at high-speed slopes.

Приватний сектор у Славському

Private sector in Slavsko

A rest in the private sector is a budget option, as the guest rents housing from its owners. He is offered the choice of renting a room, a whole house or a part of it. All of them are located in close proximity to the ski lifts.

This type of accommodation is especially beneficial for large families and large companies, which would find it cramped and expensive to stay in a hotel. It will not be difficult to walk to the ski slopes, but you will be able to stay with great convenience.

The main feature of such accommodation is the availability of a kitchen, which significantly saves the budget.

The surrounding area usually has a place for barbecues and playgrounds. Many homeowners allow you to take your pet with you, which further reduces costs and allows you to stay with your four-legged friend. This is why private sector accommodation is becoming a priority for many holidaymakers.

Готель «Аура Карпат»
St. Olena Stepanivna, 27, Slavsko
+380 ....
from 850₴/day
Комплекс «Бойківський маєток»
St. Ustyanovycha, 119, Slavsko
+380 ....
from 300 ₴/day

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Description of the place

In addition, the nature of the village is amazingly beautiful. Naturally, many people try to settle closer to it, rather than to the turbulent flow of resort life. Therefore, many travellers who come to “Slavsko“,rest in the private sector is excellent, in particular, thanks to the optimal accommodation options for each individual.

It is very easy to get to the slopes from any house. Therefore, holidaymakers combine the beauty of living in a cosy place with proximity to all the benefits of civilisation. Here, at any time of the year, you can replenish your strength and health.

This is especially important in summer, when the forests are full of mushrooms and berries. Nothing attracts holidaymakers like the opportunity to wander among the bushes with a basket in hand. It’s also nice to go fishing or cycling. And the private sector with a swimming pool will also allow you to take a refreshing dip.

In the winter, snowmobiling and snowboarding are available anywhere, as the area offers endless space.

Temperature in Slavsko now:

6.7o C   |   44.1o F

What to do near Slavsko?

Most people come to Slavsko to enjoy the mountain slopes, but there is something to see here after the sporting pleasures.

Everyone should get to know the ancient architecture, which is represented by the Assumption Cathedral of the early 20th century. Its peculiarity is that it was built in the national style.

A visit to the observation deck on Mount Trostyan, which offers stunning views of the Skole Beskids, will leave indescribable memories. You should definitely take a ride on the magnificent cable car.

The wooden church of the Holy Spirit of the early 19th century in the village of Verkhnia Rozhanka also leaves an amazing impression.

The private sector of Slavsko is so conveniently located that it makes it easy to get to any attraction.

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Where can you eat delicious food?

Ресторан «Захар Беркут»
St. B. Khmelnytskyi, village Volosianka
+380 ....
Ресторан «Перлина Карпат»
St. Ivan Franko, 43B, Slavsko
+380 ....
Кафе «Христина»
St. Voloshyna, 23A, Slavsko
+380 ....
Ресторан «Смерічка»
St. 115B, Ustyanovycha, Slavsko
+380 ....

Tours and excursions

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What’s the best way to get to Slavsko?

The most convenient way to get here is by train or train. There are daily train services from Odesa and the capital region to Uzhgorod. There is a flight from Kherson to Lviv, and from there the resort is just a short train ride away.

🧡 Your rest in Slavsko will be one of the best and will be remembered for a lifetime!

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