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Gurkalo waterfall

On the M06 motorway (Lviv – Stryi – Uzhgorod), If you turn in the village of Verkhnye Syniovydne or Dubyna towards the village of Korchyn, Stryi district, Lviv region, you can get to the Gurkalo waterfall.

It is a great place for a family holiday or just a stop for a rest and a picnic. Although the waterfall itself is not large, there are baths where you can dive in, children will be delighted and adults too!

The best way to get there is by car, as the road is quite moderate, but if you cherish your car as the apple of your eye, you can walk.

Водоспад Гуркало

The walk will take about an hour at a steady pace, about 5 km from the entrance to the village of Korchyn.

There are plenty of beautiful places around where you can pitch a tent or just have a picnic.

Photos and videos of the Gurkalo waterfall

A brief overview

🗺 Location N49°05′03″ E23°28′20″
💧 Altitude 570 m
💦 Full height 5 meters
↔ Width 4m
🌊 Number of cascades 1
🌅 Ruslo Big River
🧭 Distance from Skole 15 km
🚙 Road for Auto, on foot
🏕 Stop with a tent Yes
🏡 Housing nearby Skole
☕ Cafes and shops Skole

An extraordinary attraction of the Carpathians

The Gurkalo Waterfall is a single-cascade waterfall of extraordinary beauty and is a hydrological natural monument of local significance. It is fed by the Velyka Rika River, which in turn flows into the Stryi River. The waterfall is divided into two parts: the left and the right. The left one is much more powerful. Due to this division, it is also called the Ukrainian Niagara.

The height differences near Gurkalo created several small waterfalls, the most famous of which is the small Gurkalo.

The waterfall is 5 metres high and is especially worth visiting in early spring, when the snow begins to melt. During this period of time, it acquires extraordinary beauty, becoming powerful and full-flowing, where you can admire the impressive flow of water descending from Mount Parashka. Beautiful rolling “ples” with a diameter of more than 10 m are formed, hence the name of the waterfall – Gurkalo.

A small lake was formed at the foot of Mount Gurkalo, which locals call the bowl. It is believed that the water here has healing properties. If you swim here, you can rejuvenate for several years at once.

Near the waterfall, there are several glades where you can rest and pitch a tent.

Getting to Gurkalo Waterfall – route

You can get to the waterfall from the village of Verkhnye Syniovydne. Then turn off the road towards Korchyn, before reaching the bridge, you will see a sign to the waterfall. After turning, you need to drive along a dirt road along the river, which will lead you directly to the waterfall, where you can see the corresponding sign.

The total distance from the village to the waterfall is 6 km. The road is dirt, in dry weather you can drive any car. In wet, rainy weather, it is better to walk.

The walk will not cause any inconvenience, as the waterfall is located not far from the village of Korchyn. For convenience, there are specially laid hiking trails marked with triangles on the trees. This will allow you to get to your destination without any problems, without fear of getting lost.

 Walking route

🔰 Start Entrance to the village of Korchyn
🚶 Walking distance 5.5 km
⬆ Rise from 400 m to 515 m
🕒 Approximate time 1 hour

On the map

Rest in the village of Verkhnye Synevidne

Around the waterfall, there are many lawns where you can camp with tents and make a fire and enjoy the clean Carpathian air. For more comfort, you can easily rent accommodation in the city of Skole or any nearby village.

In addition to Gurkalo, it is worth visiting Dead Lake and Kamyanka waterfall, which are located under the top of Mount Klyuch. But you shouldn’t plan to see two waterfalls in one day. The road to both is quite steep and tiring. To enjoy your visit, it is better to plan a trip for several days. You can rent accommodation in the nearest village or spend the night in a tent.

Coordinates GPS: 49.0840103, 23.471952299999998.

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Водоспад Гуркало
Along the M06 motorway (Lviv - Stryi - Uzhhorod), if you turn off in the village of Verkhne Syniovydne or
Водоспад Кам'янка
Kamyansky Vodopad (also known as Kamyanetsky Vodopad, Kamyanka) is a waterfall in the Ukrainian Carpathians, within the Skole Beskydy massif.

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Skole, Lviv region
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