Chany Slavske

This urban-type settlement is located in the Lviv region at an altitude of more than 700 m above sea level. It is located at the foot of Mount Trostyan near the Opir River. In winter, a ski resort operates here, and in summer, you can find a lot of other, no less interesting entertainment in the region. The wooden vats in the village are especially famous. Slavske.

To everyone who came to Slavske, the vats will bring great pleasure!

Чани Славське

Rest in Slavsky

It is hard to imagine a summer vacation without swimming in them. Therefore, in Prykarpattia and Transcarpathia, almost every hotel offers its own spa center with such a procedure. It is performed directly in the air, helping the body to fully recover from various ailments.

The benefit from it is so great that a person feels like a newborn. As a result of exposure to high temperatures, the skin opens pores and through them mineral substances and herbal extracts enter the blood, and decay products and toxins are removed from the body.

Cast iron vats (Slavske) have a long history. Since ancient times, they have been filled with cold water with infusions of medicinal Carpathian plants, and then bonfires are made under them. It is necessary to heat the boiler to the mark of 40 ° C, the most comfortable for taking a bath. After the tourists have steamed up, they definitely need to plunge into the icy water. The contrast procedure helps to rejuvenate the skin and improve general well-being.

At least the reviews directly testify to a similar effect. People report that throughout the year they felt better:

  • protective forces of the body;
  • brain activity;
  • general tone;
  • sleep;
  • condition of the skin;
  • blood circulation, etc.

Temperature in Slavske now:

5.3o C   |   41.6o F

Map of the sights of Slavsky

Tanks in Slavsky

This popular resort has a large number of offerings of the best healing vats. Most of them are located in hotels, so you should know where to look for them.

Джерело Карпат

“Source of the Carpathians”

Address: st. Tarasa Shevchenko, 53D, Slavske, Lviv region.

Working hours: 09:00-02:00.

Ticket price: UAH 1,800 for 2 hours (6 people).

The complex offers outdoor hot tubs. Needles are added to them, and after the procedure guests are offered aromatic tea. Such bathing brings great benefits to the human body, when you can completely relax your muscles while admiring the mountains and the river.

Карпатський чан

“Carpathian tank”

Address: Ustiyanovycha street, 70zh, Slavske, Lviv region.

Working hours: 09:00-00:00.

Ticket price: UAH 1,200. in 2 hours (8 people).

The boiler is filled with water with the addition of Hutsul herbs and is located in a room with a changing room and a TV. To prevent tourists from getting burned, large stones are placed at the bottom. There is a tub and a cold pool nearby. Drinks are also provided to visitors.

Prices for vats in Slavsky 2022

Those who want to visit the vats (Slavske) will be pleasantly surprised by the prices.

  • “Source of the Carpathians” – UAH 1,800 for 2 hours (6 people).
  • “Carpathian tank” – 1200 UAH. in 2 hours (8 people).

How to get to Slavskyi

The rail connection is convenient for any east-west train. It is easy to get here in just one day from Dnipro, Kyiv, Odesa or Kharkiv.

In a couple of hours, an electric train will take you to Slavsky from Lviv, Mukachevo and Uzhhorod.

From the station to their place of residence, many people prefer to take a taxi, choose a transfer, walk or take a minibus.


🧡 Vacation in Slavsky will be one of the best and will be remembered for a lifetime!

All services in the region

The special landscape of the village creates excellent conditions for various offers. These include kayaking, cycling and horse riding. It is recommended to learn the best sports games or get acquainted with the Zakhar Berkut cable car. And sightseeing tours will be interesting for everyone.

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Tours and excursions

Where to eat deliciously

What else to see in Slavske

In and around the village there are many interesting sights, as well as options for recreation and entertainment.

Tourists are invited to:

  • Borzhava polonins;
  • Shipit waterfall;
  • Volovets with its picturesque landscapes;
  • Lviv with a wealth of architectural and cultural heritage and excellent restaurants;
  • folk craft workshops;
  • Mukachevo with its city hall, Palanok Castle, St. Martin’s Church and other stunning sights and ancient streets;
  • Skolivski Beskydy National Park;
  • Pylipets with a ski resort;
  • Skole, where the 19th century palace of the Gredels is located. with a luxurious gate, a park and a fountain;
  • souvenir markets;
  • excursions around Slavskoe, etc.

Popular questions

Prices for vats in Slavske
"Source of the Carpathians": the price is UAH 1,800 for 2 hours (6 people). "Carpathian vat" - 1200 hryvnias. in 2 hours (8 people).
The most popular vats in Slavske
The best wellness procedures are offered by "Jerelo Karpaty" and "Karpatskyi chan".
Who is not suitable for the chan procedure?
Contraindications to bathing in hot tubs are hypertension, cardiac diseases, liver and kidney diseases, increased convulsive readiness, cancer and endocrine pathologies.