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The village of Nevytske in Uzhgorod district, Transcarpathian region, has long been a favourite summer beach holiday destination for Uzhgorod residents. Thanks to a dam built in 1934, the Uzh River is full and comfortable for swimming, and the river banks are a great place for sunbathing and picnics. In addition to beach holidays, tourists from all over the world are attracted to the ruins of the legendary 12th-century Nevytsky Castle. Climbing up to the castle ruins, which are located on a 125-metre-high volcanic mountain, you can admire the incredible scenery of the Uzhanska Valley. Another architectural monument in the village of Nevytske is the stone church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary built in 1777. The village is surrounded by charming Carpathian nature, which in the warm season is a great place for hiking. Overall, the tourist infrastructure of Nevytske is at a high European level and allows thousands of people to relax and improve their health every year.


A brief history of Nevytske village

Archaeological research proves that people lived in Nevytske as early as the 8th and 6th centuries BC. In any case, the village itself was founded before the famous Nevytsky Castle appeared in the 12th century. And it was from the name of the village that the castle became known as Nevytskyi. The name of the village most likely comes from the ancient Slavic deity Nava or Neva, which symbolised the unknown. This is also where the word ‘daughter-in-law’ (someone who does not know her future) comes from. According to another version, the name Nevytske comes from the Proto-Slavic word “nevi”, which means new. Another legendary hypothesis derives the name of the village from the word “daughter-in-law”, explaining that young “brides” from all over Uzhgorod district were hidden in the castle during enemy attacks.

You can learn more about the history of Nevytskyi Castle at the following link.

As for the history of the village itself, it was owned by the Druget dynasty for the longest time, as well as the castle. It was a part of the Druget family’s Nevitsky domain from 1328 to the end of the 17th century. In 1644, during the religious wars between Protestants and Catholics, the Transylvanian prince György Rákóczi 𐌠𐌠 captured and destroyed the Nevytsky Castle. Since then, the fortress has not been rebuilt and has remained a ruin. After the Kurucs’ uprising in 1703-1711, Nevytske was extremely devastated. In 1715, only 8 families lived here. However, after the catastrophic events, the village began a rapid revival. Already in 1751, a wooden church was mentioned here, which has not survived to this day. In 1777, a brick church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin was built in the village. Although the inscription at the entrance to the church states that the church was built in 1779, locals claim that it happened 2 years earlier. Despite the turbulent historical events, the shrine has been preserved to this day.

Interest in the ruins of Nevytsky Castle increased significantly in the late 19th century. At that time, everything medieval and romantic became extremely fashionable in Europe. Nevytske was not spared from these trends.

Wealthy families from Vienna, Budapest, Prague, and Bratislava began to come to the picturesque grounds next to the castle. There is a legend that the famous science fiction writer Jules Verne even visited Nevytsky Castle in 1892. It was this voyage that allegedly inspired him to write the novel “A Castle in the Carpathians”.

The popularity of this place was the reason for its arrangement. In 1879, a beautiful park was set up next to the ruins of Nevytsky Castle for the comfort of holidaymakers and a magnificent fountain with natural water pressure was built. This place was called the Wagner Garden Park. And this is not due to the famous German composer, but to the outstanding Hungarian forestry scientist Karl Wagner (1830-1879). He was the head of the forestry department at that time and supervised the repair work in the castle and the arrangement of the surrounding area. At that time, the area near the ruins of Nevytsky Castle was ennobled with a large number of seedlings of various trees, including Weymouth pines, larch, North American Douglas fir, berry yew and others. In addition, an entire linden alley was planted, and an observation deck was built on the territory of the fortress.

During the First World War, the park suffered significant damage from the actions of a regiment of Austro-Hungarian soldiers who were stationed here in 1914-1915.

In the 1920s and 1930s, thanks to the efforts of the Czechoslovak government, Nevytske turned into a tourist centre. To this end, restoration and renovation work was carried out on the ruins of the Nevytske Castle. In particular, the wooden roof frame on the castle’s observation tower was restored. In 1923, the castle was recognised as a historical property. In addition, in 1934, a dam was built in Nevytske to divert part of the water from the Uzh River to the 10-kilometre-long Nevytske-Uzhhorod derivation channel, where two mini-hydroelectric power plants were built. The river itself near Nevytske has become a convenient place for swimming and beach holidays. The dam itself is now known locally as the Nevytske Waterfall.

In 1939, Nevytskyi Castle played its defensive role for the last time in its history. It was in this year that Czech soldiers held the defence here for about 4 hours, holding back the advance of the superior forces of the Hungarian Khortist army. As a result of active hostilities, the castle suffered significant damage.

In Soviet times, the Transcarpathian International Youth Camp Verkhovyna was built on the territory of Nevytske on a mountain near the castle in 1962. This place became a popular holiday destination for young people from all over the world. Poets, writers, artists, and musicians loved to come here for inspiration. In 1972, the world-famous cellist Mstislav Rostropovich gave a concert in Nevytske.

During its 45-year history, the Verkhovyna camp has hosted 580,000 tourists, of whom about 150,000 were foreigners. Nowadays, the camp is abandoned and neglected. It resembles a hobbit town after the apocalypse.

However, the development of the tourist infrastructure of Nevytske and the surrounding area continues to this day. The Camelot hotel and recreation complex, built in 2007 in the neighbouring village of Kamianytsia, is a popular destination for holidaymakers, where football clubs like to relax and train at the hotel’s sports centre, and a premium-class resort opened in 2021 in the village of Kamianytsia near the castle “Verkhovyna Resort Medical & Wellness”.

The temperature in Nevytske is now:

13.5o C   |   56.3o F

Map of attractions in Nevytske

Why is it worth resting in the village of Nevytske?

Ворочівські скелі

Beach holidays in Nevytske

Nevytske has been a favourite beach holiday destination for Uzhgorod residents since 1934 to the present day. Here, right next to the Uzhgorod (just over 11 kilometres), the Uzh river channel narrows and, thanks to the Czech dam, is a great place for swimming and beach holidays. Every year, thousands of Transcarpathians and guests of the region enjoy the sunshine, swim and have picnics here. The water in the river is surprisingly clean in summer. The purity of the Uzh River is confirmed by the fact that trout, which is very picky about water quality, are found in it near Nevytske. Nevytske beach is free. There are no paid sun loungers or umbrellas, but there are many trees along the riverbank and grassy lawns next to them.

Many tourists like to spend time standing knee-deep in water under the jets of the Nevitsky waterfall. This hydrotherapy is as good as a hydromassage in a spa. Fishing enthusiasts also love Nevytske and combine their favourite pastime with a beach holiday in summer.

Невицьке і пішохідний туризм

Nevitsky and hiking tourism

There are many locations for hiking in and around Nevytske. First of all, Nevytske is a convenient place to start hiking in the surrounding forests and mountains. From here, it is convenient to go to the extinct volcano located at a distance of just over 16 kilometres – Mount Antalovetska Polyana, 968 metres above sea level. Not far from this mountain are the Vorochevsky or Blue Lakes. There is a picnic area next to them and you can make a stop here. Speleology enthusiasts can visit the small Ur Cave, which is located on the slope of Antalovetska Polyana. Another interesting route is to climb Mount Plishka, 693 metres above sea level, which is actually very close, only 4 kilometres from Nevytske.

At a distance of only 3.6 km from Nevytske, there is another interesting scenic location – Vorochiv cliffs. If you don’t want to go far into the mountains, then on the way to Nevytsky Castle, you should see another natural monument – a pillar of volcanic tuff. It is a 10-metre-high rock. In fact, it is the vent part of an extinct volcano. The top of this rock is crowned with a small tree, like a crown. According to legend, this pillar has miraculous fertility.

Interesting excursions around Nevytske

There are many locations for various excursions near Nevytske.

Firstly, the regional centre, the city of Uzhgorod, is not far away. In Uzhgorod, you can stroll through the incredible city centre, admire the linden alley, visit Uzhgorod Castle and the Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life, etc.

Secondly, not far from Nevytske, between the villages of Orikhovytsia and Onokivtsi, there is another interesting location for a beach holiday – Orikhovske Lake with the famous recreational lake Shambala. The lake has an area of 2 square kilometres and a depth of up to 8 metres. Entrance to the lake is paid. The price for the whole day is UAH 150 on weekdays and UAH 200 on weekends. Children under 6 years old can visit the lake for free. Renting a sunbed costs UAH 50 and a gazebo costs UAH 500.

Thirdly, a summer excursion from Nevytske to Lavender Mountain in the city Perechyn. Thousands of tourists come to admire the beauty of the purple mountain during the flowering season. The entrance to the mountain costs 120 UAH per day. Children under 10 years old visit this location for free. There are many interesting locations and scenery for photo shoots. There is also a shop with cosmetics and lavender-related souvenirs.

The most interesting locations nearby

Горянська ротонда
An acquaintance with Uzhhorod would be incomplete without a visit to the famous Horyany Rotunda, which is one of the
Закарпатський художній музей імені Йосифа Бокшая
The Transcarpathian Art Museum named after Yosyp Bokshai was founded in 1948. It is located in the building of the
Ужгородський замок
The museum was founded on 20.06.1945 in Uzhgorod. At that time it was called the People's Museum of Transcarpathian Ukraine
Шелестівська Михайлівська церква в Ужгороді
One of the best examples of Transcarpathian church architecture of the past is the Church of the Archangel Michael of
Ужгородський музей Федора Манайла
In 1981, the museum of the outstanding Transcarpathian artist Fedir Manailo was founded in Uzhhorod. He came from the village
Міні-скульптура «Крістіна Чакі та Міклош Берчені» в Ужгороді
The grand opening of this romantic attraction took place in Uzhhorod on 14 December 2015. The mini-sculpture "Kristina Chaki and
Міні-скульптура "Кубик Рубіка" в Ужгороді
The mini-sculpture was unveiled in Uzhhorod on 22 December 2014 on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the invention
Міні-скульптура «Тивадар Чонтварі» в Ужгороді
This mini-sculpture was unveiled on 10.03.2016. It is located in Uzhhorod near the pedestrian bridge on the Kyivska embankment. It
Міні-скульптура «Вузол Кротона» в Ужгороді
This mini-sculpture is an imitation of a railing tied in a knot. Mykhailo Kolodko decided to perpetuate the memory of
Міні-скульптура «Їглавські Їжачки» в Ужгороді
The group of mini-sculptures was installed in Uzhhorod in May 2013. The event was timed to coincide with the Days
Міні-скульптура «Ференц Ліст» в Ужгороді
The mini-sculpture of Ferenc Liszt was installed on the railing of Botanichna Embankment opposite the Philharmonic in May 2012. The
Міні-скульптура «Лебедине озеро» в Ужгороді
The mini-sculpture in the form of a bronze TV set with a famous work was installed in Uzhhorod on 02.12.17
Ужгородський замок
After the need for the defensive function of the Uzhgorod landmark disappeared, a seminary was established in the castle. Today,
Невицький замок
Once upon a time, a Turkish princess settled in the valley of the Uzh river, "by coincidence" also an evil
Лавандова гора
Since 2020, Lavender Mountain (Perechyn) has been opened in Zakarpattia for all those who want to see this natural wonder.

Tours and excursions

Where to stay in Nevytske?

Nevytske and the surrounding area have plenty of places with excellent conditions for tourists to stay. If you can afford it, you can book a room in the elite hotel and recreation complex Camelot or in the premium resort Verkhovyna Resort Medical & Wellness, which are located in the neighbouring village of Kamianytsia.

Prices for accommodation in Camelot start from 1500 UAH for a standard double room per night. The Camelot offers three hotel buildings: Camelot, Lancelot and King Arthur, as well as comfortable wooden cottages. This hotel is a great place to hold training camps for football teams. For this purpose, there are three football fields with grass and one with artificial turf. Camelot has everything you need for a good rest. There is a restaurant, an outdoor summer pool, a playground, a gym, a bathhouse, a vat, massage and a huge range of spa services.

A stay at the premium-class Verkhovyna Resort Medical & Wellness will cost even more. The price for a simple double room with breakfast is UAH 6,700 per night. For full board, you will have to pay another UAH 1400. However, the quality of recreation in this complex is worth the price. Staying at Verkhovyna, you can feel like a real king or queen. There are two restaurants, three bars, saunas, swimming pools, a beauty salon, a medical centre, a spa, etc.

For those who like cottage holidays, the Green Manor in the village of Nevytske is a great option. This two-bedroom cottage can accommodate up to 5 adults for just 2400 UAH per night.

In addition, there are plenty of private sector offers in Nevytske and the surrounding area, where you can save money by having your own kitchen. Prices here start from 500 UAH per day. The most budgetary option for summer accommodation is a tent on the banks of the Uzh River.

Verkhovyna Resort Medical & Wellness
100 Uzhanska St., Kamyanytsia village
+380 ....
from 5500₴/day
Готель «Камелот» у Кам'яниці
28 Uzhanska St., Kamyanytsya village
+380 ....
from 1480₴/day
Зелена садиба «Жива вода»
Strypa village, 1A
+380 ....
from 2500₴/day

What to eat in Nevytske?

In Nevytske itself, it is worth visiting the restaurant “Speize”. It has one spacious hall and a long summer terrace. It can accommodate up to 100 visitors at a time. It serves excellent Transcarpathian dishes at surprisingly affordable prices. The name of the restaurant means “pantry” in the local dialect. The interior of the restaurant is decorated with a collection of old household items.

In the neighbouring village of Kamyanytsia, you can visit the restaurants of the Camelot hotel and leisure complex or the Verkhovyna Resort Medical & Wellness premium class resort. The latter, as already mentioned, has two restaurants: “Nevytskyi Zamok and Verkhovyna. Here you can taste culinary masterpieces of the highest quality. These restaurants are suitable for business meetings and celebrating special events in your life.

It is worth mentioning three more restaurants in Kamianytsia village – Levada restaurant, Pid Zamkom hotel and restaurant and Forest House Ukrainian-Austrian restaurant. All of them offer excellent Transcarpathian dishes at reasonable prices. The staff is extremely friendly and the interiors of the establishments create a cosy atmosphere.

Ресторан Forest House у Кам'яниці
28 Uzhanska St., Kamyanytsia village
+380 ....
Ресторан «Левада» у Кам'яниці
28 Uzhanska St., Kamyanytsia village
+380 ....
Ресторан Verkhovyna у с. Кам'яниця
100 Uzhanska St., Kamianytsia village
+380 ....
Ресторан «Nevytsky Castle»
100 Uzhanska St., Kamianytsia village
+380 ....
Ресторан «Камелот» біля Ужгорода
28 Uzhanska St., Kamyanytsia village
+380 ....
Ресторан «Шпайз» (Невицьке)
110 Tsentralna St., Nevytske village
+380 ....

How to get to Nevytske?

The easiest way to get to the village of Nevytske is by car. To do this, follow the H13 motorway from Uzhgorod in the direction of Perechyn. If you want to get to the Nevytsky Castle, you should turn right, passing the Speize restaurant. Then cross the bridge over the Uzh River, turn left and drive to the turn-off to the castle after the Camelot Hotel. After that, we climb the serpentine road almost to the castle, where we find a parking space and continue on foot.

Nevytske is quite convenient to get to by public transport. Buses regularly run here from the Uzhgorod-2 bus station, which is located in the heart of the regional centre. The locals call this bus station Perechyn.

In addition to buses, Nevytske can be reached by train from Uzhgorod, Mukachevo or the village of Syanky. Trains stop in the village 6 times a day from 07.19 a.m. to 8.40 p.m.

For those who want to get to the village of Nevytske with maximum comfort, a taxi can be ordered from the city of Uzhgorod.