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Віктор Шатров

Viktor Shatrov

🖋 Historian, publicist, blogger, public figure

Number of articles: 1100+

Knowledge of languages: Ukrainian, English

Favourite quote: “Travelling is the only thing that makes you richer

He was born and lived all his life in Uzhhorod. He graduated with a gold medal from Uzhhorod School No. 1 named after Taras Shevchenko (now Uzhhorod Lyceum named after Taras Shevchenko). He studied at the History Department of UzhNU, graduating with honours in 2009. He worked as a senior researcher at the Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life, a lecturer at the East European Slavic University.

He works as a chief specialist of the Children’s Service of the Uzhhorod City Council. He is actively involved in the public life of Uzhhorod. In 2014, he was a member of the Executive Committee of the Uzhhorod City Council. He was one of the initiators of the creation of a sports and rehabilitation centre for people with disabilities and war veterans in Uzhhorod.

He has published articles on political issues in the Ukrainian Weekly. Author of a travel blog about Transcarpathia on the website go-to.rest. She publishes articles on tourism topics for RBC-Ukraine. In his spare time, he enjoys guided tours of Uzhhorod and Transcarpathia.

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Курорт Косино
In response to the question “where is Kosyno located” should you first specify which one exactly? There are two Kosynos
Mount Hoverla is located within two Ukrainian regions - Transcarpathia and Ivano-Frankivsk, and it is 17 kilometers from the border
Відпочинок у Велятино
Velyatyno is located in the Transcarpathian region, next to well-known settlements - the city of Khust and the village of
Відпочинок в Берегово
Beregovo thermal waters in Transcarpathia have a unique composition that is difficult to find elsewhere. Similar, but not identical, sources
Приватний сектор у Косино
The world-famous resort "Kosino" is located in Berehiv district, very close to the Hungarian border and not far from well-known
Відпочинок у Косино
The thermal springs of the village of Kosino have exceptionally great healing power and effectively help people get rid of
One of the most interesting and attractive places for tourists in Transcarpathia is the magical high-mountainous Lake Synevyr. It is
Державний термальний басейн у Берегово
Thermal springs in the area of the city of Berehovo, in the very south of Transcarpathian Region, are very rare
Озеро Дідове (Дийда)
In the summer, Dyida Lake is a favorite vacation spot for Transcarpathians and guests of the region. A sailing center
Водоспад Шипот
A visit to the uniquely beautiful Shypit waterfall will be no less impressive. It originates from a deep underground spring,
The village of Lumshory is located on the territory of the former Perechyn district of Transcarpathia (now part of the
Playbill of festivals
Open Air - open air festivals have long entered our lives as colorful cultural events, as interesting and significant events
Jeep tour

🕒 Date of last update of the article: 07.01.2024 at 6:49 p.m   |  🖋 Author: Viktor ShatrovStart your walk around

Uzh river
🕒 Date of last update of the article: 06.01.2024 at 12:00 p.m   |  🖋 Author: Viktor Shatrov

Uzhhorod is the

Краєвид Міжгір’я
There are a lot of interesting places in the highlands - one of them is the Brown Bear Rehabilitation Center,
Entertainment in Uzhgorod
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Розваги в Мукачево
Mukachevo provides travelers with a wide range of entertainment for both children and adults. Therefore, every tourist has the opportunity