State thermal pool in Beregovo

Thermal springs in the area of ​​the city of Beregovo, in the very south of Zakarpattia Oblast, are very rare in the world, and you can count them on the fingers of one hand. Such sources exist only in Hungary, New Zealand and Kamchatka. There is a pool with thermal waters not far from the central part of the city. The pool is located outdoors, that is, there is no roof or other structures above it. The terrain and scenery surrounding the pool and the city in general are also extremely attractive, despite the fact that the Berehiv district is located in a lowland, and is the flattest in the Zakarpattia region, and there are small mountains on the outskirts of the city.

Державний термальний басейн у Берегово

The pool in Beregov was built in the 60s of the last century as part of the base for Soviet athletes, but later geologists discovered that the water has healing properties, and now the pool is visited not only by athletes. Although until recently, the freestyle national team of Ukraine always held one of its training sessions on the territory of the pool, due to the presence of two springboard slides, overcoming which the athletes dived into the water.

The pool is filled from a geyser one and a half kilometers deep, with silicon-nitrogen-carbon dioxide-chloride-sodium waters of high mineralization, which destroy most microbes, so absolutely nothing scares tens of thousands of visitors who every year visit the pool and want to bathe in the water from the geyser. Vodichka, by the way, has a temperature of about 50 degrees Celsius, although the water in the pool cools down to about 30.

Photo and video of the State Thermal Pool (Beregovo)

A brief overview

🗺 Location N48°12’40” E22°38’56”
🌡 Water temperature 36 °C
🌊 Pool length 50 m
🧭 From Kosino 16 km
🚙 Road for Car, on foot
🏕 Stand with a tent No
🏡 Housing nearby Beregovo
☕ Cafes and shops Beregovo
☎ Phone number of the hotel +38(099)184-24-94
☎ Pool phone number +38(095)492-20-21

How to get to the thermal pool in Beregovo

 Walking route

🔰 Start From Ukrposhta
🚶 Walking distance 650 m

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Popular questions

Where is the Berehova state thermal pool?
The state thermal pool is located in Berehove at the address: Koryatovycha Street, 1, Berehove, Zakarpattia Oblast, 90201.
What is treated in the Berehova state thermal pool?
The thermal pools are located in the open air and are filled with silicon-nitrogen-carbon dioxide-chloride-sodium waters of high mineralization with a temperature of approximately 30 degrees from a geyser one and a half kilometers deep. Such waters help to treat diseases of the cardiovascular system, nervous and endocrine systems, contribute to the treatment of varicose veins, arthritis and tendon and muscle injuries.