Things to do in Mukachevo

Mukachevo provides travelers with the widest range of entertainment for both children and adults. Therefore, every tourist has the opportunity to choose what he likes best. You just need to familiarize yourself with the best ways to spend your leisure time in advance.
Active rest in Mukachevo is presented as diverse as cultural and educational. There are tons of events here that take place on weekends and on weekdays.

Temperature in Mukachevo now

4.8o C   |   40.6o F

Mukachevo is the center of attraction for travelers from all over the world

A huge number of tourists arrive in the city and everything that the most demanding of them can wish for is provided for them. This diversity is explained by the fact that Mukachevo is distinguished by true hospitality. Its location close to the borders of Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia creates a sense of the fusion of numerous European cultures, traditions and customs.

It is not surprising that people from all over the world want to visit the city. Here you can hear speech that sounds literally in all languages. Therefore, even foreign tourists feel completely free.

Variety of leisure activities in Mukachevo

There is no problem of how to spend time and where to walk at your leisure.

Travelers are offered:

  • a ride on a modern rented bike around the city and its environs;
  • visiting the most interesting excursions to the most picturesque and luxurious places of the region;
  • a walk along interesting routes recommended by a special page for city guests;
  • tour of Transcarpathia;
  • participation in an extreme adventure on rough terrain, etc.

No less leisure options are provided by cultural entertainment, as well as a variety of excursions that allow you to unexpectedly discover the most interesting places in Mukachevo.

Different types of outdoor activities

The city has a lot of proposals for outdoor enthusiasts. A variety of destinations for adults and children have been developed here, so you don’t have to think long about where the tourist should go.
Many people choose hiking, adventure, entertainment and all kinds of excursions.
Our site contains a large number of exciting tours that start from Uzhgorod with a stop in Mukachevo and lead to the most delightful locations in Transcarpathia. Every traveler will find here what he needs to see. Therefore, guests of the city will not have to be bored for a single day.

Types of extreme recreation

There is no doubt that many tourists come to visit museums and stroll along the streets of Mukachevo, absorbing its unique atmosphere. But the acuity of the sensation will become even brighter if you supplement it with a good portion of extreme.
The most exciting routes are laid not even in the city itself, but close to it. Jeeping, ATV or motorcycle will leave an unforgettable experience for every tourist, and horseback riding will make him experience amazing sensations. Hiking tours are no less interesting.
Travelers are encouraged to try:

  • Horse riding.
  • Paintball.
  • Conquest of wildlife on ATVs.
  • Adventure for fans of motor sports.
  • Travel by off-road vehicles.
  • Rafting.
  • Fishing, etc.

Great emotions will be provided to everyone. Those who travel alone or those who have arrived with their families will also get pleasure. Romantic couples and youth groups will also discover a lot of interesting things.

Evening time

The question of where to go in the evening in Mukachevo will be removed from the agenda immediately upon arrival in the city. With the onset of the evening, do not rush to get on vacation. There are tons of places to have a great time after sunset. Cozy cafes and restaurants seem to be specially waiting for a tourist in pleasant relaxation to drop in here to provide him with exquisite culinary delight.
And after a great dinner, you need to take your time strolling around the city center, in the warm twilight again looking into those corners that looked so brilliant during the day. Those who are curious will be able to find out what interesting things the city can open for them at nightfall.
There are options for every taste, everyone who loves entertainment, Mukachevo provides a huge selection. Blooming squares will welcome a little tired travelers on their benches, making them fall in love with the city forever. Those who prefer to spend the evening at a concert or performance will find dramatic or musical performances. No less interesting is the evening inspection of the cathedrals and temples of the city.

Vacation with children

The most exciting activities for children will be:

  • playgrounds;
  • cinemas;
  • confectionery “Bondarenko”;
  • puppet show;
  • “Honey House”;
  • a monument to a chimney sweep;
  • Park “Victory”;
  • Cyril and Methodius square, etc.

Entertainment for children in Mukachevo is truly diverse and aimed at enhancing their cultural development.

Where is the best snack?

Among the huge number of options presented by restaurants and cafes of Mukachevo, one should definitely name Bograch, which offers excellent culinary recipes by European masters, Grafsky Dvor with the best dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, and Kozachok Mukachevo, which specializes in culinary masterpieces of Eastern Europe. You should not be afraid to go here with a child, as the variety and quality of the menu does not raise the slightest doubt.
You won’t have to think long about where to go in Mukachevo and those who prefer more exotic food options. Cafe Japan will offer oriental treats, while Sakura will create a magical romantic setting for couples in love.


Finding accommodation in Mukachevo will not be difficult. There are proposals for every taste and budget. It is enough to go to the page of our service and just pick up what meets the desires and capabilities of the tourist. The resource provides accommodation options in a quiet suburb or in the center, a stone’s throw from the main attractions. After the application is left, you can safely continue to enjoy your vacation, no longer thinking about the problems of an overnight stay.