Playbill of festivals in Uzhgorod

Open Air – open air festivals have long entered our lives as colorful cultural events, as interesting and significant events in life for all ages. Open Air music concerts are usually held on open stages, built directly on the street or city square, on the beaches, in park areas.

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Festivals with music of various genres, from classical and academic vocals to folklore, jazz, rock and techno. Anyone who has ever been to the Open Air Festival will remember this unique atmosphere of music, celebration and freedom. There are no restrictions on the theme of these music festivals, there are no restrictions on the age of the participants and their significance: from the youngest children’s bands to famous masters of the stage, from famous performers to novice musicians. The main condition – a scene in the open air. Visiting Open Air festivals will undoubtedly be a significant event for you, a great option for a weekend. This is a good opportunity to have fun, get rich impressions, it is a charge of emotions and positivity. Another feature of such events – a minimum of conventions, you can comfortably sit on the lawn or on the sand (if the stage is arranged on the beach), relax and enjoy the music and warm evening. In the section of the Go-To.Rest site dedicated to festivals, you can always find an Open Air event in your city that matches your musical tastes and mood.
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