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Sanatorium “Kosiv”

4 Sanatornyi lane, Smodna village, Kosiv district, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine, 78607 View on map
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The history of this sanatorium dates back to the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. In those distant times, the Apollinarius Tarnavskyi liquefaction facility operated on the site of the modern sanatorium.

🧔 Who is Apollinarius Tarnavskyi?

This native of the Lviv region, a graduate of the Jagiellonian University, can be considered the founder of the sanatorium business in the Kosiv region. After Apollinarius Tarnavskyi had worked for several years at the Lviv Hospital, he decided to establish a private hospital and boarding house. In 1891-1893, Apollinarius realised his plan by choosing the picturesque surroundings of the town of Kosiv for the construction of a health resort.

Apollinarius Tarnavskyi developed his own system of treatment, which was accompanied by moderate nutrition and physical labour. The system was very strict but effective. Every day, the holidaymakers began with an early rise, exercises and a barefoot run in the dew. Then they had to work hard in the garden. The fattest patient was forced to pull a wheelbarrow with stones up a steep hill. In the evening, they could relax with dancing and singing, which were also part of the treatment programme. The food in the sanatorium was strictly vegetarian. Coffee, alcohol and cigarettes were strictly prohibited. The programme was full of various physical exercises, and it was possible to wash only in a contrast shower. For breaking the rules of the institution, holidaymakers were subject to a substantial fine. Local peasants enjoyed watching Mr Tarnavskyi force the elite to physically work with a shovel and lose weight. Poor holidaymakers were jokingly called ” Tarnavskyi varieties” by the locals. Every year, up to 200 people took these Spartan weight loss courses. As an advertisement for the institution, Tarnavsky treated writers for free, who thanked him with praise for the sanatorium.

🏥 History of the Kosiv sanatorium in the village of Smodna

During the First World War, the institution was temporarily closed, and Tarnavsky himself was arrested by the Austro-Hungarian authorities and sentenced to death as a “traitor”. However, thanks to the influential patients of the sanatorium, he was saved. Already after the war in 1922, he resumed the work of the hospital.

The dietitian at the sanatorium was Apolinaria’s daughter Celina Tarnavska-Bush. In 1929, she published the book “Kosovo Vegetarian Cuisine”, which contains about 600 recipes for vegetarian dishes. This book was later reprinted in London.

In 1939, Apollinarius Tarnavskyi had to escape from the Soviet occupation. His family almost forcibly took him to the Middle East. On the way, he even tried to jump out of the car. Apolinarius Tarnavskyi died in 1943 at the age of 92. He himself strictly adhered to his system of treatment, which allowed him to live such a long life, although, even in his youth, he almost died of tuberculosis.

In Soviet times, the Tarnavskyi sanatorium continued its activities (since 1946) as an official state medical institution. At first, it treated tuberculosis patients of all ages.

In the 1980s, the sanatorium began to accept children for rehabilitation after inpatient treatment of pulmonary diseases. To facilitate rehabilitation, the sanatorium has a school for grades 9-11.

Several villas built by Tarnavskyi, which he constructed together with his friend, architect Kazimierz Mokłowski, using Pokuttya and Hutsul architectural traditions, have survived to this day. In 1993, the buildings of the sanatorium were granted the status of an architectural monument.

🩺 Treatment in the sanatorium “Kosiv”

Indications for rehabilitation in the Kosiv sanatorium are:

  • diseases of the upper respiratory tract (tonsillitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis);
  • nonspecific lung diseases (chronic bronchitis, conditions after pneumonia);
  • otitis media.

Medical base

Sanatorium Holidaymakers in the Kosiv sanatorium are provided with effective health treatments, namely: UHF, tube-quartz, aromatherapy, electrophoresis, inhalation, d’Arsonval, electric sleep, diadynamics, vitamin-oxygen cocktail, herbal bath, massage room, Morshynska mineral water pump room No. 1 and No. 6, herbal bar and salt room.

In addition, the balneological department of the Kosiv sanatorium offers healing baths with herbal extracts and sea salt, as well as pearl baths.

🎯 Infrastructure of the healthcare facility

On the territory of the “Kosiv” sanatorium, a wonderful arboretum, founded by Apollinarius Tarnavskyi, has been preserved. Here you can admire ginkgo, tulip tree, magnolias, sycamores, thuja, cypress, Menzies pseudotsuga, Weymouth pine and other rare plants. Some trees from the original timber have also been preserved. Among them, an oak tree with a diameter of 157 cm next to building No. 3 and linden trees, which are more than 200 years old, impress with their power.

Since 2010, the local arboretum became part of the Hutsulshchyna National Nature Park.

🏘 Where to stay in Kosiv?

More information about accommodation options in Kosiv can be found on the relevant pages of our website:

Санаторій «Косів»
4 Sanatorium Lane, Smodna
+380 ....
Санаторії міста Косів та його околиць
Kosiv, 15A Nad Hukom str.
+380 ....
from 1100₴/day
Котедж «На замковій горі» в Косові
35 Stefanyka St., Kosiv
+380 ....
from 1800 ₴/night

🥗 Catering in and around the sanatorium

Ресторан «Водограй» (Косів)
2 Ivan Franko Street, Kosiv, Ivano-Frankivsk region
+380 ....

🏛 Attractions near the sanatorium

Most interesting places in Kosiv

Сироварня «Росохата»
A wonderful cheese dairy is located in the Polonyna Rosokhata near the village of Sheshory, 19 km from Kosiv. The
Сироварня «Далекі Гори»
The fantastic Daleki Hory cheese factory is located 25 km from Kosiv in the village of Snidavka. It opened its
Садиба еко-ферма «Дивосвіт»
A rather interesting tourist location on the outskirts of Kosiv is the Sanduliak family eco-farm Dyvosvit. This format of private
Гуцульська сироварня в селі Яворів
A great location for gastronomic tourism in the vicinity of Kosiv is the Hutsul Cheese Factory eco-farm in the village
Косівське міське Банське озеро
One of the most popular summer holiday destinations in the Kosiv region is Banske Lake. This reservoir is located next
Косівська гора Острий (Гострий)
When going for a hike in the mountains in the vicinity of Kosiv, you should first of all visit the
Водоспад «Косівський Гук»
The most popular waterfall in Kosiv is the Kosiv Huk. This picturesque small multi-cascade waterfall with a height of 2.5
Косівський водоспад «Шум»
The Kosiv waterfall Shum is an example of the creative influence of the elements. After each flood, this waterfall only
Косівські «Таємничі водоспади»
The mysterious waterfalls on the outskirts of Kosiv are a real place of power, imbued with powerful mystical energy. Here
Чани Косова
In Kosiv and its surroundings, many hotels, cottages and private estates have their own Carpathian vats. The owners try to
Косівський (Смоднянський) сувенірний ринок
To buy something from the local handicrafts as a souvenir, the best place to do so in Kosiv is the
Домашній музей жіночих прикрас у Косові
It took 32 years to assemble the collection that became the basis of this magnificent museum. The result of many
Музей родини Малявських в Косові
Art Museum of the Malyavsky family is located in the building of the Kosiv School of Arts. The museum, founded
Родинний музей кераміки Василя Стрипка (Косів)
The Vasyl Strypko Museum of Ceramics was established in 1990. It is located in the artist's private manor in Kosiv.
Приватний музей-садиба гуцульського мистецтва родини Корнелюків
The private ethnographic museum in Kosiv is located in the manor of the famous family of craftsmen, the Kornelyuk. To
Музей родини Стринадюк «KOKA» у Косові
This magnificent private museum opened its doors to visitors in 2017. It was founded by the famous master carver Mykola
Косівський музей сакрального мистецтва
The Museum of Sacred Art in Kosiv opened its doors to visitors in 2016. This private museum was founded in
Музей визвольної боротьби (Косів)
The museum of patriotic orientation was founded on 11.03.1999 in Kosiv. Since 2006, it has been a branch of the
Музей Косівського Державного інституту прикладного та декоративного мистецтва
Initially, the museum was created for educational purposes. Nowadays, the unique Museum of the Kosiv State Institute of Applied and
Музей народної творчості з колекції Михайла Струтинського
The museum is a real paradise for connoisseurs of Hutsul antiquities. It is located in the premises of the local
Косівський музей народного мистецтва та побуту Гуцульщини
The museum was founded in 1969 by the Kolomyia Museum of Folk Art of Hutsul and Pokuttya named after Y.
Пам’ятник Тарасу Шевченку 1914 року (Косів)
The monument to the famous Ukrainian poet is the oldest monument in the town of Kosiv, Ivano-Frankivsk region. The monument
Косівське єврейське кладовище
The Jewish cemetery (kirkut) in Kosiv was founded in 1742. For its arrangement, the Jewish community of the city received
Костел Матері Божої Святого Розарію (Косів)
The Church of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary in Kosiv is a functioning church that holds regular services. Entrance
Церква Святого Василія Великого в Косові
The locals call this church Moskalevskyi because it is located in the Kosiv district of the same name. The magnificent
Монастирська церква Різдва Івана Хрестителя у Косові
The most famous and oldest among the churches in Kosiv is the wooden Church of the Nativity of John the

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🗺 Map of attractions in Kosiv

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