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Church of St Basil the Great in Kosiv

Another interesting attraction of wooden sacred architecture in Kosiv is the Church of St Basil the Great, which is part of the monastery.

The locals call this church Moskalevskyi, as it is located in the city’s eponymous district.

This magnificent masterpiece of wooden church architecture was built in 1895 in the traditional Hutsul style. In the same year, a bell tower was built nearby. The style of the building is traditional for that time – Hutsul.

Церква Святого Василія Великого в Косові

Photos and videos of the Church of St Basil the Great in Kosiv

Brief overview

🗺 Location N48°18′49″ E25°05′34″
🔰 Founded 1895
🔥 Destroyed by fire 2009
🛠 Rebuilt 2011
🏛 Style Traditional Hutsul
🧔 Architect Bohdan Fedirko
🧔 Art painting Stepan Bzunko
🧱 Status Working temple
⛪ Confession Greek Catholic Church
🏛 Status Architectural monument of national significance
🧭 Distance from the center of Kosiv Near
🚙 Road for Auto and on foot
🏕 Stop with a tent No
🏡 Housing nearby Kosiv
☕ Cafes and shops Kosiv
💳 Entrance fee Admission is free

A detailed overview of the Church of St Basil the Great (Kosiv)

In Soviet times, in 1961, the church stopped holding services, and in 1963, it was banned from being used for these purposes. In 1969, the church opened a museum of Hutsul folk art and life, based on the private collection of the Sahaidachnyks. Only in 1990 was the church returned to the Greek Catholic community of the city.

Unfortunately, the shrine could not be preserved in its original form, as it burned down in a fire in 2009. After the fire, only the bell tower, 1/3 of the iconostasis, icons, embroidery, lamps, the kyot and antimension, as well as the image and relics of the Lebanese saint and miracle worker Charbel survived.

In 2011, the church of St Basil the Great was completely recreated based on drawings and photographs kept by Polish teachers and students who came to the church for practice.

Next to the church is a monument to the fighters for the freedom of Ukraine. It is based on a list of names of local residents who died for their country from 1939 to 1952.

Nowadays, the Church of St Basil the Great belongs to the Greek Catholic community of Kosiv, and services are held there regularly. Entrance to the church is free.

How to get to Kosiv Church of St. Basil the Great?

 Walking route

🔰 Start From the museum of the Strynadyuk family “KOKA”
🚶 Walking distance 1 km
🕐 Approximate time 16 minutes
⬆ Rise Mostly without ups and downs

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