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Hotels in Volosyanka

Volosyanka is a popular ski resort located near the high Zvorets mountain. It is home to the famous GLK “Zakhar Berkut“, next to it is the “Slavsko” (Slavske). Therefore, the peak tourist season here is in winter.

The area is surrounded by truly stunning nature. The forests, fields and hills are truly pleasing to the eye and attract travellers here. That’s why hotels in Volosyanka are never empty.

Готелі у Волосянці

Hotels in Volosyanka

This resort has interesting options for great hotels, including hotels with a swimming pool. They welcome guests at any time, but prices rise slightly in winter.

Готель «Захар Беркут»
St. B. Khmelnytskogo, 1, Volosyanka
+380 ....
from 1680₴/day

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What to do in Volosyanka?

Most people come here for skiing. The small village offers tourists a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. Its parks and interesting cultural sites allow you to fill your leisure time with something useful. Nature lovers will enjoy a walk in the surrounding forests or hiking on the mountain slopes.

Temperature in Volosyanka now:

6.1o C   |   43.0o F

Most interesting places near Volosyanka

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Where can you eat delicious food?

Ресторан «Захар Беркут»
St. B. Khmelnytskyi, village Volosianka
+380 ....

What’s the best way to get to Volosyanka?

The village can be reached by train from Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv and Uzhgorod, which also make a stop in Slavsko.

🧡 Rest in Volosyanka village will be one of the best and will be remembered for a lifetime!

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