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Vats Skhidnytsia

Skhidnytsia is an urban-type village located at an altitude of about 700 m above sea level in a picturesque valley near the foothills of the Carpathians on a beautiful river called Skhidnychanka.

This area was first mentioned in the chronicles of the 14th century. Now there is a wonderful balneological resort here, where people come to connect with nature, health treatments and pleasant rest.

Чани Східниця

Rest in Skhidnytsia

Skhidnytsia has a large number of wells with mineral water saturated with sulfate-calcium-magnesium-hydrocarbonate compounds. The substances contained in them benefit the entire body as a whole.

Local vats have a long history. They are given a special shape that helps to store heat and evenly transfer it to the human body. Useful elements dissolved in water quickly penetrate the skin, providing a high therapeutic effect. The entire Internet is full of reviews about it.

Tourists are boiled in a cast iron vat. This procedure ensures health:

  • immune and nervous system;
  • skins;
  • bone;
  • muscles;
  • musculoskeletal apparatus;
  • hearts;
  • vessels;
  • thyroid gland;
  • endocrine organs, etc.

Therefore, vacationing here brings not only pleasure, but also benefit to the vacationers.

Temperature in Skhidnytsia now:

12.6o C   |   54.7o F

Map of sights of Skhidnytsia

Vats in Skhidnytsia

The region has a large number of offers of the best vats, in which the water is infused with herbs. Those who have gone through bathing in it, acquire increased working capacity and a good mood for a long time.

TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa

«TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa»

Address: str. Ivana Franka, 33, Korytyshche village, Drogobych district, Lviv region.

Working hours: 24 hours a day.

Ticket price: UAH 1,500 for 2 hours (up to 6 people).

Tourists who came to Skhidnytsia resort will not be disappointed by the vats. It offers a wonderful wellness complex, where the air is simply permeated with the aromas of medicinal herbs.

Bathing in a cauldron does not interfere with admiring nature, creating incredibly pleasant sensations. And after a steam bath, the icy currents of the river create a health-improving effect.

Пан Отаман

“Mr. Otaman”

Address: Lviv region, Drogobych district, Skhidnytsia township, st. Taras Shevchenko, 162 d.

Working hours: around the clock.

Ticket price: UAH 1,500 for 2 hours (2-6 people)

Local vats (Skhidnytsia) can accommodate 2-6 people at once. In addition to the stunning treatment with Carpathian herbs, they are offered a relaxation room with a microwave oven, TV, refrigerator and electric kettle. And after bathing, guests are served aromatic tea made from healing plants.

The services of a massage therapist are provided to those who wish at a negotiated price.

 Prices for vats in Skhidnytsia 2024

It is necessary to imagine the prices for vats in Skhidnytsia.

  • “TAOR Karpaty Resort & Spa”, a Carpathian vat with Hutsul spring water – UAH 1,500 for 2 hours (up to 6 people).
  • Carpathian vat with hydrogen sulfide water, UAH 1,600 for 2 hours (up to 6 people).
  • “Mr. Otaman” – UAH 1,500 for 2 hours (2-6 people).

How to get to Skhidnytsia

The best way to get there is through Truskavets, where trains from Dnipro, Kyiv or Lviv go. At the station, you need to get on a direct minibus, which will take tourists to the place in half an hour.

Those traveling from Zaporizhzhia, Kremenchuk, Odesa and Kharkiv need to make a transfer in the capital of the country.

There is a bus or train from Lviv to Skhidnytsia. Public transport will also bring travelers here from Drohobych and Stryi.

By car, you should take highway Kyiv-Lviv E40, Kyiv-Chop or Lviv-Stryi E471. From Ivano-Frankivsk, it is better to go through Kalush.


🧡 Vacation in Skhidnytsia will be one of the best and will be remembered for a lifetime!

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Popular questions

Prices of vats in Skhidnytsia
"Taor Karpaty Resort & Spa", vat with spring water - 2 hours, UAH 1,500 (6 people). vat with hydrogen sulfide water, 2 hours, UAH 1,600 (6 people). "Pan Otaman" - 2 hours, 1500 UAH (from 2 to 6 people).
The most popular vats in Skhidnytsia
Vacationers are recommended to stay at the Pan Ataman and Taor Karpaty Resort & Spa hotels, where the best baths in Skhidnytsia are located.
Who is not suitable for the vats procedure?
Contraindications to bathing in hot vats are vascular diseases, hypertension, cardiac diseases, blood circulation disorders, an unfinished rehabilitation period after a heart attack, and reduced blood coagulation.