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The location of the village of Podobovets is the Khust district of the Zakarpattia region. The first written mention of the village dates back to 1463. In those days, the village was called Podobok, later it was called Podobovets-Seredina, and nowadays it is simply Podobovets. The name of the village comes from the Ukrainian word “like”, so it is not surprising that even today it attracts thousands of tourists every year. The population is a little over 400 people, but this did not prevent it from becoming famous as a ski resort. The settlement is located 950 meters above sea level.

The resort has tracks with different lengths up to 2500 m and an angle of inclination up to 45°.


If you wish, you can move to the pistes of the Pylypets resort located next door. There are also passages in the forest that were specially cut for skiers. Professionals and advanced skiers have the opportunity to ski off-piste.

In the village of Podobovets, recreation is not only about skiing and snowboarding. 30 km away is the beautiful Lake Synevyr, 2.5 km away – Shipit waterfall. There is a wooden Mykolaiv church in the village, which was built at the end of the 17th century. There is a spring with carbonated mineral water in the village of Kelechyn, 7 km away.

In the summer, you can go hiking and horseback riding. Nature is very beautiful, you can admire it for days.

The temperature in the village Podobovets now:

8.9o C   |   48.1o F

Map of attractions of Podobovets

The best housing options

Садиба «Під горою» у Подобовці
Podobovets village, 146
+380 ....
from 200₴/night
Готель «Загублений світ»
Podobovets village, 138
+380 ....
from 600₴/night
Котедж «Одеса»
Podobovets village, 140
+380 ....
from 200₴/night

Where to eat deliciously

Колиба «Справжня казка»
Podobovets village, 138, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine, 90011
+380 ....

Tours and excursions

тур в закарпаття на вихідні
3 days / 2 nights
From 3691 ₴
nature synevir
14 hours
From 750 ₴
тур в закарпаття
2 days / 1 night
From 2391 ₴

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