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Church of St Nicholas in the village of Verkhniy Studenyi

From Nyzhnyi Studenyi, on a clear sunny day, you can see the church of St Nicholas in the village of Verkhnyi Studenyi, which is located on a hillside.

The wooden church made of spruce beams, which has been preserved here, represents the most developed type of Boyko church with multi-stage (bent) tops. The church was built in 1804. It is an example of how the most remote mountain villages preserved the oldest form of churches that were relatively young in terms of construction. This temple confirms the assumption that sometimes relatively “young” churches are much older in type than those built in the same area a hundred years or more earlier.

Церква святого Миколая в селі Верхній Студений

Photos and video of St Nicholas Church (Verkhniy Studenyi)

Brief overview

🗺 Location N48°44′07″ E23°21′06″
⛪ Built In 1804
🏛 Style Boykivska school
🧱 Main material Spruce beam
🔔 Add-on Two-tier bell tower
🧭 Distance from Pylypets 9.5 km
🚙 Road for Auto and on foot
🏕 Stop with a tent No
🏡 Housing nearby Pylypets
☕ Cafes and shops Pylypets

Detailed description of the church of St Nicholas in Verkhniy Studenyi village

In terms of composition, it is a classic Boyko three-storeyed church with five bays above the nave and chancel and four above the altar. It is no exaggeration to say that this was the most perfect type of Boyko temple architecture in Transcarpathia.

Unfortunately, its graceful shapes have been severely distorted by the recent tin roofing. Therefore, today we can admire its original appearance only by looking at the engravings of the 1930s.

Next to the church is a square wooden bell tower with a two-tiered hipped roof. The lower tier of the bell tower is surrounded by a canopy. The lower tier is wider than the upper one. Under the hipped top of the upper tier, a series of arches of choir stalls stretches around the perimeter. The southern wall of the lower tier of the bell tower contains a door with two steps leading to it.

How do I get to St. Nicholas Church in Verkhniy Studenyi?

 Walking route

🔰 Start From the ski resort “Beskyd”
🚶 Walking distance 1.7 km
🕒 Approximate time 30 minutes
⬇ Descent From 689 to 656 m

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