Velyka Byyhanʹ

The village of Velyka Byygan is located in the Berehiv district of the Transcarpathian region, surrounded by picturesque nature. The first mentions of it date back to 1333. Previously, the village was called Velika Beygan and Velika Beigon. The population is about two thousand people, most of them are Hungarians. The area of the settlement is less than three square kilometers.

Nature lovers will enjoy their vacation here, because you can fully enjoy it. Also, accommodation in the village is rented by tourists who came to thermal waters. Only 6.5 km away is the famous resort Kosino. Velika Byygan is a very beautiful settlement, you can admire neat yards and houses under the roof.

Велика Бийгань

There are ancient and modern churches in the small settlement. Built in 1418, the church was restored in 1743 after a fire in 1686. In 1760, a tower was added to it, and in 1846, after thorough restoration, it was consecrated as a Reformed church in honor of All Saints. Nearby you can see the Greek-Catholic Church of St. Nicholas of 1903 with a wooden bell tower. The modern Catholic church of the Virgin Mary, built in 1996, also operates in Velika Bygan. Not far from the temples there is an active granary, built in 1908 and known among the locals as “Istvan Nemeš Manor”.

The temperature in Velika Bygan now:

-0.3o C   |   31.4o F

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Restaurant "Kulach" in Kosino
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Charda Restaurant in Cosino
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Cafe-confectionery Hermina in Kosino
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